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Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by sggirls2000, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. sggirls2000

    sggirls2000 New Member

    I intend to take some nude shoots for my wedding album with my FH after seeing my TW friends sharing with me theirs...but of course all the vital parts are covered up. The nude shoots will require both of us to cover the other private part. My MIL is against the idea but I think it is romantic & special...the album of course will be for our own 'eyes' only...what do u ppl think??

  2. dottyback

    dottyback New Member

    wow wad a gutsy couple! very adventurous indeed..i tink its getting popular nowadays..

    i guess if dats wad u n ur FH wan n probably years down the road both of u will haf a memorable keepsake, JUZ DO IT! hehe

    but since it will onli b 4 ur eyes onli...wun u wanna take another 'normal' album 2 show ur relatives n frens 4 ur wedding?
  3. jess77

    jess77 New Member

    Hey celest,
    I have seen my friend album. very nice and full of 'mood'. i would consider for own collection too.
  4. sggirls2000

    sggirls2000 New Member

    Thanx Serene for the encouragement...what we intend is that we take abt 3-5 shoots only & we keep it for ourshelves, it will exclude from the main album but we intend to show it during our wedding dinner MTV...just a few seconds flash only.....But what will other ppl think? I mean have u considered the photographer, in-laws etc? But during the shoot, will it mean tha the photographer can SEE my private part?
  5. jimmygo

    jimmygo New Member

    hi celest,

    haha... u sound like those peek-a-boo teasing shots. [​IMG] i guess how the shots are artistically woven into the wedding highlights depend on your videographer's skill in choosing the right music , sequencing, timing and background. the right approach will make the photos look tastefully done.

    wrt the photos being shown during AD, it depends on the type of guests u guys have and the occupations tt u guys are holding. if there are many conservative relatives, then u may wish to consider your parents feelings. if both hubby and your occupation are not suitable for such 'exposure', then dun risk it to make the photos a hot topic during office gossip.

    ultimately, the choice is yours. if you wish to just enjoy the day and make it your own right to have it 'my way', then go ahead. it ain't wrong to bring in a few pictures. it'll definitely spice up the AD though... [​IMG]

    now, if the photographer is professional abt it, then there is no worry abt him/her seeing your privates. it not as if the thought/image of seeing one will be frozen in their mind. they're a bunch of professional folks. but do speak to your photographer abt his/her experiences in taking such shots. from there, u'll be able to ascertain your comfort level with him/her. other questions may include like who's in the studio together and whether the photographer will take precautions (e.g. locking the access door).

    in addition, your photographer (if experienced) will advise you on the type of pose to model in. 2 reasons, one for your modesty and 2nd, since it is a nude shot, to hide your flaws as there are now no more clothes to hide the flabs. anyway, u will most likely have some towels or bathrobes nearby, so just put them on after the shots and everything will be ok.

  6. miloice

    miloice Well-Known Member

    Hi Celest,

    thats a really daring thought! But truly interesting too. Just a thought, I think many male photographers would be eager to volunteer their services [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Good luck in your photoshoot.
  7. poky

    poky New Member

    hi celest,
    i nv heard of such an album leh.. where can it b taken? ex?? well, if both u n hubby love the idea, dun c y not taken lor. since it for "only ur own eyes", juz dun let ur mil know?? is she very strict or gd terms with u?? wat abt ur hubby's opinion?
  8. sggirls2000

    sggirls2000 New Member

    My MIL is the conversative type. Coz I am still a virgin & I heard from some ppl that if you were to expose yr body before marriage then most prob u r not a virgin anymore hence I dun want to appear as that. My FH is fact he agrees that we shlhd take some 'special' shoots to have good memories of my 33C body....
  9. nelle

    nelle New Member

    I am envious of your 33C!! oopss..haha..
    nude phone album is really nice. But first tone up the bodies as light will reflect off from the unsightly parts.
  10. la_la

    la_la New Member


    no such things as "when u expose yr body, u r not a virgin" lah

    i feel that if both of u are ok with it, then go for it, no need to think abt wat others say. In the first place, no need to tell others that u r going for nude shots
  11. sggirls2000

