Need to divorce my wife to save my health !, Advice needed



Counselling will continue to NOT work for you as long as you're hoping that the social worker will point out what's wrong (both with your wife and with yourself) and point you to the solutions, simply because that's not what a social worker is supposed to do. The whole point of the social worker sitting with you and chatting, and getting you to speak up without making a value-judgement or conclusion as to who is right or wrong (which you described as giving the "two thumbs up" and "fight on"--which is NOT what they are trying to achieve, really) is simply that recognising a problem and identifying a solution can only come from within. They can only guide you on the way. So of course, if you go in with the wrong mindset, it won't be effective. Try going in without the 'who's right who's wrong' mentality, because as methods for finding solutions go, it's not very effective. Put it this way, Israel and Palestine have yet to find a solution because there are enough people out there wanting the other side to admit that they're wrong first. Hasn't solved the problem for the past 5 decades, no?

With regards to the possibility of your wife suffering from PND, please don't treat it as if it's being used as an excuse. Yes, it does not mean that your wife, if suffering from it, can carry on being unreasonable. But you need to think about when all the problems began, sit down with your wife and discuss the avenues of help that the both of you can pursue. Not for the sake of your marriage, but for both your own sakes. EVEN if she's not suffering from PND, she also should find a different way of relieving stress. You may not end up hanging around long enough to see the results, but at least you should get her on the path to learning how to deal with it properly, through professional help.

One last thing, before I sign off: seriously, all the little things that you listed as 'proof' that you are a good guy, a good catch, a good husband? When I read it, I was quite put-off too. You may not think that it's blowing your own trumpet, but it sure looks like it is and does nothing for your credibility or claims. It's like when the government publishes something that they've done in the papers and the 9.30 news. Yep it's facts, that's what they say, but everybody just rolls their eyes and calls bull5hit, you know what I mean? You might want to lay off those in future.

P/S Just because your ah beng soldier or your norweigan friend wants to meet up with you, doesn't mean that you don't have a communication problem. It just means they remembered you. One swallow does NOT a summer make.

PP/S If I don't reply any further it's probably because I got myself arrested by the ISD tonight for that little comment up there. The one about the government.


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powder, it is the behavior by the TS consistently took away whatsoever credibility and little respect left. If someone behaves like a arrogant moron, shooting sincere forumers with his dumb ass comments, reacting rudely specifically to those pointing out his issues and keeping COMPLETELY mum about all other advises. I wouldn't give him anymore benefit of the doubt. Unless, he starts to reflects and change his attitude, why would strangers suck up to him to be understanding and believe what he said.

To me, chances of him being a trouble-maker are clearly strong. I don't know about the rest. I have definitely nothing to apologize about pointing out what seems so damn obvious here. The thread is growing in numbers daily without much cause really. He has already achieved his objective without 'maintenance' now. The fire continues.


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u must understand i'm not here to defend him, nor speak up for him... so honestly how wrong he is or how rude is not a very good reason for engaging and taunting him, isit? i do see some of his points, i dun however, see the point of some who start whacking from word 'go'. it's fine if there is a point. of cos, i can be wrong, where i'm open to criticsms.

i understand where u're coming from, well...