Need opinions on gown change


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Will be holding tea ceremony, solemnisation and wedding dinner all at the hotel.

Was wondering if it would be too excessive to have my outfit change as such:
-white wedding gown in morning
-kua for tea ceremony at husband's house

Then proceed to hotel,
-cheongsam for tea ceremony at hotel for female's side
-white ROM dress
-(same) white wedding gown for 1st march-in
-evening gown for 2nd march-in

Need opinions please!


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Afraid about time constraints at the hotel between the tea ceremony and solemnisation to change outfits. I guess hair and make up can use the same.. Maybe just change the hair piece? I have got too many outfits that I want to wear, cannot give up any haha!


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Hands were itchy.. bought too many.. 1 for tea ceremony, 1 white gown and 1 other gown I changed into halfway during the lunch.