Our Journey with The Blue Ginger Restaurant (Tanjong Pajar)


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With all the hotels and restaurant to choose from, HTB and I were having a hard time zooming in on one. We were not intending to make it a big celebration, just looking to invite the closest relatives and friends for our special day. With our budget in mind, hotels were mostly out of reach as they mainly cater for couples with deeper pockets and larger guests lists.

HTB's sister had her wedding at The Blue Ginger Restaurant (TBGR) many years back. HTB mentioned that the food there was great especially their durian chendol. lol. Their wedding was a small one and only had <50 guests so it was a match for our plans as well. HTB's sister told us that her experience with TBGR was excellent so she introduced us to Alan who was the GM/Boss.

TBGR is a Peranankan restaurant conveniently situated along Tanjong Pagar road in one of the colonial shop houses near Carlton City Hotel / Amara Hotel. It consists of 3 floors and is able to hold events for up to a total 120 guests across all 3 floors. Their lunch menu starts from $65++ and dinner from $75++.

Upon contacting Alan, he asked for our basic requirements/plans and provided us with their current Menu. One thing that TBGR attracted us was not needing to confirm 1 year in advance and paying large sums of deposit like most hotels do.

To secure the booking and date, a non refundable fee of $300 was required and it sounds totally reasonable to us. They were extremely flexible and only need us to confirm our number of guests 10 days before the actual day. 7 days prior, we also need to pay 50% of expected costs. With this few key points in mind, we knew that TBGR was the one for us. Having to pay thousands of dollars for deposits was really not our thing due to our limited budget.

HTB's brother in law was craving for Peranankan food so gave ourselves one excuse to visit TBGR on the guise of meeting up with Alan to discuss our plans. Unlike during HTB's sister's time, TBGR is now into wedding packages and they have a team solely working on weddings. Alan showed us their new ideas and themes that they did for their past few weddings.

Our next meet up with Alan will be for our food tasting session with our family members at TBGR. As this was a low budget event, do not expect a high class food tasting session that most hotels provide. But as wedding package customers, we are entitled to 40% off their Ala-Cart menu for us to taste which ever we want to be included in our wedding lunch menu.

Stay tuned for more updates!

In the mean time, feel free to visit their page or contact Alan for more information!

Alan - 97558603