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Hello, i got to know this guy from a dating app, we been together for a year plus but never been official.. We never went out on an official date before and whenever i suggest a date his reply will be "u decide the place lor" , "see when u free lor" which made me feel sad. We only met up at his house. If i didn’t turn up, he will start scolding me hurtful words like slut, f...face, disgusting dog, moron, motherless dog(my mom has passed on) and he will block me. He got me pregnant once and is unwilling to pay the abortion fees and blames me for not taking birth control pills. He follows thousand of models and influencers on ig. I also caught him using dating app behind my back. I forgave him and continued to stay with him because i really like him, hoping he will treat me better some day. I’m getting tired of his scolding and I often cry in the middle of the night. I feel so ugly and suffocating. i know I’m stupid and naive. I’m embarrass to share this with my friends.. What should i do? Thanks for reading


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What makes you so in love with him ?

He is loaded with money ? He is as handsome as a korean oppa ? What else ?
How you so sure he didn't get other girls pregnant too?

Why are you behaving like some on call girl or social escort to make guys happy on bed ?

Leave him before you are diagnosed with sexual diseases.