Need serious advise


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Dear all,

may i know are there any after office hours part time jobs that i can find cos i need to clear off my debts.. but my full time job is sort like public servant job... can advise? tks!

Read the news paper.

go around all MRT and Food Court see they got paste the paper advertisement asking for part time cleaner. dish washer etc.

cut down all your expenses.

what debt u into? world cup football match debt?
how much is your debt?


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read yr employment letter carefully. some don't allow u to moonlight like what cuclainne said, esp for public sectors.


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Jefferson Yong

I think some of these ppl will rather go Bankrupt than dishwashing. I have a friend who's in hugh debts, always looking for part time jobs but is still very picky on the type of part time jobs, now she's going bankrupt


A discharged bankrupt will find it hard to ever get any credit facilities in the future.

No housing loan, no car loan, no credit card etc.
Imagine a standard of living with none of these facilities. Should do everything to avoid bankruptcy.

TS, pls turn on your PM.


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civil servant cannot bankrupt i think. And cannot moonlight with evidence. I.e. no CPF and records...else govt will take commission


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TS has difficulties keeping up with the monthly payments to banks, her creditworthiness is already in question. I doubt she can easily obtain housing and car loans even after clearing off debts.


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I think only the activities for the past 5 years will affect the credit rating for individual. If you are cleared from bankrupt 5 years ago, you are consider a new man when they assess you.

For the part time job, it really depends on your ability. Yes, cleaner jobs can't really get you much. But if you have no other alternatives then you have to go for it.

If you know your directions, taxi driver could be good money for part time.

Property Agent, Insurance Agent, Buy and Sell stuffs online, Tuition are good options since you are usually required to work only after school/office hours.


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in such case whereby u have to explore part-time jobs of such nature and be all sneaky... i would think the logical 1st choice would be to simply change your Current FT-job to another that pays more...

Then if not enough, u can do a part-time job as well, without worrying abt running foul of your employment contract.


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what toma was saying abt "Washing dishes part time won't help you avoid becoming a bankrupt." is very obvious... so i dun think suggesting menial low-paying job has a place here.

if ft-cleaner gets $700/mth... part time assume even $300... and if $300 a mth can prevent u from being bankrupt, then the amount u're going bankrupt for - can be easily raised by opening your mouth and borrowing. so the amount should be more than what a cleaner job can help u cover.


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u have any skills not? i know some people who does pedicure/manicure for people in their home...u want to explore something like that?