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  1. destinee

    destinee New Member

    Has anyone been to the place (bishan or ngee ann city) for facial? How are the charges like? Thanks!
  2. happy_mummy

    happy_mummy New Member

    seem 2 be pretty agressive something like S$ 104m trial but yet 2 try
  3. happy_mummy

    happy_mummy New Member

    ori, typo error... its 10 bulk 4 1st timer
  4. danlian

    danlian New Member

    Hi Destinee & Happy Mummy

    I sign up their package yesterday. The package was quite steep.
  5. happy_mummy

    happy_mummy New Member

    hi snowangel ...can i know in details? like how many sessions.....includes watn are they REALLY good?
  6. danlian

    danlian New Member

    Hi Happy Mummy

    I also went for the 1st time $10 voucher. The service is good. They have quite alot of package but mine was $160 per session for the radiant treatment. They are quite professional too and ambience is good and cosy.
  7. happy_mummy

    happy_mummy New Member

    hi long was e trial session? u meant oper sessions costs 160...WOW..very steep lah...
  8. danlian

    danlian New Member

    Actually the trial is 20 min basic facial which include cleanse and a mask, thats all. But since I am here, the consultant suggest me to take the placenta treatment which cost $360, one time payment but now having promotion buy 1 get 2 free. Is still very I rejected.
    After persuading for so long, my consultant finally ask for approval from her manager to use her service point to do a more thorough one for me to let me have a feel of it.
    It last for 1 and half hr... After that as usual, they still try to convince you to take their package but the service is good lor.
  9. yin2

    yin2 New Member

    Hi Snowangel,
    Did u pay for the thorough facial?
    I was offered this placenta treatment too but didn't sign up any with them.
  10. danlian

    danlian New Member

    Hi Yin

    No. I just pay $300 deposit first. So did you went for their facial? Who is your consultant?
  11. yin2

    yin2 New Member

    Wendy is my consultant. I have sensitive skin & now seeking for doc advise. She told me to stop my doc pdts & take up facial which i refused.
  12. danlian

    danlian New Member

    Hi Yin
    Oh issit. In that case, better don't listen to
    them. So lucky you did not sign up their package. [​IMG]
  13. vanillasky

    vanillasky Member

    yin, they are ridiculous to ask u to stop ur doc's prdt. I told them I was w a dermo doing laser, and they actually told me laser is going to make my face worse and shld do their facial instead. Crazy. Who do u think I shld trust? of coz the doc right??
  14. danlian

    danlian New Member

    Hi Jas

    You went for the trial as well? Who is your consultant?
  15. yin2

    yin2 New Member


    Yup. Me too find the consultant ridiculous. I simply just ignore her and ask her to do the $10 facial.

    Did u sign up with them as well?
  16. vanillasky

    vanillasky Member

    Hi snowangel and yin,

    i didnt go for the trial u all mention. But long time ago when they 1st open their branch, I was told I can go for a free trial. I did asked if there's any strings attached and they said no. End up we went thru alot of hardsell and bad attitudes from the consultants, and was told that we have to sign up package to get the free trial. There were 3 consultants attending to me trying to pressure-sell to me. Luckily Im immune liao. These consultants are from China and I think they seriously dont know their stuffs. They told me their facial GUARANTEE can save my face and ask me stop doing laser. I said right into her face that I think I trust my doc more than them. Somemore they dare to guarantee results. By tt time Im damn fedup with the hardsell, I told them that since they can guarantee, then write that in black and white that if i not satisfied, they refund my money lah...they dont dare and shutup after that.
  17. happy_mummy

    happy_mummy New Member

    me, thot of going but after hearing wat u gals comments... better dun go liao..
  18. yin2

    yin2 New Member

    happymummy, go for it if u have paid for the $10 trial voucher otherwise it will be wasted [​IMG]
    but must be determined if you don't want to sign up. actually they are not that bad just that they do hard selling.
  19. danlian

    danlian New Member


    Yin is rite. you can go for it to have a feel and must be determined if you don't want to sign up with them.
  20. happy_mummy

    happy_mummy New Member

    hi yin n haven't pay [​IMG]
    but at times just wan to try those ppl how pushy can the be? u stubborn
  21. danlian

