Nice Rugs.. where can I get them?


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Hi, I would like to know where can I find nice rugs for my living room. Where can i find them? Please help.



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Hi Fruitee,

I have tried a few places such as Ikea, Om and parkmall. Found that in parkmall there are plenty of nice rugs but are very exp. Ikea's rugs are the most affordable but Ikea has limited range. So I am also looking out for more options.

I would also like to know where I can get nice, cheap, modern, white and furry rugs
heheheh (hope not too picky in my request)


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Hi bliss,

me too have went to places like Ikea but too limited.. I'm looking for furry rugs too.. sigh.. hoepfully somebody can recommend some places..


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I also looking for those furry kind. I saw Melandas selling during an exhibition @$199. But it was too small for me.

The same rug is also selling at Star furniture at $199. So, looking around for other alternatives.


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i bought a long and big furry furry rug at abt $500 from Celini... so big... asked them cut into two... so in a way bought 2 rugs at $500... quality very gd... never 'tuo mao'...


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hi gals,

can also find in spotlight. not bad looking also. i only check price of one or two. Some abt 300 to 500 while some cheaper. Hope this helps.


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Hi Bluesky ,
Pls send me your carpets pics with dimensions and price list. thanks! [email protected]

Hi Fong,
Possible to share the pics of the rug from celini and its dimensions ? Thanks

Hi Fruitee and Jumped,
I have also been looking for nice rugs for my living and dining area. Saw some nice rugs at Molecule, Great World City. Approx. for a 230 by 270 rug cost ard $1200 . Slightly smaller ones 140 by 200 is ard $800 Delivery charge is abt $50 . Price rather exp. still considering


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wah angel,
$1200 is rather ex leh, for that price can get a rather good persian carpet already. i still looking alround for a cheaper alternative.
thanks anway.


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Hi jumped,
I saw some rugs being sold at one of the shops in the WTC Furniture Mall at $500 each.
But I can't remember which shop.
But I remember I didn't expect that shop to sell rugs, so it could have been V.Hive...


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Hi roooller, shellfish, Angel10c,

Sorry cannot post here cos file too big. I have sent email to you instead. Email me which one you are interested.


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Plaza Singapura. didnt really noticed the rugs in molecule but looking at the concept of molecule, i think u should be able to find rugs that have such concept in spotlight in plaza singapura.


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u gotta check out molecule at great world city. Room at purvis st, Air at Park Mall and Exit at Club st also have nice rugs....not cheap though...$1.7K onwards


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i have been to molecule at great world few times but did not look at their rugs heehee. Thanks for your other recommendation. I will take a peek if get a chance


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I'm also selling my grey carpet bought recently in HK. Am selling it cos it's too small for living room. Measures 230 cm by 160 cm. Bought at $450, willing to sell for $350. If you're interested, I can send u the pics.


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Hi All,

Area around Arab St sell alot of rugs and carpets.Alot of shops selling so must bargain,can get very gd price.If they don give in,walk out & try other shops.The seller would pull you back!!

That's what I do!!


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selling a hand woven rug, 100 percent pure new wool. W140 by L200cm. bought at $259 , now selling at $150. self collection near west coast.



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I bought my area rug at Heritage Carpets. The shop/warehouse is located at United Agencies Building, Tagore Drive. Lots of choices for you to pick through. You can check out the website first:


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Bought my handmade indian string rug from them. abt $2000
but its better than most rug which the fur will drop or pulled out.
cos i got baby and dog..
this rug, the strings all knotted so no matter how hard i pull wont come out..
just need to vaccum or beat it in the sun

Ikea rugs cannot make it..


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True. I agree with Smiggle princess.
Ikea carpets is worst.
Bought one frm Ikea cost about $200plus white color. Then our friends came over. All the fur stuck to his clothes and he wearing black. It is so do wear black shirt before buying a rug- to check whether the fur/ thread stick alot to the clothes


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Got my rug from these guys and I couldn't be happier.


Great price, fantastic quality, wonderful service and really nice people to deal with. They are not your ordinary "pushy" carpet guy. Really professional and easy to deal with.




both to let go cheap to clear space. the carpet was wrapped up after display of 3 mths, the rug was kept after weeks, both are in good condition.

self collection, pls pm me or email me at [email protected]