Need help - Star spring toy (rainbow slinky)


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Hiya, so sorry to disturb but i am trying hard to find the star spring toy tat we used to play w when we were young. Hoping to use tat as my wedding favour. Have checked out many places in SG but cant find it. Everywhere tell me out of stock.

Anyone has any ideas where I can get it? Pls help. Also need to look for a wedding car rental. My HTB is v passionate about cars n i am grateful for his support during tis entire wedding preparation process, so if any1 has any car contacts for jaguar or sports car, pls PM me or email me at [email protected]

Really appreciate any assistance n support I can get. Planning for a wedding is really smthg I have energy for only once in a lifetime. Haha. *faints* Pls help. Thanx. Btw, my ROM n wedding banquet is in September.


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for wedding cars,

do a search on internet (wedding cars sg), I'm sure you can find quite a few sites.


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going by description... i believe what u're looking for, may be better known as a 'Slinky'.

u might like to google for it. can find it commonly in taiwan or hkong nite markets. If it's what i think it is.

ps: just realised your title already says slinky. so it's the same as i thought... u might like to take a walk at those chinatown shops selling children's kites/lanterns etc... there's 1 opposite maxwell market, and another near fook hai (not sure if the shops are closed due to reno). i saw some on 2nd floor shops too.

i believe u need those specialty shops for kids. u can try halland village too, there's 1 or 2 such shops... it is the shophouse type.

IF they dun have it, ask the uncle or shopkeeper abt Ordering it... i am sure they have their contacts to get it.


I believe those party wholesale shops around chinatown and bugis area might have the slinkys that you're looking for.