Need advice on wedding procedure.


Hi there, Im doing church wedding without gate crashing... tea ceremony will be done after church wedding.
So veil will be lifted at church.

If you are having gate crashing, then you veil will be lift when your groom fetches you..
I attended 2 church weddings and normally the tea ceremony is after the ceremony. The bride walks in with veil down and when the father marries the couple, the groom lifts the veil and kiss the bride. After that, the couple goes to a room in the church to complete the tea ceremony. But even if gate crash in morning with church wedding after that, cannot unveil 2 times?


Hmmm, unveil twice seems weird. 1st time will have that sort of anticipation. 2nd time... Hmmm.. Like getting married twice. I'm not too sure... Anyone knows?


It is really your choice. I don't think it's weird because gatecrash is the Chinese custom and unveiling is not really getting married. Church itself has it's procedure, so it's nothing wrong to unveil again.
As for the tea ceremony in church, it's very common to do it in a room at the church. It's again a Chinese custom. As long as you are clear the objective of the tea ceremony is to respect your elders, doing it wherever is not very important unless your parents are very traditional.
But come on, let's be realistic, you also want your guests to travel back and forth the church?
Do what makes sense to you.


Just had my wedding over the weekend, and yes! It's finally over! You will realize having the veil over your face is super uncomfortable especially with those fake eye lashes.. Haha.. So, I can't wait for the veil to be removed!