Need suggestions on wedding emcee

Discussion in 'A Meeting Place For All ROM Couples' started by klgy, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. klgy

    klgy New Member

    Hi all friends,

    Busy preparing for my wedding next yr march

    But 1 of the most headaches problem is finding of emcee

    Had check around, the best deal is $600 for 2 junior emcee which i think is already a good deal.

    But because of budget, was hoping to see if there is better deal around

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  2. jrlove

    jrlove New Member

    Hi there. U can try slyvia . She not bad. As for her quotation, i'm not too sure. Maybe u could try email her at
  3. klgy

    klgy New Member

    I had email her before. She charge close to 600.
  4. tulipkiss

    tulipkiss Active Member

    That's very pricey, isn't it. Does she do anything else, like singing or games during the banquet?
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  5. jkwedding308

    jkwedding308 Active Member

    If you're on a budget, have you considered asking a friend or relative to be the emcee instead? Emcees don't necessarily have to talk throughout the entire few hours of banquet so they can also join in the banquet dinner/lunch as one of the guests. Plus, having a friend or relative be the emcee makes it even more significant as that person can easily relate personal tales (just make sure you proofread the emcee script beforehand to avoid any dodgy or embarrassing tales, haha) which is more meaningful, both for you as well as for the emcee (they'll feel honoured that you've asked them at least). As a token of appreciation, you can provide a small ang pow for the emcee (between $50-$150 depending on your relationship with that person and the scale of your banquet) which will no doubt cost much less than $600. Just a suggestion... ;)
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  6. pinkpetter

    pinkpetter Member

    I agree with jkwedding308. The best way to save on this is to find someone who is ok with it. I was an emcee twice at my friends' weddings. I was shocked and nervous at first but managed cos I talk a lot in my job. Try finding someone easy going and speaks relatively well. ;)
  7. tulipkiss

    tulipkiss Active Member

    $600 is probably paying for her presence. but i believe the bride/couple should be the limelight of the wedding, not the (popular/famous) emcee.. lol.

    there are other emcee packages out there that cost only in the $300-$400 range. those are reasonable imo, especially if the packages come with additional entertainment perks like songs or dance or games or a short magic show or something. solves the couple's problem with a small amount and all the friends can sit back and relax/enjoy the wedding banquet at the same time.
  8. klgy

    klgy New Member

    My first choice is also to find friends who can help.
    But think my friends around me are shy type.
  9. Ginbridetobe

    Ginbridetobe New Member

    Hi ladies, I'm getting married in Dec 2015. I have booked Sylvia as my emcee too. Actually I do agree with certain points that she mentioned and trust me after i attended a wedding emceed by her, I have an entire different view of wedding emcees. It's not about paying for her presence but rather it's for her wonderful wedding emcee skills that awed everybody! Maybe you might want to check out these few pages of hers?
  10. nudieposh

    nudieposh Member

    since we are in this topic... other then english and chinese emcee.. have you ever attend 1 with 3 emcees? English, Chinese and Hokkien??
  11. tulipkiss

    tulipkiss Active Member

    Never, haha! Do all 3 of them say the same thing? That will take longer than usual I supposed!
  12. nudieposh

    nudieposh Member

    well... im not sure what they are going to say for now. my HTB and i just had an idea to also have a hokkien emcee, since his colleagues and our relatives are all hokkien speaking...
  13. tulipkiss

    tulipkiss Active Member

    Ohh.. But do they understand mandarin too? Probably one of the emcees you get can speak interhangeably between mandarin and hokkien? Cos 3 persons on the stage seems like a lot! Or maybe I'm just not used to that idea.. :)
  14. nudieposh

    nudieposh Member

    yes, they will understand mandarin too. true that having 3 person on stage seems like a lot.. still exploring around for ideas!
  15. Estelle Goh

    Estelle Goh New Member

    Hey nudieposh,

    When's your big day? :)

    My partner and I provide wedding emcee services and are proficient in English, Mandarin, Teochew and Hokkien.

    That should save you the hassle of having 3 emcees (which may be pretty costly if you ask me)

    We have hosted 4 weddings in Hokkien and English before, so we are able to craft a script according to yours and your HTB's liking.

    We would love to discuss more with you if you'd like!

    Do drop me an email at

    In the meantime, take care and congrats!!!

  16. Azel-O

    Azel-O New Member

    I just had my wedding banquet hosted by Sylvia on 8 Feb and I would like to say she is fabulous! Highly recommended! My guests and relatives are so impressed and keep telling us the ambience of the banquet was thumbs up! They love the games and felt it was totally different from other wedding as its highly entertaining.

    Even for my friend (who questioned me why do I need to spend unnecessary money to engage in a professional emcee whereby I can call a brother and sister to help us for hosting) commented that after seeing Sylvia's hosting, it is really a big difference between a professional n non-professional emcee. Sylvia is able to 炒气氛 and it's not boring at any seconds!

    Besides that, we were really impressed with Sylvia's vast experience and agile thinking especially when one of our videos came up with no sound. At that moment, Sylvia came up and she was able to distract the guests with her speech while the brothers were troubleshooting the video. This is not a easy task when something caught up and a person can react so fast. We were truly fascinated!

