My negative experience with super panda presents

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  1. I would like to share my negative feedback about Joseph Bartino (or Joseph Daniel Bartino) of superpandapresents / super panda presents (pre wedding, prewedding and also actual day wedding photographer).

    Like his pictures? Yes so did we. We booked his time on 29 march for a shoot on 1 June. It was confirmed. A week before the shoot, I proactively sent him a text message to remind him on our shoot. I was so excited and have also coordinated with my makeup artiste Jennifer from the makeup room. As Jennifer is very busy, it was really not easy to coordinate and fix a date.

    To my shock and horror, he said he was overseas and will only be back in Singapore on 3 June! He asked us to reschedule and told us that the airlines office is closed in the evening and we need to wait until the next day for the office to open before he can find out if he could reschedule his flight.

    Worst, he even claimed I did not confirm the shoot with him! I had to send him a screenshot of our confirmation before he promptly apologise. By then I have lost half my faith in him as to how unprofessional he was. He gave me the impression that he was trying to wriggle his way out of the situation to make himself look good! He said his phone data was erased but it is not our fault especially when we have confirmed the shoot!

    The next day, he told us he was unable to reschedule his flight so he offered us two options: he will buy a new ticket back OR we will do the shoot on a weekday and he will give us a significant discount.

    If we went with option 1, Joseph Bartino would have to fork out extra money for his ticket and imagine how awkward it will be for us at the shoot! we want to be relaxed and enjoy our shoot and we were clearly not comfortable with this option. Anyways if he was sincere in making up for this, he would have bought the ticket without telling us instead of saying "... rather than buying a new ticket". My pre-wedding shoot would feel look a guilt trip!!!

    If we went with option 2, it was out of the question as I have teaching commitments (my work hours are from 9am to 6pm) and my makeup artiste is not available as well!

    In the end, we decided to let it slide and cancel it because we have no choice! We kept our unhappy experience to ourselves even when friends asked "hey how's ur shoot?". We just said "photographer cannot make it" and didn't even went around to bad mouth him, not even on our Facebook pages,


    I shared my experience and thought that was it but Joseph was completely unprofessional and even said we were misleading people! He said it was only a pre-wedding shoot and not wedding. Indeed! But just because it is a pre-wedding shoot doesn't mean it is not important to us!

    He also said he offered to give us a discount, etc, but he was completely missing the point!

    The screenshots are attached and I will let you be the judge. Think twice ladies: you want to be a happy and stress-free bride to-be. even if the pictures are nice, nothing is more valuable than having a peace of mind with a photographer you can trust.

    He said he has never missed another shoot apart from ours, but it is what it is. I don't mind if he apologizes and end of story but what irks me most are people who are clearly at fault and try to pin the blame on another!

    While I erased my Instagram handle here, my IG handle really isn't hard to find as it's public on The Wedding Scoop's Instagram but I am erasing it in the pictures so the pictures don't get circulated without people reading a true and actual account of my story :)

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  2. as attached.

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  3. Oops Joseph Batino I mean... misspelt his name! :(
  4. Champagne_Pop

    Champagne_Pop New Member

    I shortlisted superpanda but the reply was pretty slow so i gave it a miss, and paid deposit to another videographer, Let's call him S.
    S from a well known and established company is no where better than Joseph Batino you mentioned. When i first emailed S to enquire the rates, the reply was very professional with about 50 vid links attached. I was impressed, and of course I do like his works.

    After i paid $1800 deposit on the day i went to the studio, he said he will draft and email me a contract to sign. Told me he will email me on X date, i didn't receive. Told me he is on MC and will be back to studio the next day to email me, I didn't receive again. It took him about 2 weeks to draft of the contract WITH ERROR. He rectified the mistake almost immediately after i whatsapp him. I shall give him some credit to this part. When i go through contract and I have some queries and doubts, I emailed + whatsapp him hoping to get answers, but I was being ignored. I have to chase for the answers almost every 3 days. I admit I am an anxious bride, but will you not be anxious if the videographer is suppose to film your pre-wed which is in 10 days time and the contract not sorted out?? I've already changed my outdoor wedding shoot from 22nd Aug to 8th Sep to accommodate S's schedule. Same situation like you, As my photographer is very busy, it will not be easy to coordinate and fix a date. I wanted to get the contract sorted out asap and everything to go well on 8th Sep.

    That was my last straw and i post on their FB page regarding the unresponsiveness, and the post was deleted almost immediately. I was blocked to post further comments too. On the same day he replied my email, some questions answered and some not.
    He explained that he was very ill and was on MC. Alright, explanation accepted. But he could reply my whatsapp that he will take 1-2 weeks to respond back and not leave me hanging. Since I came across the situation of him being sick, it is natural for me to check who will be his substitute if he is unable to turn up for my pre-wed and AD. Once again he chose to ignore my question. As posting on social media may to to be the only way to get response from him, I 'Shared' his FB page and told him (with abit of sarcasm) to reply me.

    The next day, this is what he whatsapp me:

    "Hi C, Good afternoon. We have discussed among ourselves and, to be honest, up to this juncture after our exchanges and conversations, we actually feel uncomfortable to film your wedding. We will refund the deposit to you. Please send us your account number and account type and we will have it transferred to you by this Tuesday. We apologize for any inconvenience caused."