    sggirls2000 New Member

    My FH & I decided to take control of this photography instead of giving everything to the studio. There a only a few poses which WE have decided. Firstly, is that I sit cross-legged while he will cup my breasts from behind. Secondly is that we will lie on top of each other using body to sheild each other & peharps the last one we intend to take an underwater shot. Do you think it is possible? Actually I worried that my MIL or relatives will bad mouth me...u know old ppl like that..coz my FH tell his mum abt it lah.
  12. dottyback

    dottyback New Member

    celest then do it wif the old folks knowing hehe

    i tink its a cool n gutsy idea! years down the road i'm sure u will flip the album n dun regret doing it

    if onli i had the guts....
  13. beezbride

    beezbride New Member

    Hi Celest,

    I am toying with that idea too. But still trying to convince my FH.Do you have any photography who is good at this to recommend
  14. sggirls2000

    sggirls2000 New Member

    Hi beezbride,

    Glad that someone share the same sentiments with me. Actually I have very good lobang hence I pop this idea out. But this is not good to discuss the details in public (U know what I mean). If you want, I can give you my email or msn messenger then I will share with you my details.
  15. beezbride

    beezbride New Member

  16. poky

    poky New Member

    hi celest,
    can email mi the details too? thx a million!

    mayb can pose like the women in the movie "calendar girls"?
  17. jacelyn

    jacelyn New Member

  18. jimmygo

    jimmygo New Member

    hi celest,

    hmm... didn't know there were so many interested takers... [​IMG]
  19. sggirls2000

    sggirls2000 New Member

    Yes, I am surprised too. It shows that Singapore gals are not as conversative as they are. But more importantly, it shows that Singaporean gals are willing to go the extra mile to please their husband!! For that, I am trying to get those interested together and see how we can work from there!!
  20. scholastica

    scholastica New Member

    I am surprise to read all these, but then it is good for the marriage. Just remember, the love you have for each other will not go higher and higher, but the respect will, and how you treat each other. Good work
  21. ccteott

    ccteott New Member

    Hi Celest,

    Wow.. its been a really long time since someone has been keen on doing nude bridal photography...
    When my bf (now FH) and I were dating he was telling me that when we get married, he would like to do couple nudes together... My only problem is that he is very good at photographing artistic nudes for others but we dont know how we going to do it on ourselves...? humm... maybe we might have to end up resorting to the tripot and remote control [​IMG]

    I would really appreciate it if you could share with me your lobang. Thanks !
  22. lindy_koh

    lindy_koh New Member

    Hi Celest,
    My fiance had planned to do it long time ago, but now that we are gettin married, i would really like to do it, even if it means right after our wedding. as a "symbol" of us being husband and wife and that we are totally comfortable with each other even in the nude. Can u email me your lobang at ? thanks!!
  23. ccteott

    ccteott New Member

    Hi Lindy,
    I have taken the liberty to share with you my lobang via the email. I hope you dont mind [​IMG]

    If you read this please share with us your lobang! Thanks! [​IMG]
  24. slow

    slow New Member

    Nude shots? Wow... Just be totally aware that the photographer whom you engaged must be someone you can TOTALLY trust. The thing is, with digital photography being so advanced now, the last thing you want to do is to risk having 'secret shots' taken during your nude shots in the studio...

    Just make sure you are totally confident that the photographer you engaged is from a trusted source.
  25. ccteott

    ccteott New Member

    If the photographer is professional about it, there should be an agreement signed by both parties (model release form) on the conditions of the shoot and if there is any breach of the terms in the agreement either party is liable to be sued isnt it? Or at least this is how we've been doing it... [​IMG]

