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Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by sunny~gal, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. sunny~gal

    sunny~gal New Member


    as above, any1 tried going to national musuem for wedding photography? for 'foc' condition, are the areas sufficient or nice for phototaking?

  2. annabella

    annabella New Member


    I took my photos there (end April), very nice place. I pay $107 to take photos inside. Chosen quite alot of photos inside the musuem than outside. My BS commented the outdoor shots are really nice.

    I think foc apply to areas outside the musuem. Nothing much.
  3. sunny~gal

    sunny~gal New Member

    hihi annabella thanks alot for ur info [​IMG]
  4. jentan63

    jentan63 New Member

    hi annabella,

    thinking of taking photos inside the museum.. do you mind sharing your photos. my email is

    Thank you in advance.
  5. annabella

    annabella New Member

    Hi Jenny,

    My photos are uploaded in multiply.
    my id is post2anna. you need to add me to view my photos...
  6. kchinghong

    kchinghong New Member

    Hi, I just called in to ACM today and they told me that the new rate is 160.50/hour! Wonder why a sudden price hike all of a sudden. =( esp during the recession
  7. kchinghong

    kchinghong New Member

    OPs sorry I realise I make a mistake between ACM and SAM. SAM is the one at 107 buck/3 hours
  8. charisse

    charisse New Member


    I'm thinking to take my photos at the National Museum too. But my bf prefer Asian Civilisation Museum. Which one do you think is nicer? Please give me some advice...
  9. summertoh

    summertoh New Member

    wasted.... after seeing so many wedding photos of the museum, I should have taken mine there. The place is so nice.... =( Never thought it will look soo good. Nevermind. maybe can do a post wedding shoot
  10. thommy

    thommy New Member

    SAM is $107 for 3 hrs?

    that's weird, I just taken my PS and was told by the reception there that its $150 leh. Anyway I didn't take inside cos find the charges too excessive, only took outside.
  11. blackrock

    blackrock New Member


    Yup yup, its a beautiful place for PS. but going during the weekdays is better then weekends, cause there are usually crowds. and crowds are not very good for PS cause they might stare, make couple feel 'peiseh' etc..
  12. jol_eeyha

    jol_eeyha New Member

    Anymore photos to share taken at National Musuem ?

    Planning to do outdoor shoot there..
  13. triple78

    triple78 New Member

    send me your email and i add u in facebook, u view from me at

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