    danlian New Member

    Happy Mummy

    haha yah lor, go there and you will see how pushy they are and how are you going to be persistent of not signing with them. :p
  22. vanillasky

    vanillasky Member

    Ya, and they will argue with u at the same time try to push u to sign up. But their arguement got no substance one, so dont worry... hahaha
  23. happy_mummy

    happy_mummy New Member

    hi snowangel n jas..... will try my luck when am down...need to vent on some1 mah....
  24. suze

    suze New Member

    Hi all,

    I would advise you not to go to New York Skin Solutions unless you are REALLY certain what you are doing.

    I am telling you this because I and several other people are in a legal dispute with New York Skin Solutions.

    I signed up with them because I had some minor acne problems. However, after a few treatments with them, and my face resulted in severe rash break-up. I went back to them, they tried to cure the rashes, but the it became even worse. I ended up going to a doctor.

    Now, they are holding on to my money and refusing to give a refund. Basically I am screwed by them (and I'm not the only one here).

    My advice:
    1. Consult you doctor first, because New York Skin Solutions are not true medical professionals.
    2. Do NOT trust New York Skin Solutions claims
    3. Do NOT believe their consultant when she tells you that you can get a refund if anything happens. Ask thoroughly before signing up.

    Be careful. Don't end up suffering like me.

    Hope this helps.
  25. daystar

    daystar New Member

    Hi ALL,
    I would also advise NEVER to go to NEw york Skin Solutions.

    I took up the package and my skin became worse with all the breakouts and scars. And the consultant said that it is due to my stress level and other factors! And when my package finished,they refused to let me go till i sign up another package with them, i told them i dun have the time to go for facials and they tried to hard sell ampoules to me, which i really bought, now the bottles are in my fridge and it costs me $300!

    Susan G,how did u get into legal dispute with them? I also wish to get my refund back, and justice for making my face worse..

    So angry and sad...
  26. suze

    suze New Member

    Hi Jeanette Lim,

    I went to for trying to dispute NY skin solution and get my refund back. But till right now, NY skin solution still standing by their initial offer of offering me an exchange of products.

    I wouldn't accept any other offer than a full refund from them.
    Their "kind" gesture would be to answer my calls for help when I had my rashes - which they never did. Especially the person who should be responsible to return my calls are Joey, my consultant & Michelle, the NY skin solution's manager.

    If New York Skin Solution's policy was never to give a
    refund, why would they let their consultants to "lie"
    to the consumers? I can attest that my consultant
    promised me an easy refund if anything goes wrong,
    that's the only reason why I signed up.

    My advise to get into legal dispute with them is proceed immediately to the SMALL CLAIMS TRIBUNALS for a concrete
    judgement of this matter.

    In our case, if you don't mind that we can join to againts NY skin solution together, I would say we'd stand a pretty high chance of recovering our monies.
    What do you think?
  27. vanillasky

    vanillasky Member

    Yes, when they try to sell me their package, they also promise a refund and guarantee results. I ask them to write down in black and white and the consultant try to flip table and say there's no such things as guaranteed results as it depends on us to take care of our face blah blah blah. These china consultants have absolutely no idea what they are saying, asking me to trust them rather than my doc! I almost die laughing.
  28. fbls50

    fbls50 New Member

    Hi all,

    i'm another unfortunate want whom juz recently signed up for their treatment package..actually i went for the trial $12 offer,but after the consultaions the consultant said tat i hav bad conjusted pores tat has to be cleared,n made me take the $550/- package for 6 treatments....
    i'm still going for the treatment & feel inconfident n worried about my u think the products they re using good in the market!!
    Susan G,how did u get into legal dispute with them? I also wish to get my refund back as i'm worried that prolong treatment from them might make my skin worst...
    Do you have any good doctor or derma to recommand...ALL OF U OUT THERE !!

