Need suggestions for wedding&ROM in Q2 2018

Discussion in 'Banquet Packages' started by joycelyn seah, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. joycelyn seah

    joycelyn seah New Member

    Hi All beautiful BTB!

    Any suggestions for hotel or restaurants for about 15-17 tables with $800-900nett per table?
    Preferred chinese food and accessible, thank you :):)

  2. ml12

    ml12 New Member

    Can try Hotel Jen Tanglin, Genting Hotel Jurong
  3. joycelyn seah

    joycelyn seah New Member

    Thank you! but location wise not so easily accessible for elderly
  4. littlenaomi__

    littlenaomi__ Member

    Have you try Hotel RE or other hotels managed by Fu Lin men . They have a great deal when I met them at BOWS.
  5. joycelyn seah

    joycelyn seah New Member

    Thanks Naomi!
    yes , i have contacted them (=
  6. littlenaomi__

    littlenaomi__ Member

    How was it ? Update us ;)
  7. joycelyn seah

    joycelyn seah New Member

    the coordinator is very approachable Chris.
    unfortunately i have yet to see them .
    package seems good but place abit old...
  8. SierraCD

    SierraCD New Member

    you can check the wedding banquet pricelist. recently I had a friend who had a small ROM wedding at park hotel alexandra. the price is around 900++. Otherwise you can try restaurants too.

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