My ROM photos to share!!

Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by zhenzhen84, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. zhenzhen84

    zhenzhen84 New Member

  2. princessfever

    princessfever New Member

    Hi zhen zhen,

    Your pics r lovely.

    Did u take them urself, also the photo montage?
  3. zhenzhen84

    zhenzhen84 New Member

    Hi princessfever

    i engaged a PG to take it for me..
    once a lifetime mah..

    u want me to intro him to u?
    btw when's ur rom? [​IMG]
  4. princessfever

    princessfever New Member

  5. zhenzhen84

    zhenzhen84 New Member

    yap.. he did the montage..

    me and my whole family praised him also.. keke..
    emailed u already.. [​IMG]
  6. lousylucy

    lousylucy New Member

    hi zhen zhen,

    can you send me his contact also? its lovely! is it expensive? Its well-done.

  7. zhenzhen84

    zhenzhen84 New Member

    Hi Lucy

    I emailed u his contacts already..
    keke.. yar, i love my photos and montage too.. hehe

    His package is quite reasonable.. =)
  8. chrissyyeo

    chrissyyeo New Member

  9. zhenzhen84

    zhenzhen84 New Member

    Hi chrissy

    i emailed u his contacts already. =)
    reasonable package!
  10. weddingll

    weddingll New Member

    nice pics! Congrats! Was it expensive?
  11. zhenzhen84

    zhenzhen84 New Member

    Thanx Weddingll! We are really so impressed with our photos too.. keke..

    His package is very reasonable and he's also very artistic and friendly.. =) My family members and friends praised him after they saw my photos and montage too! keke..

    $250 for 2hrs.
    He gave me quite a few free stuffs too.. very reasonable and so nice of him right..

    U can contact him at 91444537, his name is Adrian.. =)
  12. kathleen1604

    kathleen1604 New Member

    hi zhen zhen,

    250 for how many hr ?
    what kinda of free stuff given to you?
    can share.
  13. zhenzhen84

    zhenzhen84 New Member

  14. winterglee

    winterglee New Member

    hi zhenzhen, your link to video is gone. would you pls pm me to share your link to it?

    thanks alot!
  15. jtbaobei

    jtbaobei New Member

    HI Zhen Zhen,

    I could not access to the video link,
    dont know its gone or broken link

    do email me if you have it upload on other places [​IMG]
  16. kchinghong

    kchinghong New Member

  17. bernardkk

    bernardkk New Member

  18. ifishball

    ifishball New Member

  19. sasandy

    sasandy Member

    Nice Pictures ifishball...
  20. ifishball

    ifishball New Member

    Hi Sandy,
    Great to hear that.
  21. lynnnie

    lynnnie New Member

    hi christine,

    may i know who is your MUA? She did a very nice good for you!
  22. whitebelle

    whitebelle Member


    The figurines that appear on the 1st slide.. where did you get it done at?? Care to share the details & charges??

  23. alvin_lee

    alvin_lee Member

  24. wish_child

    wish_child New Member

    Hi Alvin_lee. I like 1 of ur work the Alan & Elaine Photomontage the most.. Can u sent me the detail of ur service?? Like price and hrs? My
    Thanks lot..
  25. psying

    psying New Member

  26. chinook

    chinook New Member

  27. small_inc

    small_inc New Member

  28. dianesew

    dianesew New Member

  29. angellefemme

    angellefemme New Member

    Hi, Can I have the contact too?
    Btw, care to care how much he charges for ROM photography?
  30. coxi07

    coxi07 New Member

  31. lol_lyn

    lol_lyn Member

  32. helensmile

    helensmile New Member

  33. selenechua

    selenechua New Member

    Hi Bliss

    Can share with me your ROM photos and also william chua contact, please?

  34. wendi12

    wendi12 New Member

  35. stary81

    stary81 New Member

  36. jovaine00

    jovaine00 New Member

  37. zhenzhen84

    zhenzhen84 New Member

    Hi gals, got alot of emails enquiries from sgbrides members for quite sometime, sorry that i've been quite busy, here's Adrian Oh's contacts..

    You will like his works very much, our cousins and friends even ask us to introduce him for their ROM and AD up till now too!

    took below from his signature ;)

    Adrian Oh - Unique-Colours
    Contact: +65 91444537

    btw unique-colours is doing instant prints now, recently i've engaged them again to do instant printing for my company event, it was excellent, my boss and colls were very happy about this idea and all were excited on that day everyone rushing to get the instant prints.. lol
  38. zhenzhen84

    zhenzhen84 New Member

  39. mydestinee

    mydestinee New Member

    Hi Cindy, I love ur pictures taken by William Chua! So artistic! Does he has any website so that I can view more of his work?

    Intend to find a pg for my rom before wedding dinner banquet,

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