Newly wed but husband not interested


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I am feeling depressed. Married for about 9 months but we hardly have sex. We do not stay together. He stays over at my parents place once a week. Tried to do it the day after wedding but he gave up halfway. One month later we had a staycation but he did not touch me at all. You know how upset I felt? Newly weds but my husband has no desire to touch me for 1 month. From then till now I think he only ejaculated 2 times? The rest of the times he could not get hard, asked me to do bj, even if managed to get hard, once inside it quickly became soft. We are in early 40s, time is running out to have kids.

He claimed this started few years ago after he àte some hair loss med though he has stopped taking the med for many years already. We dated for 8 years before we got married. We had sex before marriage but rarely . I remember he could get hard very easily first few years but subsequently he lost interest. He seldom touched me and always claimed he was tired, too cold, lack of exercise etc.

First few months of dating he was touchy. But after that he never kissed me and only hug me when I complained. He has been a player, slept around with 10s of girls.

I feel frustrated. I am wondering is he playing outside still that is why he is not interested to have sex with me? Or has he been playing so much that his dick got spoilt...and only after realising his play days are over then settled down with me? I cannot even enjoy newly wed days or sex. Sex is so unfulfilling,


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If he’s a player I believe the urge or drive will be there. Absolutely no interest even if the wife initiated it... I find it weird. Sexual health issues probably constitute to it. My immediate thought would be maybe you are not sexually attractive or not so pleasant looking, newly weds should at least have some physical intimacy. Anyway, think some clinic might have some treatment or medication to improve his sexual health.