Our unforgettable Wedding Reception!


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The first time we met Aaron d’Almeida & Ida Hasnan from Born2talk, we felt that they were very positive, energetic and professional individuals. Aaron came up with many brilliant ideas that we never would have thought of. The way he explains the games & themes were very clear as we could already imagine ourselves in that scenario and we left feeling excited for the big day! Ida was very meticulous & detailed in the planning & noted down all that was discussed so that the event would go as planned.

The feedback we received about Aaron was fantastic, engaging, funny, knows how to work the crowd & initiate audience participation. There was never a dull moment. The courtship trivia was a splendid way for the audience to learn about the Bride & Groom. I did however get a few people saying that the joking with people could be tone down a little as some people might be a bit more sensitive (he did mention that Aaron manage to “recover” that person though). In summary Aaron’s performance was awesome.

We highly recommend Aaron as a wedding emcee & also Ida as the event coordinator for any of our families & friends wedding. They played a vital role in our wedding & the event wouldn’t be the same without them. To be more specific, Ida did a great job with coordinating the planning, email correspondence with the various vendors, event setup & of course the main event. She was calm & composed throughout. The event was very well organized & the delivery was very smooth. Aaron & Ida were also quick on their feet to improvise the itinerary in the event of an unexpected situation (i.e delay in program flow). If only we had enough time to play the shoe game. One memorable moment was during the care bear toss with so many people coming to the front of the stage, the energy level was high followed by the confetti pop, it drove everyone wild!

DJ was very experienced, well dressed for the occasion. He followed our music playlist & we did realize he added other songs however they were good choices. He was also flexible in responding to guest song requests.

The highlight of our event was the 2nd march in where Aaron prep the guests along the aisle. As we walked in the ballroom, the guests started throwing rose petals, cheering & congratulating us with a sweet rendition of A Thousand Years by Vetta Quartet. It was a scene that we will never forget. In fact, Suhaila choked & nearly teared but controlled herself to look good for the pictures. It was too beautiful! Our guests were very pleased & enjoyed the entire event. They wished the event could have gone on even longer. It was truly unforgettable. Aaron & Ida made sure we were well taken care of too. We can’t wait for our photos & videos to relive those moments! Thanks for being part of our celebration & helping us makes our dream wedding a reality! :)