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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by mar_bride, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. mar_bride

    mar_bride New Member

    Thought of using Neo Garden Catering for my GDL and AD lunch, wonder anyone tried it before? Any feedback?

  2. paws

    paws New Member

    Hi bRIDE,

    My mum has engaged their buffet svcs some time back during CNY and we find the food quite good and the price reasonable. Even now, after so many years, i am still receiving their mailers.

    In fact, I am thinking of engaging their svc for my buffet before the banquet on AD too. Hope the info helps.

  3. whiteveil

    whiteveil New Member

    tried them before for my AD too, they arrived even earlier on schedule and food was still warm and nice layout. good followup service too! till now still received mailer frm them [​IMG]

    yup their food is not bad, nice presentation.
  4. icebaby0

    icebaby0 Member

    Their food is good. My company use them extensively for our meetings and events.
  5. bless

    bless New Member

    only 1 word - GOOD
  6. kurera

    kurera New Member

    I just tasted their food on friend's child first month..the food is great!Can anybody can share their set up...izit good?

    If taking them as church wedding buffet, too simple right if they dun provide fresh flowers set up?
  7. blissfulme

    blissfulme New Member

    i used them for my sis wedding..i mean for the tea ceremony lunch, yummy!!! esp the older folks who are more fussy are very happy with it!

    hi cat, i think they have a separate pkg for wedding buffet.. u can ask. service very gd n prompt. otherwise u can get a separate florist to do so [​IMG]
  8. dec03wedding

    dec03wedding New Member

    i engaged them for my housewarming last month. yummy food. polite and punctual staff from telephone operator to delivery guy.

    the set up, even though it was only for a housewarming was still nicely done and presentable with floral displays and nice clean table cloth and skirting that is not frayed or faded.

    think you should at least speak to them and consider engaging them for your wedding.

    i'm having them over for housewarming (part 2) today [​IMG] hope the rain stops soon, though..
  9. ggpower

    ggpower New Member

    hi all,

    i'm thinking of engaging them for my buffet lunch on AD. anyone can advise wat are the nice dishes?
  10. dec03wedding

    dec03wedding New Member

    hi, gg

    i like the chicken rendang and chicken curry which go well with the briyani.

    the pork deluxe (can't remember the name at the moment but it's got a picture on website) i find a bit dry. i prefer the honey ribs.

    the asparagus sambal is yum and the yam paste, too, though it'll be a bit watery after a while with all that stirring by guests who want to get the good thick paste at the bottom of the pot..
  11. contentedbride

    contentedbride New Member

    hi,i had Neo Garden for my buffet lunch on AD on 29 Oct. Food is fantastic for its price..Tried these before => Purplesage, kriston catering, mums kitchen, smiling orchid, four seasons,but Neo Garden has become my preferred choice over Compliments!.. I will go for Neo Garden for my next celebration/occassion... Cheers
  12. yippee_ya_ya

    yippee_ya_ya New Member

    Hi there,

    can comment on the food portion? I intend to invite 70 pax for an event, how many pax should i order from Neo Grdn?

  13. kurera

    kurera New Member

    How is the set up for Neo? I had tried their food on my friend's child 1 mth buffet...tasted superb..but I am also concerned on the set up..
  14. mar_bride

    mar_bride New Member

    Just had Neo Garden for my buffet lunch recently, hmm, food is ok but the sales I spoke to is rather rigid! Setup is red skirting in dunno is it Satin material, or watsoever. But they are punctual [​IMG]
  15. angelala

    angelala New Member

    do they provide food tasting?
  16. ritz

    ritz New Member

    Pls advise what are the "must order" food in their menu.
  17. eillen

    eillen New Member

    Hi Ritz,

    I normally also use them for my department events.

    Their chicken curry, Thai pineapple rice, Hong Kong mee, black pepper pork, mini chocolate eclair and pandan chicken are good..
  18. worry

    worry New Member

    the you tiao with sauce also must order. very nice.
  19. hiphip77

    hiphip77 New Member

    I have a $50 Neo Garden Voucher to let go at $40. Interested parties, pls email

    Terms & Conditions (as stated on the voucher) :
    - Not redeemable for cash.
    - Min. spending of $300 on Selected Menus.
    - Limited to 1 voucher per order.
    - Not valid with other promotions, discount
    - Valid for 2 months from date of issue (date of issue is 1 Apr 06)
    - Present voucher number (on the voucher) upon ordering of food, therafter will not be entertained.
    - Voucher may be amended or withdrawn without prior notice at sole discretion of the company.
  20. oinky

    oinky New Member

    am considering using them for my church wedding weception.. rave eviews about their food it seems.. how about their presentation? do they do it differently from the normal catering functions? Also, notice there are no perks thrown in such as guest sign in table and service staff in attendance.. can anyone who had used them for wedding before pls advice? Many thanks!
  21. cowdragon

    cowdragon New Member

    did anyone know whether they catered to less than 30 pax which seem the "norm"...any warmer for less than 30 pax also??
  22. icebaby0

    icebaby0 Member

    any pax less than 30. It will come in tupperware and no warmer. (unless u might wish to pay more...then u can suggest to them)
  23. hazelt

    hazelt New Member

    Has anyone try out YLS and Neo garden catering recently? How are the food, service and presentation? I am thinking of using either of them for my BB 1 yr old birthday party.