  29. ericia_koo

    ericia_koo New Member

    I'm another victim of New York Skin Solutions. Last night, they refused to let me go till I bought 10 facial sessions at $900. They had originally quoted me $1800 and when I told them I have no money, they gave me a discount of 15%. When I refused, they upped the discount and tried to throw in free eye treatment and neck massages. When I still refused, the China consultant went out and brought in a manager who said that I was so lucky that she happened to come by the White Sands branch last night. She then said that she's the only one who could give me 50% discount which is their staff price. And before I could say anything, she said "ok ah" and asked me for the mode of payment.

    The thing is, in order to wriggle my way out, when I told the China consultant that I prefer individual session, she said it's not worth it. However, when I told the manager that, she said they do not sell individual session, which I find it hard to believe. If that is the case, why didn't the China consultant tell me that??

    I suspect this tactic is being used on many girls. Now, I just want my money back. Shall we all join forces and perhaps approach CASE for help?
  30. suze

    suze New Member

    Hi all,
    CASE told me that there are many cases against New York Skin Solutions.

    Based on my experience, here are a few things that you can do:
    1. Make sure your claims are valid (very important). Take photos of your rashes or other problems caused by their products.
    2. Go to a doctor for a treatment. Then ask the doctor to file a report to Health Sciences Authority. If enough people are suffering from their treatments, HSA will take action against NY Skin Solutions.
    3. Go to CASE to report them.
    4. Finally, go to Small Claims Tribunal. But remember to gather enough proof to support your case.

    We can all join forces against them. I'm discussing this possibility with a lawyer friend of mine and will let you know.

    We can't just sit and let their unfair business practice flourish!
  31. ericia_koo

    ericia_koo New Member

    Hi Susan G

    As I have only undergone their 1st treatment last night, I have not encountered any problems yet. But I'm beginning to lose confidence in their products. I don't think I want to risk myself going through the entire 10 sessions with them.

    Anyway, I have called CASE and this officer said that I can lodge a complaint on hardselling as well.

    Do let us know what your lawyer friend says.

    You are right, we whould not let this con job go on.
  32. aly1010

    aly1010 New Member

    can try going public like forum/chinese news papers to give them a bit of pressure.. jus a sugestion
  33. daystar

    daystar New Member

    Hi Susan G,
    Think i will go down and ask for a refund for the ampoules and see what is their reply.Got a feeling that its gg to be a tough fight with them.Will update you gals the latest again.

    They used the same tactic on me,but i think the bishan branch are mostly malaysians.When i refused,they also upped the discount and thereafter,told me that i was lucky that the manager happened to be ard and can 'sign' for me so that i can enjoy the 'special' discount,so its really the same tactic that they used on us!

    Its really time we do something,somemore they are so agressive in their advertisements, in the papers and those free vouchers thingy.
  34. daystar

    daystar New Member

    HI All,
    went down to bishan branch,to try to get refund for the ampoules.The manager came to talk,in a very loud and agressive manner,didnt give me a chance to explain myself at all.
    -she said they dun give refund at all,and insisted that this info was made known to me all along,which is the first time i heard abt it.
    -told me ampoules will sometimes only work after the 5th or 6th bottle(i used 2),and if it doesnt work,i can give it to my frens or relatives???!!
    -tried to get me to sign package so they can use the ampoules on my face.
    -gave a lot of excuses why my face became worse and got more breakout.(stress,not enough sleep,etc)

    In the end,while she was talking,she very subtlely put back all my ampoules into my paper bag and tried to show me to the door.

    Was so pissed and irritated with her attitude,tried to push the fault and was not at all helpful!

    Pls gals,tell this to your frens and do not let them fall into this NYSS's trap! We must stop this con job!!!!
  35. suze

    suze New Member

    I am sorry to hear about your experience, Jeanette.

    NYSS are quite tough. You can seek out help from CASE. They have other cases against New York Skin Solutions, so they can give you the best advice to deal with them.

