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    I have been a silent follower of SG brides for years.I've learn a lot from Powder in the point of career and life.I like the way SM share about his real life experience and how Milo talk about sex.

    I am in my early 30's.My husband and i have a bliss marriage w/o children after 3 years of marriage. I am thinking of changing of career and taking up a degree course.Having kids would distract me from doing all these and also my financial restriction won't allow me to have both in the same time,but my biological clock is digging.Powder,if you were in my shoe,how would you weight?What would you think about life w/o children?
    SM,if give you a choice again,will you choose not to have children?Are man able to survive if the wife hit menopause and not able to have sex and the husband is in their 50's?Giving birth tend to make women loose down there,how man handle it?
    Milo,do you once dream about having sex with other women other than your wife?Or visualize having sex with others after years of marriage?



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    Can others answer?

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