One Rochester Wedding


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Hey all,

I wonder if any1 attended weddings at One Rochester before, can i check what do u feel abt the place?

Thks ya!


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Hey ladies,

The contact person, Janet is away for holiday so once she's back, I get the quote email to u all.



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Hi AL,

i'm very interested to know more about your findings on One Rochester. Can you advise me the cost and possible number of people they can house? thanks AL



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Hi Jeremy,

Rochester don't have a standard package, they will customize to your preference. I thk the max is 300 also no prob. Ladies & gents u can send your request to: [email protected]
Janet is back in Jan 07, thk u can contact her after that. I have met her, but yet to get the quotation also. cheers!


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my fren had her wedding there, u may have to spend some money on the fresh flowers! will look very magical....


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hi jojo,

the quotation is based on your requirements so they dont have a fix package. Yes they do provide F& B, in fact you can only cater from them. They provide different menu unlike the usual.


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Hi, looking at the previous thread, you were saying that it can accomodate 300 ppl? as in standing or sitting?

The wedding space is outdoor/indoor? please let me know or if you can share the package? Thanks a lot. I'm tryin to find a unique place, the not-so-usual hotel kinda place for my wedding

my email : [email protected]


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Hi Dawn,
I'm very interested in Rochester Park too. Can you please email me the package? Thanks! ^^


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hi girls,
you really have to call them up and meet them coz they don't do standard packages. They simply refuse to quote me anything over the mail. So I also gave up asking them for any quotes.


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Hi ladies, Rochester goes by per head count. They don't have standard package as per se but they charged $100 per head, min 30 people. Minimum spending is $3000. Hope this helps.


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Hi All,

Anyone had their outdoor photography done in 1 Rochester? I am thinking of shooting there tomorrow but I am not sure if this is permitted and where to seek permission from.. any advices??

You can email me at [email protected]. Thanksss...


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I just had my rom at rochester over the weekend, abt 50pax. It's a superb place n the coordinator Janet & gang reali helped to make things happen!
Thumbs up to them & I wld definitely recommend this place to anyone who's thinking of having an intimate affair for your rom/wedding!

It's an ideal place, plus it's very romantic
We took loads of pictures, esp at sunset. All my guests sd the food & wine was great, n we all had a very good time!

For more details, pls refer to thread under "ROM & Solemnization"... As this is a wedding thread, I'll prolly start another thread soon in "ROM" area to post my pictures


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Hi all,

Have any of you been to a wedding at One Rochester? I found this wedding menu from another forum and was wondering about the quality of the food since it's more of a chill-out place than a restaurant.


Thai Beef Salad
Roast Duck Salad with Spicy Plum Sauce
Stuffed Tomato with Crabmeat

Main Course

John Dory Au Gratin
Roasted Shoulder of Lamb
Chicken A La King
Baked Prawn with Herb Crust
California Beef Stew
Roasted Porkloin with Prune Stuffing
Sauteed Summer Vegetable
Spaghetti with Tomato Cream Sauce


Fruit Platter
Strawberry Short Cake & Lemon Tartlets
Chocolate Fondue

Are these items good?



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hiya, i don't know if the menu is done by themselves ... this I'm going to confirm by the end of the day with Janet, but I did try their usual menu and it was really great. esp the duck when I'm not a huge duck fan. Overall food was great from the One Rochester kitchen! I heard that the chef was previously from les amis..