    Here's a sample of unfair practices cases I got from CASE website (

    11. Taking advantage of a consumer by including in a consumer agreement terms or conditions that are harsh, oppressive or excessively one-sided so as to be unconscionable

    Bullying a consumer by using oppressive terms in the sales contract

    Consumer signed agreement for some renovation works. Consumer changed his mind the next day and was willing to compensate contractor on any cost incurred. Renovation company insisted that consumer must pay a termination charge equivalent to 80% of the total renovation sum as stipulated in the agreement

    12. Taking advantage of a consumer by exerting undue pressure or undue influence on the consumer to enter into a transaction involving goods or services

    Using undue pressure to get the person to buy items

    Refusing to allow the consumer to leave the shop unless and until the consumer has made a purchase

    As you can see, cases like these has happened before. There are things you can do to get help!
  36. true_gal

    true_gal New Member

    All of you who kena cheated, you can go to Small Claims Tribunal to claim your money back. It only costs $15 for the paperworks.

    My sis got most of her money back from NY skin solutions when she report them to the tribunal. They r tough, but in front of the court, their contract means nothing. It is the fact that they make you suffer that matters.

    I agree, we must prevent them from preying on other people! We cannot allow them to continue their con business! Pls tell this to your frens.
  37. ericia_koo

    ericia_koo New Member

    Hi Justice

    May I know what is your sister's case? Did they go for the hearing before NYSS returned your sister her money?

    I'm totally prepared to go the tribunal. Have already printed out their business info from ROC.
  38. true_gal

    true_gal New Member

    Its the same case as everyone else lah... NYSS gave her big discount and told her she can get refund easily, so she sign up. But skin got worse and worse after treatment... she went back for a refund, but NYSS hold onto her money... then finally she went to tribunal.

    I think she went to a mediation only, then the judge finally ordered nyss to return the $$. (It will help to get ur evidence like doctor letter, chronology of event, photos, etc.)

    Good luck! I hope justice will be served and nyss learn to respect their customers!
  39. denisemomoko

    denisemomoko New Member

    Hi Gals,

    Juz went for free facial at NYSS yesterday. The treatment was good and the consultant friendly, but her "supervisor" and "manager" really push you to sign for 10 Special treatment package. Cost about $4,000 with free eye / neck treatments.

    Told them I got remaining facial signup with beauty salon and they tell me to use after completing their treatment course. Say about 10 months later....

    Didn't want to sign up now, tell them I will consider them after finishing my existing facials (about 6 months). Then the manager ask me to place a deposit to reserve the "Special Package Price of $4,000" for the next 6 months.
    She also throw in a $300 discount voucher to offset the package price, but never offer further discount leh... (maybe she never offer as I show interest).

    Actually I am interested and told them I will place a deposit tomorrow as the consultant service was very good (compare to my existing one). But after reading this post... having second thots now...

    Will they call and harass me if I turn them down tomorrow???

    Very worri leh....
  40. suze

    suze New Member

    hi denise,

    There's no basis for NYSS pricing.

    They also offered me Special package for $4000 but it was later discounted to only $1500

    Their first offers are always inflated! Don't take their offer or else you'll lose $2500 right away. If you read my posts above, you might lose it all too. Be careful and ask thoroughly before you decide to sign up.
  41. denisemomoko

    denisemomoko New Member

    Hi Susan,

    Luckily I came across this forum, otherwise, I would have "parted" with my $$$!

    Told the consultant via phone that I will not be signing up for the treatment and she was very nice and says it's ok. Anyway, the consultant was very nice, just the manager who pushes for the sign-up.
    So glad this is over!

    By the way, they have set up another outlet doing weight management called "LONDON". Gals out there, be careful.

    So, how's your case going on Susan? Any updates on your refund claim??
  42. suze

    suze New Member

    A friend told me about this. It seems NYSS has some troubles too in Malaysia:

    In short:
    A malaysian couple got into problem with New York Skin Solutions Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Giant Ginseng Holdings Sdn Bhd) over RM13,600 ginseng.

    Malaysian tribunal ordered the company to pay RM5,000 to the couple within 14 days.

    Like so many people have said in this forum... Be careful.
  43. suze

    suze New Member

    (So, how's your case going on Susan? Any updates on your refund claim??)

    I won my case and got some of my money back. However, it was very tough, NYSS did not want to let go of the money. Even after the court ordered them to pay me, they still used so many tactics to delay/not pay the $.

    I lost huge amount of money to them (I did NOT use my package at all, and they only refunded some of it). But I'm glad it's over for me.

