Nov 2018 btb

Discussion in 'A Meeting Place For All Brides' started by helloiamdavina, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Any Nov 2018 btb? How's your preparation going?

  2. YgurtM

    YgurtM New Member

    ‍♀️ Me! We’ve booked our banquet venue, bridal package and actual day pg.
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  3. melisselling

    melisselling New Member

    YgurtM, care to share who are your vendors? :)
  4. Michli

    Michli New Member

    Me! i'm nov 2018 btb! Booked banquet venue and bridel. AD photography and photobooth not yet. Now looking for JP, sending several email but got rejected by them.:(
  5. felirocious

    felirocious New Member

    Hihi. Rejected due to too early or they are booked?
  6. Michli

    Michli New Member

    Their schedule is either busy, prior appt or just say unavailable ;(
  7. Shir1ey

    Shir1ey New Member

    I'm a December BTB. I have not done anything yet!!!!!!!!!

    Only planned my PWS this coming 3 March in Taiwan
  8. Monika T

    Monika T New Member

    Is there anyone here hired wedding planner?
  9. My planning stage is similar to yours but I didn't get a bridal package. Going for ala carte so its a little nerve wrecking!
  10. Oh.. have you booked your venue? At least your pws is booked! Mines in Apr!
  11. Oh shucks. That's terrible. Did you other options or explore other bridal studios that are less well known to Singaporeans?
  12. Shiling86

    Shiling86 New Member

    Can share your bridal package?
    I still search for. Hope you can assist me.
    Email me @
  13. YgurtM

    YgurtM New Member

    @melisselling We booked Kent Wong for our actual day PG and banquet venue gonna be at Hilton Hotel :) How about u?

    @Shir1ey My PWS was done in Taiwan too, just two days before yours! Hehe
  14. pastelrose

    pastelrose New Member

    Me! Ive decided to do ala carte though I have signed up with a bridal studio. I’m letting go of a TWC package if anyone is keen.

    I’ve booked the venue, gowns and photography for AD and PW. Just a heads up, book early for AD photography as quite a few emails went unanswered or they were already booked.
  15. yukime

    yukime New Member

    How's the Preparation going for Nov 2018 BTB?
  16. Jen the Kuma

    Jen the Kuma New Member

    Hi there, me, btb in 10 days! Just had a bad discussion with Makeup artist about transportation arrangement which was not told it's not covered. :( 4 trips of transportation were asked and they told us "Mostly customer will arrange their bro car to pick up make up artist!" We never heard of it. :confused:o_O

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