Need help on reno ID and contractors!!


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Hello everyone! Gonna collect keys to our new house soon! Am looking out for contacts. Any good ones you can recommend? What about Qanvast? Anyone used before? Read that they have some guarantee up to $50,000 to protect homeowners in case anything goes wrong. Anyone got experience? Can share with me?


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I tried qanvast before, its not a reno company, they just recommend other companies to you, for me I engaged singapore carpentry instead and the workmanship was great for the budget


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@ Max Project Interior, highly recommend. as we took the quotation he quoted and censor the price and we went around diff ID to ask for quote. Overall Alex quoted rly x10 cheaper a lot a lot. & the quality and outcome is good. Alex - 9650 1411 (can contact him for first appointment!) :) No harm asking around for quote! :)


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Hi, not sure if it is too late but I had my experience with this interior design company. They went above and beyond in their services and helping me with the renovation process. Like what the others said, no harm asking for a quote.


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Good Afternoon, i'm actually from a ID firm Stylus Interior.
You can contact me @ 83888562
All quotes are free and no obligations
Feel free to ring me up any time.