    Unfortunately I'm not the last person who'll have problem with them. I hope my bitter experience can be a lesson for all.
  44. ericia_koo

    ericia_koo New Member

    Hi Susan G, Jeanette Lim, ANU VJ & Nett

    I had gone for the mediation at Small Claims Tribunal. According to the Registrar, my case was not the first case. They are apparently regulars at SCT. The Registrar even knows their Director. So imagine how many people they have cheated.

    Anyway, to cut the story short, they refused to refund me even though I have not even gone for a single session. They only agreed product exchange or vouchers, which I flatly refused. Since both sides refused to compromise, we are scheduled for a hearing on 18 Jan afternoon.

    I could summon witnesses for the hearing. If the 4 of you are willing to testify, I believe we have a stronger case against them.

    I strongly believe we have to stand up against such unscrupulous retailer who takes advantage of consumers.

    Anyway, even if the outcome of this hearing is unsuccessful, I will approach the media and tell them my story. I believe we are not the only victims. If the story get publicised, more people will come forward. There has to be a whistle blower, just like the NKF case. By then, their reputation will be ruined despite the amount of money they had spent on advertising & promotion.

    If you are interested in becoming my witness, pls email me at
  45. ericia_koo

    ericia_koo New Member

    Hi Susan G, Jeanette Lim, ANU VJ & Nett

    I had gone for the mediation at Small Claims Tribunal. According to the Registrar, my case was not the first case. They are apparently regulars at SCT. The Registrar even knows their Director. So imagine how many people they have cheated.

    Anyway, to cut the story short, they refused to refund me even though I have not even gone for a single session. They only agreed product exchange or vouchers, which I flatly refused. Since both sides refused to compromise, we are scheduled for a hearing on 18 Jan afternoon.

    I could summon witnesses for the hearing. If the 4 of you are willing to testify, I believe we have a stronger case against them.

    I strongly believe we have to stand up against such unscrupulous retailer who takes advantage of consumers.

    Anyway, even if the outcome of this hearing is unsuccessful, I will approach the media and tell them my story. I believe we are not the only victims. If the story get publicised, more people will come forward. There has to be a whistle blower, just like the NKF case. By then, their reputation will be ruined despite the amount of money they had spent on advertising & promotion.

    If you are interested in becoming my witness, pls email me at
  46. suze

    suze New Member

    Dear Ericia,

    I went through the same bad experience at the tribunal, although I didn't go to the hearing. I admire your persistence to get back what's yours.

    I hope you can have more luck at the tribunal. The fact that so many people had cases against NYSS can be useful to you. Remember to gather all your proof against them.

    I just read this letter from today's Today paper:
    Under Section 2(1) of the Unfair Contract Terms Act (UCTA) 1977, it is clear that "any attempt to exclude liability for death or personal injuries caused by negligence, including breach of the common duty of care under the Occupiers' Liability Act 1957 will be void".
    This example is taken from another case, and I am not a lawyer, but it seems that the law does cover unfair contract terms. You might want to research on this before your hearing.

    Good luck! Please let us know the outcome.
  47. swollen_eyes

    swollen_eyes New Member

    Dear Ericia,

    How's the outcome of the mediation? I had just signed up a packaged with NYSS yesterday without realising that so many people are dissatisfied with its service although the NYSS consultant boasted that so many ppl left their package with other beauty companies because NYSS products are very good and can see results within 5 sessions. But I resisted signing up since I have many sessions left with Modern Beauty. But the consultant at NYSS even claimed that Modern Beauty's facial that are called "treatment" are basically just "facial" and those machines they used are nothing, even those at facials offered below the HDB also used that kind of machine. I was gullible and signed up for 5 sessions after being pressured by the consultant. After making the payment, I realised that NYSS belongs to the same group as Sensualite. When I heard that I was quite sceptical about NYSS already because it was thank to Sensualite that I got burnt on both my thighs and I had a rough time getting refund from them earlier thru CASE. But since the consultant at NYSS had already swiped my card, I didn't make a scene there to refund.

