Nov 2016 Brides


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Hi Everyone! I'm a 12th Nov BTB and i've only booked my banquet venue so far..
Seeing all the posts in this thread with so many already engaging a bridal shop and photographers is making me feel so kan chiong le.. My htb is even asking me why I'm planing all these things so early..
Any recommendations for Bridal shops for AD gown packages?

I'm a 12th Nov BTB as well! So excited which venue hv you booked? :)


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Hi, my AD photographer is Jovial photography.. I dun have any videographer .. If u looking for him can say refer by Cecilia Wong .
Hi, my photographer is Jovial photography too! They are currently having a promo at only 1k. You might want to check it out.


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My AD photographer is ideapeg. Jimmy tan photography oso not bad.. Tink their package is $1888 with videography as well.


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My AD photographer is ideapeg. Jimmy tan photography oso not bad.. Tink their package is $1888 with videography as well.

We have consider Jimmy tan also cause the price was pretty attractive but the review are pretty bad.. so we didn't engage him in the end


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Ohh.. Ops.. Haha probably have to search others again.. What's ur budget??

i realised the forum actually delete those bad review article o_O
I already got mine settled..its kinda late to actually find one now.. most of the better one already got booked i guess?

Sarah Wong

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Hi BTB.. please contact me. I have a z wedding package to let go. Due to changes in wedding plans. I do not need the package alr.

Im offering discounts. Pls contact me. I will share more with you. Thank you.

[email protected] or 96772808 to enquire.


Hi fellow Nov BTBs, how's your planning coming along? :p
Hi fellow Nov BTBs, how's your planning coming along? :p

Hi~~ it's Finally coming along..
Just ordered the rings and confirmed some details between both sides of the family (guo da li, morning ceremony time, etc..) ^.^
now left with.. Most of the things except my white gown n photographer n jp..
Only left 4months and so many things to do!!
Gonna have my photoshoot tmr and i'm super nervous about it.. pray that it doesnt rain... =x


Ooh have fun! I'm already done with my photo shoot. Selected the photos too, now we're waiting to do the layout for the album in Sept. I'm going to select my tea dress, hand bouquet and wedding car decor next month. My wedding invitations are settled too, now we're just waiting to collect them from the vendor. Rings are settled as well.

I haven't done the planning for the AD and guo da li schedule yet though. D: Nor have I even thought about table seating plans. Big headache. Need to confirm the decor with the hotel as well, and settle on the menu for our food tasting session.

So many things to do!


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You can try Cyrus K Chung. Attended a wedding dinner where he was the emcee. Very professional. Not sure of the rates though..


Less than 3 months to the big day! D: When do you ladies plan to send out your invitation cards? Mine are ready, but I think it's still too early now, and anyway the 7th month isn't over yet.
Yap less than 3 mths!! :) i tink i will send out 1 mth before but dunno will it be too late anot :)


Yap less than 3 mths!! :) i tink i will send out 1 mth before but dunno will it be too late anot :)

If your guests are more or less already informed about your wedding, then one month in advance should be fine! I should be sending mine around early Oct. I sent out Save the Dates in June, so I think that should be more than enough time for me to receive RSVPs (or more like hunt people down for RSVPs).


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hi all BTB and everyone,
I will be having my pre-wedding photo shoot in DEC 2016.
I am thinking of location like punggol lalang field, but read some of the blogger said that no more "tall" grass anymore due to burning. isn't true?
btw, I looking at those location like yard and around punggol. Any suggestion? I can only choose maximum 3 outdoor shoot. :)


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Hello 5 Nov btb! Can check what time is your htb fetching you on tt day? My fengshui master mentioned after 9am, which is super rush for me since I'm having my solemnization on at 11am...dunno how to plan like tt~ omg!!!
I'm a Nov 19 Fullerton bride! How are your preparations coming?
yay hello fellow Nov 19 bride! :) i'm getting a bit jittery already haha think there're still lots I haven't done! am still pending the following:

- send out invites
- complete MTM evening gown
- table arrangement
- decor
- solemnisation program
- couple video
- thank you cards for guests
- ring box

and i'm sure there are other stuff which i've forgotten! :O haha hope you're getting along much better than me!


@fatjojohead; hehe breathe!! I'm overwhelmed with all the preparations too, so I know how the jitters feel. xD Don't worry, everything will work out in time. I'm done with GDL and my gown, and just confirmed my decor with the hotel. I'm left with these:

- Photo montage thingy for the dinner (I'm using Animoto to create a slideshow)
- Table arrangement (DREADING this)
- Invitations to be sent / delivered together with the cake vouchers
- Order the cake vouchers ^
- Print thank you cards
- Prepare guest book (more like decide on what I want for the guest book)
- Order some basic props from Taobao for our DIY cookie buffet
- Order / bake the cookies for the DIY cookie buffet
- Finalize song list with our band
- Finalize song list for when the band isn't playing
- Decide on march-in song(s)
- Delegate tasks for the bridesmaids and groomsmen
- Work out programme for the day and dinner
- Write vows and speeches (thank you and for the emcees)

Oh. My. GOD. :confused::confused:

Nvm. It will all work out.