Outdoor Photoshoot @ Marina Barrage


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Anyone had taken your outdoor shoots at this venue? Can anyone pls share photos with me? I am considering this place for my PS....

Thanks in advance...


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Went to my bridal shop today & saw one album on the photoshooting @ Marina Barrage. The pictures were nice lei. Still can capture the S'pore Flyer as the backdrop.

When's your photoshooting, Trisha? Mine is coming soon - next month.


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Junfang > I have 3 photos of Marina Barrage I wanted to attach but they exceed the limit. I can email you if you want. Anyway, we have got the same Bridal studio and photographer Ben
Ben is very good. I'm sure you will enjoy your shoot!


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Charlene>> actually i went for my outdoor photoshoot already.. but dun mind having a look at the photos u have.. hee....


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ya i saw some samples from the Bridal Zone taken at the barrage/s'pore flyer...really looked captivating with the thick clouds and blue skies...do you peeps have any samples to share??


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Hi all,

Anyone hear or try before "hasselbaink 1976" who is providing reasonable packages?

Care to share his portfolio link?

Thanks :D