    Certainly I am glad he offered to refund my deposit as I am not uncomfortable engaging his service either. But this has really caused me inconvenience as I have to source for another videographer in such a short notice.
    I am still contemplating if i should create a thread to share my bad experience with S,so that couples other there can at least know what to look out for, or to expect if they were to engage S's service.
    I am sure most couples are considering S. Trust me, he seemed experienced and professional. But what I've gone through is a total disaster. Thumbs down for S!
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  5. pinkieeshortcake

    pinkieeshortcake New Member

    Hi Champagne_pop, can u pm me the name of this studio? Thanks.. :)

  6. Champagne_Pop

    Champagne_Pop New Member

    Pinkieeshortcake, PMed you already. As this thread is on negative experience on superpanda presents, I shall not post my bad experience with another videographer here. S is very active in this forum, his company is always on the top few threads. Dont place deposit with the videographer if he did not go through the the contract with you. Being implusive and over trusting is my mistake. Good luck to all brides out there.
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  7. Pillowcase

    Pillowcase Member

    Champagne Pop, I'm in the midst of getting a videographer, mind PMing me who's this S?
  8. nudieposh

    nudieposh Member

    hi there. can pm me the name of this videographer? thanks!
  9. Champagne_Pop

    Champagne_Pop New Member

    Ideal films
  10. nudieposh

    nudieposh Member

    noted with thanks. :)
  11. mesy_liquid

    mesy_liquid New Member

    Hi brides,

    Just wanted to share my bad experience with Super Panda Presents. Photos are good but only get them if you can tolerate bad attitude. Super long story to tell but in a nutshell:

    For Pre-wedding shoot:
    1. Limited photography concepts and photographer is not good in communications during shoots.

    2. Photographer was supposed to liaise with a shop owner for permission to do our short photoshoot in the shop but turned out he did not at all and the shop owner refused our shoot (didnt even allow the bride to step in) and we wasted 2 hours of our time there.

    3. Photographer acts like an 'artist', waiting for his inspiration to come for good photos instead of having some ready concepts in mind.

    4. Lied that he had no time to do up our pre-wedding photos and after a few postponements, finally revealed that his hard disk was corrupted and he is trying to repair his hard disk to retrieve our photos. Photos were only sent to us ONE WEEK before our actual day. Even so, some photo sets were missing but he insisted that they did not exist even though we had some hp pics to prove.

    Actual Day Shoot:
    1. Photographer did not arrive at groom's place in the morning (he was late and when he is on his way, the groom was already setting off to bride's place) and therefore, missed out capturing the groom's prep and groomsmen's photos.

    2. Photographers were not familiar with chinese traditions to capture important shots i.e both photographers were in the car already and neglected bride dropping fan when driving off. Main photographer dozed off in the car all the time and did not bother to capture any in/out of -car shots at all.

    3. Photographers poor at directing group pictures

    4. Delayed the morning schedule and spent too much time on the morning outdoor shoot.

    Again, found some photo sets missing and when we asked for them they said they are not obliged to give all the photos if they think it is not up to their standard. Missing photos include family group photos in the day, Father-in-law's photos with his friends and as well as Bride's evening preparation photos in the hotel room were all excluded from the photos he returned us. Basically photos from the 2nd photographer's camera were all missing. When we asked for them to be returned to us even if they are unedited (as i do not want to further impose on them and FIL was asking for the photos to be shared with his friends), Photographer turned aggressive and used personal attacks on couple and even said things like my FIL is not his client and he is not obliged to take photos of him and his friends.

    With the delay of the pre-wedding shoot, the photographer offered a 50% discount back then to compensate. However, he kind of tried to cut his loss by miscalculating for the actual day's charges and even tried to charge me for overtime when we were actually well within the 13hrs.

    One advise to all brides - hire them only if you can bear with bad attitude and not having the chance of selecting your own photos as the photographer would never return you the photos that you may like just because he do not like them.

    All in all, we felt like he is just concerned about whether his photos would be featured on any wedding showcase forums or platforms than for the happiness of the couple.
  12. MinHui87

    MinHui87 New Member

    I also engaged SuperPanda based on his photographs, and really regret it. His photos are really nice (you can see on his Instagram, and how he has endorsements from other popular wedding vendors like Cleo Chang and Pearlyn & Paper), but he is extremely unprofessional.

    For my pre-wedding photo shoot, he lost all our close-up photos. We had gone through through the trouble of hiring a make up artist and buying a bouquet from Floral Magic for the shoot, and all that effort went to waste. He tried to make it sound like only "some" close-up photos were gone, but after we started asking questions, it ended up being ALL of them.

    He suggested having a reshoot. But that would end up having to request for my bridal studio to rent me the dresses again, hire my MUA again, buy another bouquet of flowers, and for us to take leave, all at our expense, because SuperPanda lost our photos. After negotiating with him on this, he agreed to give us a discount to compensate for the lost photos. This was only after many excuses on his part.

    When we finally received the photos, like what others have commented, SuperPanda does not provide you with ALL the photos. He told us that "professional" photographers do not provide all the photos they take to their client. We were not even given the option of picking which photographs we liked, we were only provided with photographs that he liked. And there were many repetitions of the same pose.

    Finally, it was always our understanding that Joseph would be present for our AD. That's what Joseph told us when we first met him and signed the contract. However, just before our AD, Joseph mentioned that it would be another photographer (not him) from his team that would be photographing our AD wedding festivities. This was the first time that we had heard this, and we found out later that he had booked himself another wedding for that same day. It is just extremely extremely frustrating and disappointing dealing with him. He definitely has a preference for weddings/couples/"ideas" that would be featured on wedding portals/instagram rather than the interests of his paying clients.
  13. walkwithme

    walkwithme New Member

    Thanks ladies for sharing! So sorry to hear about your experiences

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