    Came over Singaporebrides to check and found it really had bad remarks from its customers. Now just hope that I can get a refund from NYSS since like Ericia, I have not used up any of my package yet, except the free trial I had yesterday. Had called the bank yesterday since I had only swiped the card yesterday,but bank told me can only cancel through the NYSS. Ericia, mind to share the outcome of your mediation? Cause for my Sensualite discontinuation, they only pay me a little portion of what I've paid for the package because they deduct full amt for the sessions used (for instance, if someone used up 1 session and the original individual session cost SGD80 while the price for individual session thru package is SGD38, they will deduct SGD80 instead of SGD38) and they also charged the trial at SGD80 instead of giving you free, the free products are also being deducted from the package I've paid. When I want to return the unused product, they rejected. So, in the end, I really lose out. So, not sure if its worth figthing again to get back a refund from NYSS.

    Ericia and Susan any feedback on whether its worth to get back the refund from NYSS?
  48. morning_star

    morning_star New Member

    Hi all,
    I signed up with NYSS recently. They persuaded me to take up the 10 sessions package, but i declined firmly and opted for only 5 sessions. It cost me about 1k plus. Before I signed up, I am aware of the negative comments here. But I am really highly satisfied with the trial session and signed up. In fact, I have a package, about 25 sessions with another saloon. But I still forge ahead and took up their package. Well,...I would admit they are really damn persuasive, and always come up with so many antics (which is really annoying). But I really find my therapist very skilful and is wooed over by her knowledge and skills. I have tried many centres before, I must say that she makes me discover that extraction can be actually painless. I also enjoy her massage. I kind of regret signing up the package, cos the price is really too ex, but I really feel great about her skills and enjoy the session thoroughly. Anyway, money go out is hard to come back again. I will just finish up my sessions.
  49. suze

    suze New Member

    Hi Donna,

    Once you sign up with NYSS, it's going to be a fairly long fight to get all of your money back. I dont know how much you feel is worth to get your money back. How much did you pay for the package?

    For me, it was a matter of cutting my loss there. I was very afraid my face would be scarred permanently if I continued my treatment. Even my derma was shocked when he saw my condition, and strongly told me to disontinue the treatment. He then reported New York Skin Solutions to the Health Science Authority.

    I got some of my money back after going to tribunal, which I think is still better than the alternatives. Most importantly, I felt I had to fight for my right, and NYSS should be given a lesson to treat their customers better.

    You had a problem with Sensualite before, so you already know how these people operate. Just be careful when dealing with them. They are already experts in dealing with angry customers as well as the tribunal. I actually had this crazy idea to record all our conversation with them, because they can deny everything they have said in front of a judge.

    FYI, New York Skin Solutions, Yun, Nam Hair Care, Sensualite, London Weight Management are under the same group. There are many other discussion boards in Singapore and Malaysia about these companies.

    **Our real strength lies in educating others about such salons, so they won't get into the same situation as ours **
  50. w_y

    w_y New Member

    hi all,

    i didn't realise there's so many bad comments about NYSS. i'll share my experience with u all. Initially, i went for a $18 trial at NYSS then the consultant, joey who attended to me is very annoying. Even before the facial, she keep on pressing me to add money to have a better treatment. i refused cuz i'm only a student. After the facial, my skin condition is still the same. Joey did ask me to sign up their package but it was so damn expensive. In the consultation room, she was like scolding me like that. However, i was firm and said "i'll think about it". i went home n forget all about it.

    BUT, a month later, a consultant, Eunice called me and ask me to go for a free trial. She say Joey has been transferred n she's my new consultant. She's very nice and did a free trial for me. The result's very good! Then i signed up for a on-going promotion at tat time, 10 treatments for $400. Now, i've juz finished my package n my skin condition really improved much, even my frens said so. Eunice is the 1 doing my treatment. She's very conscientious, bcuz i've many blackheads all over my face n she really took the effort to extract all out for me. She really knows her stuff! She's with ngee ann city NYSS. PM me if u want to know more details. ;)

    P.S i'm not with NYSS
    i've sensitive, acne and many blackheads...My skin's really troubled...haha...but now most troubles gone already...It's the consultant u meet that matters...but i guess there muz b a few who is nice, Eunice! lolx

    Today, i juz brought my fren for a facial trial n she's sastified with it...hahaz

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