My boyfriend does not shave everyday. Help!


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Makes me thot of the time that my dad shave his mustache. My mum didn't recognize my cleanshaven father and ask him who is him and how he got in the house..

Your dad was lucky that your mum didn't hit him with a broom and chase him out immediately hehe(natural reaction to a thief)

You mean your dad never shave for past 20 years?


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The only inconvenience I feel personally is when I see our fellow sikhs eating. Curry might sometime stuck on their big bushy beard and I do wonder how they light up a stick without getting burnt : \


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ha ha.. no no, he shave, but always left a mustache above his mouth.. for the past 20 years, so without it, he do look younger and different.

my mum is the super blur kind, with slow reaction (keke) so took her a few mins to recognize her own husband.
Personally I find that men with facial hair can be attractive. Its just really hard for Asian men to make the look work, and we have a culture that appreciates the clean-shaven look more than in the West.

My partner shaves on alternate days and I tick him off if he looks really grubby, but normally a bit of stubble is okay. Cute even!

Crystal I guess its really a personal choice. You must like your bf for more things than just his facial hair (or lack of) so focus on the impt things. If it gets in the way of snogging or something then maybe you could bring it up gently? Most men don't really like being told what to do with their image (its a macho thing)


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men with facial hair can be attractive but depends on how they trim it as well.

just like men with long hair, some are neat and well combed while some are like they just came out of a set from flintstones.