Number of Jie Meis/Xiong Dis


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Hi Gals,

Refer to the above, how many is considered normal? Muz jie-meis & xiong dis be of the same number? I intend to haf about 7 jie-meis but my HTB side oni haf abt 3 xiong-dis.


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try to balance the number of jie mei and xiong di..
there is no correct or wrong figure..some only have 2, some dun have.
but normally i see should be 4-5..depend on indvidual.


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hey gals, i had 3 jiemeis and 2 xiongdis...some people say its best to have the same number on each side....and preferably of even number..but we din't mind lor...

i didn't give my jiemei any dress code...actually i told them to decide themselves...don't want them to wear something or some colour they might not be comfortable with lah...hee...its up to you...

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Must be same for both side? Gosh.. I only have 3 Jie mei and my Hubby got 12 brother.
By the way Jie mei and brother maybe be odd number right?


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I think the no of Jie mei and xiong di should be equal and even no for good luck =) I'm thinking of having 4 Jie mei and my hubby will ask 4 of his good friends as brothers.


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I think it's rather up to u, how many you want. I have 4 sisters and 10 brothers. cos my hubby say he wants to over rule the sisters so he found 10 brothers to come for gatecrash. lol.

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my scenerio will be similar to yours :p I have 4 jiemeis, my fh has not confirmed his no. of xiongdi coz he is still gathering a squadon... haha!


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can i have like 3 jie-meis for my side and 3 xiong-dis for his side ? is it not gd to have odd number for individual side ?


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Hi gals,

Can i check... Must all brothers wear boutonnieres/corsages on their shirts in the morning & nite? Where can I get ready-made ones? Need it urgently.


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hi kale>> i think it doesn't matter whether ur friends are married, as long as u really want them to be ard to help out. just note that some may not want to leave their other half alone when helping out (morning or during dinner).


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