    I think nude photography still looks its best using black and white flim on an analog camera and handprinted out in the darkroom. What do you think? [​IMG]
  26. sggirls2000

    sggirls2000 New Member

    I can be reached viz MSN messenger. If u ppl r interested, i can give u my MSN ID.
  27. ccteott

    ccteott New Member

    Hi Celest...
    Yes yes... please share your email... coz i dont have MSN... thanks!
  28. lindy_koh

    lindy_koh New Member

    Hi tintin,
    i got the link u sent me and i am actually quite surprised coz e shots were not as "exposed" as i expected. I am DEFINITELY keen to do it sometime right after our wedding in aug/sep. all i need is to have a reliable and experienced photographer to do it. any idea on e charges? i'm so excited!!!
  29. ccteott

    ccteott New Member

    Hi Lindy,

    I guess thats the difference between porn and nudes. If its tastefully done, it actually looks quite artistic isnt it? [​IMG]

    The lastest project he did was to shoot a pregant woman nude every month using black and white film and then collageing it with the final shot of her carrying the baby... I found that a very interesting project [​IMG]

    Email me then I can tell you more about the charges [​IMG]

    Cheers !
  30. jess77

    jess77 New Member

    Hi tintin,
    i will be getting the contact from my friend too but would like to know wat you guy offer. sure sound interesting from the way u mentioned.
  31. ccteott

    ccteott New Member

    Hi Jess,

    I've mailed you the link for the images [​IMG]

  32. jess77

    jess77 New Member

    hi tintin,
    sorry to ask you again for the quote. after posting the msg that i notice you already did it.
  33. littlefoot

    littlefoot New Member

    wow.. this is a new idea of wedding pics.. can someone email me e pics / links of how it will look like? am toying with e idea.. hehe..
  34. littlefoot

    littlefoot New Member

  35. marilyntay

    marilyntay New Member

  36. lindy_koh

    lindy_koh New Member

    Hi ladies,
    i've checked out The Pond, and it looks very professional, i'm impressed. fiance is very keen so we wil most prob do it sometime aft our weddding.=>
  37. ccteott

    ccteott New Member

    Hi littlefoot and Marilyn,

    I've emailed you the link [​IMG]

    Hi Lindy,

    Thanks for the complements [​IMG]
  38. beezbride

    beezbride New Member

    Hi Tin Tin,

    I am looking for a reliable photography to do nude photography for my FH and myself. Can you share ith me your contacts? My email is
  39. ccteott

    ccteott New Member

    Hi Beezugal,

    I've emailed you the link to the images [​IMG] You can look see look see first [​IMG]
  40. curiosme

    curiosme New Member

  41. ccteott

    ccteott New Member

    Hi Curiosme,

    I've emailed you the link to the images [​IMG]
  42. small_one

    small_one New Member

    hi tintin and celest

    if both of you do not mind, pls send me the link to the images of your lobang. Email:

    thanks in advance
  43. ccteott

    ccteott New Member

    Hi Ivy

    You've got mail! [​IMG]
  44. small_one

    small_one New Member

    Hi tintin

    Thanks... I've viewed the pics on The Pond site, but the other one on Skin is just about the objectives, etc of the photographer, is it not?
  45. ccteott

    ccteott New Member

    Hi Ivy,

    Yes the images are in the studio the ones on The Pond site are just like "Sneak previews"

    The one on Skin is the key image of the exhibition. The rest of the images are in the studio too. [​IMG]

    Can't put too much up if not will get ban and be associated with porno. I hope you can understand [​IMG]
  46. lizhen

    lizhen New Member

    Hi tintin and celest,

    my FH and me intend to take some nude as well as some nostalgic shots for our wedding album after seeing my HKG friends sharing with me theirs.

    i've also followed the the posts in the thread and have also checked out The Pond, and it looks very professional. all the nude and nostalgic wedding shots are really beautiful and we can imagine both of us sitting together and enjoying our shots many many years down the road mumbling thru our dentures.... [​IMG]

    my FH and myself would appreciate vm if both of you can send me the link to the images and the contacts of your lobang. Email:

    thanks in advance
  47. sharz

    sharz New Member

  48. winterbabylon

    winterbabylon New Member

  49. idono

    idono New Member


    Is it expensive to do such a portfolio? I mean if i meant it as a small one only
  50. ccteott

    ccteott New Member

    Hi Ladies,
    I've mailed you the link.

    Its $600 for a sitting.

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