    I actually prefer YSL because they don't charge transportation cost and no GST. But I also heard good commend on Neo Garden too. Thus could not decide on which one.
  24. cokelightsg

    cokelightsg New Member

    Hi i am considering Neo Gardens after hearing so many good comments. Which food / dish is nice?
  25. worry

    worry New Member

    Curry Chicken

    Sweet and sour Fish


    Sea Coconut
  26. vine

    vine New Member

    Neo garden foods is good. however it is laden with alot of MSG i think, cos i felt very thirsty after eating it. however some of my friends don't feel so. Maybe I am not msg tolerant bah.
  27. airex

    airex New Member

    juz had a mini-buffet from neo.. definitely better than most in the market.. [​IMG] thumbs uP!
  28. fuyutsuki

    fuyutsuki New Member

    anyone can give me neo garden catering's contact? thanks [​IMG]
  29. gcherny

    gcherny New Member

    neo gdn no. 98890365. the curry chicken is yummy. cereal fish is nice too. i have went back to them twice already and also recommended my fren to Neo Gdn. fren commented excellent too.
  30. thomsonbride

    thomsonbride New Member

    Hi gcherny,

    Besides curry chicken and cereal fish, what else is nice?

    Thanks! [​IMG]
  31. ace75s

    ace75s New Member

    their mini chocolate eclair tastes great too. A definate must have!
  32. lyn6305

    lyn6305 New Member

    Hi Thomson Bride,

    Their rendang chicken is good! [​IMG]

    I always order Neo Garden Catering...for my ROM, my housewarming...and my coming wedding. hehe...even my frens also order from them. :p
  33. shinem

    shinem New Member

    Hi all,

    Thinking of ordering from Neo Garden. Just wondering, if i m having around 80+ to 90 guests, how many pax portion should i order?

    Is Neo Garden's serving a lot or very little? Dun wan to haf too much leftovers cos still need to pack. very troublesome. pls advise.

  34. lyn6305

    lyn6305 New Member

    <font color="119911">Hi Shine,

    I feel tat their serving is little. For eg, i hv 45 guests and i ordered 40 pax..but still not enuf to eat lor...we hv to order KFC. Haaa...

    For food like samosa, mini eclair etc...if u ordered 40 pax, then there will be 40 pieces exactly, no more or no less. [​IMG]</font>
  35. shinem

    shinem New Member

    Hi Lyn,

    Thanx for your reply. Neo Garden's serving is little. Initially i tot of ordering around 75% of the total pax. seems like now i goto increase.
  36. lyn6305

    lyn6305 New Member

    <font color="119911">Hi Shine,

    Yup, their servings are quite small. But we like their food esp their curry and rendang chicken. [​IMG]

    I will be ordering their mini buffet for my coming wedding (during tea ceremony). Dun want to order their normal buffet as tat would be too much for the morning. ;P</font>
  37. shinem

    shinem New Member


    mine will be at the church so i goto haf the normal buffet cos its at 12+pm. Lunch time!

    I tried their food b4. its really quite good. like esp the choco eclair. hee!
  38. lyn6305

    lyn6305 New Member

    <font color="119911">Hi Shine,

    Agree with u! The mini eclair is very good! Usually my guests would eat alot of tat... ;)</font>
  39. qp1980

    qp1980 New Member

    All tumbs up for them. I use them for AD lunch buffet.

    Their service is prompt and it enuff to feed all my relatives who many are big eater...maybe u can judge your timing for serving...

    Pinepple rice and the black pepper pork is good. The choc elcair is mouth watering. My mom in law is still drooling abt it after so long....hee hee

    Go for it!!!!
  40. lyn6305

    lyn6305 New Member

    Hi PPP,

    How many pax u ordered for ur AD buffet? Which pkg u took from them? If I order 30 pax like too much leh...
  41. catmomo

    catmomo New Member

    my fren order from Neo Garden last Nov for her lunch reception at church. the food is nice, serving is alright too. the eclairs and those tarlets, went off real fast... hhaha
  42. princess_momo

    princess_momo New Member

    Wow! So many good comments here, i thought of using them as my dinner catering...those 3 dishes + 1 soup kind...heehee
  43. suiching

    suiching New Member

    I have a $88 Neo Garden voucher willing to let go for $75.

    Redeemable with minimum order of $400 on selected regular priced menus: Deluxe, Harvest, Bountiful and Prosperity Only.

    Interested please email me at
  44. pinkybear

    pinkybear New Member

    anyone to recommend what is nice from the vegetable/beancurd, prawn/sotong and Dessert? Thanks!
  45. haywiregirl

    haywiregirl New Member

    I always love their

    -Sotong youtiao
    -sweet sour pork ribs
    -szechuan fish
    -mutton rendang
    -butter prawn
  46. pinkybear

    pinkybear New Member

  47. twinkling

    twinkling New Member

    Hi all,

    We had a mini buffet from them for my AD (recent) at my side. My family complimented their services. =)
  48. lyn6305

    lyn6305 New Member

    Hi Twinkling,

    Ya...their service and food are basically gd. My parents and ILs and guests all love their food esp their rendang chicken/mutton, their mini-eclaire as dessert. hee...these 2 are our fav so we will definitely order them when we hv buffet.
  49. catmomo

    catmomo New Member

    anyone tried Delihub Catering before? Heard that it has the same kitchen as Neo Garden, but cheaper price. Views pls.. [​IMG]
  50. bubblepearl

    bubblepearl New Member

    Delihub more ex than Neo Garden cos it is Halal Certified. Setup nice and food nice..:p

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