Organising Kate Spade Spree


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Hi All,

I'm collecting orders for Kate Spade. There is an additional 15% discount on top of the prices in the link below. Please send me an email/reply to post to indicate your interest (for pre-order) or order. Please note the terms and conditions below.

Link :,en_US,sc.html

Please email me at [email protected] for your orders.

Exchange Rates & Payment

1) Exchange rate will be US$1 = SGD1.35 (will be adjusted if CC charge is higher)
2) Payment #1 will be for the cost of the product. There is a 15% discount. Email will be sent to notify you of the details for the bank transfer. Payment #1 = USD$ (item cost before discount) x 1.35 x 0.85
2) Payment #2 will be for shipping and adjustments to Payment #1 (if applicable). Shipping fee will consist of local postage/delivery charges and international shipping charges.

Order Procedure

Step1) Please place order as per "Order Format" mentioned below.
Step2) I will send an email to acknowledge your order and provide bank details for payment #1. Payment #1 will be for the cost of the product.
Step3) Please make the bank transfer. Orders are only confirmed once bank transfers are made.
Step4) Confirmation email will be sent out once the spree is closed. This email will notify you that the spree is closed and the order is placed.
Step4) Shipping fee email will be sent once the order arrives in Singapore and ready to be shipped to you (once all shipping cost is confirmed). If there are any changes to Payment #1, it will be reflected at this stage.
Step5) Once shipping fee is received, order will be sent out and you will be notified.


1) International shipping cost will be calculated based on weight.
2) Singpost Registered email is strongly recommended.
3) Courier can be arranged (via Ta-q-bin).
4) Please add SGD2.25 on top of normal post cost for Singpost registered mail.
5) Please add SGD0.50 for postage materials.
6) Self -collection at Tampines MRT/Bedok MRT/Changi Airport can be arranged during weekends.

Order Format (Please copy and paste)

Shipping/Collection method:

Item #1
Item Desc:
Url :
Quantity :
Price in USD$:
Total no. of items:
Total purchase amount (SGD): Total in US$ (Cost before 15% discount) x 1.35 x 0.85