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  1. callmemaybee

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    Review on NOA MATTRESS.

    Young online based company.

    Initially, I was quite worried about purchasing a mattress online but the 100-nights-free trial and the excellent pre-sales service convinced me.

    After 1 month plus of using the NOA mattress, I noticed a bump bulging on one of the side of the mattress. The inner foam had seems to have shifted. I quickly informed NOA about the matter and promptly, NOA arranged for a replacement.

    The replacement was supposed to be done last Friday at 7pm. I waited until 7plus, it didn't come. I waited longer, it still never came. I contacted NOA through email and was informed that they don't have the driver's contact number. Then it went silence. No ownership at all.

    I waited up until 8.30pm until I then make the obvious assumption that the replacement promised would never take place. It never did.

    The whole entire ordeal of waiting is just a NIGHTMARE. I only had email as main mean of communication. Nobody bothered to call me and explain what had happened, even until now.

    NOA themselves doesn't know how to deal with the matter.
    It's an irony that they have good customer service but unable to resolve such situation. The customer service obviously not well trained on crisis management.

    The fact that they themselves can't reach out to their own transporter is rather ridiculous.

    The CEO - Jeremy, was copied in all the correspondence email all the while. Until now, I hear nothing from him.

    Call this an isolated case, human error or miscommunication.

    The fact that nobody from NOA reached out to me until now, is a statement by itself.

    I can't leave this review on their website but I think everyone should know my ordeal with NOA.
    Beautiful pictures, beautiful website, great pre-sales service, positive reviews. That's what I thought too.

    For now, not recommended.

  2. LindaC

    LindaC New Member

    I'm very surprised of your review callmemaybe? I've had such a fast and efficient service with them. Anytime I wrote them to ask questions they were extremely fast and responsive. The mattress is simply wonderful. My fiancee loves it. Delivery came quickly and made sure I was home to receive it. I also think it's great that a company accepts a return within 100 days.
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  3. sstar

    sstar New Member

    they keep blasting ads on my fb, i think NOa for me. i rather sleep on my trusted king koil.
  4. Rosina Yang

    Rosina Yang New Member

    It's funny running into a mattress post on a Bridal Forum...

    I did run into some Facebook ads about Noa as well as I was looking to replace my mattress.
    We got a King size Noa Mattress 3 weeks ago. The mattress comes in a big box, and comes right into your home.
    I thought the delivery people were extremely professional...
    They called me up the day after my purchase and gave me a fair delivery window the following day, so I wouldn't wait all day.
    Have to say a mattress is the last thing I though I'd buy online. But with the free return, it makes total sense.
    The mattress is great, it's much better than the ones we tried in some shops. We decided we're going to keep it. Hope this helps!
  5. StephC

    StephC New Member

    My boyfriend and I have been sleeping on a NOA mattress for about 2 months now and love it. I also saw an ad on fb and checked it out. One of the best economical choices I ever made and the quality is amazing. Extremely comfortable.
  6. NSeah78

    NSeah78 New Member

    Great experience! They were very quick to respond to my inquiries and questions as I was kind of worried of buying a mattress online. It’s reassuring to know you have a lot of time to return it if you don’t like it. Got my order within 2 days (was expecting 4 days). The mattress is heavy and thick, and the firmness was just right for my husband and I. Good decision.
  7. chinleng

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