No banquets or receptions


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Hi BTBs! Anyone here who is totally NOT keen with doing a banquet or reception? Cos I don’t feel comfortable asking my guest to go through the swab test and the 50 pax limit is just depressing. Both families already add up to 48?! So I decided to do away with all these nonsense and just a simple intimate ROM. May I know if anyone is just planning to do a ROM at ROM building (without banquet or reception)? But for the sake of my parents, I still wanna go ahead with the guo da li. Is there anyone who is okie to share with me your plan? Like are you going ahead with customary things like fetching the bride, tea ceremony and etc? Thanks in advance!!


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Hi! Have you gotten the package for Guo Da Li? I just brought and my parents seems more interested in it to be actively involved so I got to find someone to let go! Are you interested in the package?