Outdoor ROM Venue


No prob.


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Hi fionabguy

Appreciate if u can share wif mi e 1-twentysix package.. n pics if possible. When's ur ROM?

My mail: zaex1 @ hotmail.com

Thanks a million!


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hi zaex, my rom is feb 20th 2010.
I didnt ask for Wedding package as mine is just pre solemnise party with frens. But i did include a wedding-cake-cut session.


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Can any sister here recommend a good location for an outdoor ceremony? Preferrably by a beach or garden. Appreciate any experience you can share! Thanks!


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According to the chalet management, guests are not supposed to hold an ROM Solemnization at the chalets.

But you can always say that it is a post-ROM Solemnization party. ;)

Anyways, you'll probably have better luck finding a nice garden than a nice beach.


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Hi everyone,just thought i'll share mine after getting so much info from this forum..

my ROM is at beaulieu house @sembawang park, its just at the end of the park and its quite a nice place. Just avoid the mosquitoes and the crowds during weekends and the atmosphere would be great.



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Hi Ladies, I need urgent suggestions with regards to the renting of tables and chairs. My outdoor ROM ceremony is in 3 weeks. It's gonna be a full DIY small event.

Here's what I need:
- A 6 by 3 ft ROM table with full skirting and 5 white clothed chairs
- And 5 more 6 by 3 ft tables with white cloth for dining
- Lastly, I'm thinking of using white PVC chairs for the guests

Does anyone know any cheap rental contacts?
And also, Tiki torches for rent?

Appreciate very much.


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Hi guys,
My FH & I decided to have our ROM in May 2011. We want to do an outdoor ROM (preferably lunch but wouldn't mind dinner) as I think that the weather would be favorable for it. Budget would be below 3k with number of pax between 30 - 50. Anyone has any recommended venues for us? ;)


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Hi me and bf intent to have outdoor ROM at Botanic garden, bradford stand, any idea where can i get chair , tables for rental?or anything that we need to take note of for outdoor event can email me details at [email protected]?


Hi xiuping! Perhaps u can try contacting outdoor wedding specialists to see if they do rental of tables and chairs? Would you be using any specific caterer for your ROM? if so they may be able to provide you w the stuff to setup. Mine is under rasel and they would be doing so.

I'll be doing a semi outdoor rom as well.
v fun to come here and hear from others on their outdoor rom!