My lil solemnisation $$$

hiii all...

im intending to ROM on 25april 09.
but i've yet to even choose a location.

we do nt intent to have a weddin dinner but probably a simple solemnisation+buffet outdoor.
probably 120++ ppl.
any location to recommend anyone?
do i have to book + pay for e location?

ang pow box needed?

thanks in advance


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Jeanette> Hi and congrets to your big day. Its a bit rush for you ROM date. But not to worry...

I also dun have wedding dinner too... and have simple solemnisation for 18pax only its a sit down lunch in a hotel restaurant.

You can choose pool side solemnisation which normally come with buffet setting and ROM table settings too (PS: everything taken care by the hotel which would be easy for you as your time is a bit running short.)

Of coz you got to book with the hotel if you intend to have it in the hotel.

Since you do not have wedding dinner and if your frnds know that you will not be having wedding dinner next time I think they will give you Ang Pao on your ROM day.. a Ang Pao box is a good idea for that day.. you can ask the hotel to throw in a ang pao box which they hardly will do so cause only wedding dinner they will do that... just tell them you wil not be having wedding dinner so you need one... else can but it off the rack.. very cheap and easy to find one.
yepx... i noe its pretty rush too =X
but no choice.
double happiness

ehhh.... i was thinkin to do it at chevrons/seletar cc. but looks real nice + buffet.
price wise.... is 6000 for 110 ex?

e JP how ar? usually need to invite how many mths/days in advance?


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Jeanette> Double Happiness.. got bb??

Dun worry on the rushing part.. got to do things at the normal speed so the head is more clear :p

I dun know how much the usual rate goes for hotel poolside.. wait ah I check it out on the internet..

Your 6000 for 110 pax so per pax is at S$55 (round off) what does it incl besides food (buffet style) ROM table settings?? what happen if its rains?? Thought you say you going for 120pax???

Oh JP ah you have to secure it now lor.. can efile now.

Solemnisation on 25 Apr 2009

Earliest Date to file a notice of marriage online : 25 Jan 2009
Latest Date to file a notice of marriage online : 3 Apr 2009
so i'll got limited choices..
ermx... yepx... its between 110-130 guests.
so e person quoted me arnd that price.
its abt 45++ for per pax.

if mine outdoor have to personally invite e JP right?


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hi jeanette,
yup u need to invite the JP...
45 is for high tea, lunch or dinner???
its for chevrons or seletar??
soooo.... izzit tooo late to start inviting nw?
45++ lunch
40++ high tea
48++ dinner

i cant rmbr jus nw chevrons hw much.
but i tink its arnd 5000-6000


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its neva too late...dun wry..u shld still be abit to get someone now...

fitsy, u need to cfm ur venue and timing...hav seen pics of seletar quite nice...can hav ur solemnisation outdoors, then move indoor for meals...

if in e event of rain, they can shift ur solemnisation indoors for u oso...

pricing wise, its rather reasonable la....


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Jeanette> Phew... I check the internet and hotel pools usually range about 50+ for per pax... wonder if they incl free room.. Haha that one you got to check with the hotel cause very long time ago I heard some hotel do if book their ROM Package... thats like so many years ago.

Oh so you have not finalize the no of pax yet la... usually I less about 10-15% of pple who I invite cause got small eaters and kids and some MIA did not come. But it depend on your crowd.
With your no. of pax you can have good price and give discount. S$45 per pax sound ok to me.

Yes if you decided to have your ROM outdoors you got to find your JP. You found one liao?? Oh you also got to confirm your location first cause some JP want to know which location plus when you efile its go to be put in the marriage cert.


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Jeanette> For the location if both you and your partner like it go for it... we also like that first time see our venue than we confirm on the spot

For invites you can start giving out 2 weeks before your ROM date.
okiey okiey...
thanks both ladies

omg. so when i efile e date wil appear on e cert ar? =.="

hotels... we wanted. but decided nt... cuz if we do it there. must well do dinner. but i cant do dinner..
haix... so we'll jus settle for smting outdoor n memorable..
at least no dinner but got nice memory


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its okie not to hav ur case, all e more u shld save e $$ for your bb lor...

for mi, im oso having outdoor wedding...rom and buffet dinner and tats it...Bth of us dun like e traditional chinese sit-down dinner...

Juz make sure that you 2 are happy enuff le...Dinner is only a night, but marriage is foreva...


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Jeanette> Efile you will need you and your partner's information... 2 witness information.. and JP's Lic no. and also JP name if I am not wrong. Location of your ROM will also appear in your marriage cert.

Hahah I also do not have dinner... very headache one if got dinner cause the sitting arrangement lor...


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nope...mi ROM cum AD is in sep this year.

dun intend to have the traditional chinese sit down dinner...mine will be buffet dinner by the sea.. Food served is fusion lor...will be at pasir ris...=]
means... i need to go invite a JP first?
but i havent even get e location. HOW?
thn e seletar pl can onli arrange a date with us on 21st...

ohh ohh... my plan was to do 2 together too...
but abit too late liao.


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juz a note to add..when u efile location, dun write the whole address...

eg...if u write the whole adddress, it will appear as :

Mr XXX & Mrs XXX were solemnised at

ABC Country Club
Singapore 123456

you might want to write ABC Country Club when u efile...


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Jeanette> Suggestion maybe you want to list out the JP you wish to call as your prefered JP. Than after you get your venue its easy for you to call or contact them.

can i ask ar...
if im gonna solemnize in qianxi restaurant at civil service club right...
thn what do i write when i efile
thanks thanks


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actuali, its up to u wat u wanna write....
coz i read in this thread that there was tis couple who got married at tis address...

23 ABC ROAD Deck 20
ABC Country Club
Singapore 123456

and e cert came out as

23 ABC ROAD Deck
20 ABC Country Club
Singapore 123456

in the end they had to spend i tink 20bucks to change...
its reali up to u how you want to put it...for me, i will write oceanside of mi venue coz im solemnising on the beach...


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Jeanette> We had our ROM at Wan Hao Restaurant in Marriott Hotel. For our marriage cert we put Singapore Marriott Hotel... Look nicer and classic... Maybe you want to put Civil Service Club.


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depending on which jp u wan invite...some of them leave email, then u email them lor..but some of them leave tel nos, then u can call them direct...

for mine, i left a msg wif her secretary, and i liased with my jp directly through email and calls.


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For us, we call confirm than JP request to drop him a email. After that all is contact via email untill 3days before ROM than we call him to remind him again.