    We were glad that we found Sylvia as our emcee whom make our banquet so smooth sailing with the guests enjoying themselves in her hosting! She is the best!
  17. Denise Tan

    Denise Tan New Member

    How much was it for Sylvia's emcee service?:)
  18. Tiah Li Sian

    Tiah Li Sian New Member

    Hi am looking for a wedding emcee for my upcoming wedding this July, had looked for Sylvia but her rate now has increased to $888 which i personally felt abit overpriced. There was a sharp increase in her rate. As such, do you guys have any to intro with a budget of $600 or less? Would really appreciate if you could share with me or email me at
    Thanks much!
  19. Tiah Li Sian

    Tiah Li Sian New Member

    Hi, would you be able to share the emcee you have engaged with me? Are they good? Would appreciate if you can email to Thanks!
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  20. Poshberriesweet

    Poshberriesweet New Member

    Hi Li Sian, congrats to your upcoming big day!!

    I provide wedding emcee service for many occasions & hosted for corporate functions as well.

    Pls contact me at for further discussions. Thank you.
  21. Geraldine.goh

    Geraldine.goh New Member

    Hi, I have engaged Wow Magic for my wedding before. I am happy with their services. They provide mc, magic and photo booth at good prices. You can contact them at
  22. amazon888

    amazon888 Member

    Hi all... any idea what's the estimated price for having Emcees for wedding now? Usually do we get 1 Emcee or we need a pair?
  23. sheltieslove

    sheltieslove New Member

    Hello ladies...
    If I have engaged a live band and they will be singing most of the time... is an emcee still necessary?
    any emcees to recommend?
  24. Loveinstills

    Loveinstills Loveinstills Photography

    a good emcee is someone who can keep the guests engaged most of the time. Yes, an emcee is still required. When you hire a good one, he/she will be able to set the mood of the wedding. A small price to pay considering that everything is well presented and the wedding banquet go smoothly while everyone is being entertained.
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  25. Sarahangwx

    Sarahangwx New Member

    Hello Sheltieslove! I think having a good emcee is definitely good ! especially one who can interact with the guess during my wedding! I engaged an emcee through a local company and they are pretty good ! if you want more information, you can pm me! I have their contacts maybe you can just drop them a call and ask about the prices to see if it fits into your budget ;)

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  26. wowmagic

    wowmagic Member

    Hi, 1 emcee who can speak both Eng and Chinese is enough. We can provide you a wedding emcee, magicians and photo booth. Do check out to find out more about our packages.
  27. dollielovely

    dollielovely Member

    Hi I have a talented friend whom can do Emcee for weddings and he is definitely one to recommend :) He do it all by himself (both English and mandarin). If anyone keen , kindly pm me for contacts :) Thk u
  28. auntylala

    auntylala Member


    I'm interested in getting one. Can you pm me the detail at

  29. miyako05

    miyako05 New Member

    Hi can pm me too for the detail? :)
  30. LovelyCT

    LovelyCT New Member

    Hi sheltieslove, may I know which live band you have engaged?

    JAMES GOH New Member

    H all, i am looking for Emcee for my wedding on 12 Nov 2017 lunch. Any recommend ?
    can pm me or email me at
  32. Lijia Boo

    Lijia Boo New Member

    Hello! Can pm me your friend's contact or rates @

    Thank you!
  33. Tayhx

    Tayhx Member

    Can you send me his pricing? Thanks.
  34. Jessie.Y

    Jessie.Y Member

    Hi can pm me your friend's pricing & contact?
  35. g3rll

    g3rll New Member

    Hello, can share his contact?

  36. Omgwanpin

    Omgwanpin New Member

    Hi can advise me on his service and pricing ?:)
  37. Joeykeoy

    Joeykeoy New Member

    Dear All,

    I'm thinking of engaging an emcee for my wedding. Is there any recommendation?
    Prefer emcee to be able to speak in both english n mandarin. :)
    Wedding dinner will be in October 2017.

    Please email me at

    Thank you in advance.
  38. Redvelvetsg

    Redvelvetsg New Member

    Agree with you.
  39. JaneLi

    JaneLi Member

    Is there any preferences of celebrity kind of emcee or just professionals that host events/being emcee ?
  40. Joeykeoy

    Joeykeoy New Member

    Hi Jane,
    Just a event host will do. Do you have any recommendation?
    Thank you.
  41. JaneLi

    JaneLi Member

    You can go to this website to have a look . They are quite legit. A few of my friends hire them from this webby.. hope it helps!
  42. Joeykeoy

    Joeykeoy New Member

    Thank you so much :)
  43. JaneLi

    JaneLi Member

    You're welcome ! Good things must share with others!;)
  44. meg12

    meg12 New Member

    any recommendations on budget emcees? :)
  45. Nate Wolfff

    Nate Wolfff New Member

    worthy to pay for emcees?
  46. meg12

    meg12 New Member

    date is 4 Feb 2018 - wedding lunch

  47. CelynJui

    CelynJui Member

    Mandarin or English?
  48. ions84

    ions84 New Member

    I'm interested. Can pm me at
  49. fatapple

    fatapple New Member

  50. Thekitty

    Thekitty New Member

    Can pm too for emcee? Thanks

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