My 17k dream flat come true...


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Hi yoyo,

Can let me have ur contracter details, I am looking for one now and seems like it is very cheap for u to spend $17K a 5 room reno...I was expecting a $30-40K for my resale 5 rooms


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me too at [email protected]

Thks ya!


Hi yoyo,

I salute you for such a good bargain. it looks great!! I also got an old resale flat and paid 11k COV but it is really almost move in condition except for the kitchen cabinets that look really terrible..

Please share your contact w me? Will appreciate lots...

Please mail to [email protected]

Thx Thx!


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hi yoyo,
1)could u send me the contacts too?
im currently not living in sg, ur contractor has an email?
please mail to [email protected]

2)how long was the unit in renovation work?

3) did u do ur own design?

thanks a million!!


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dun hv the contact but i think she mentioned that her wedding was in end may. So perhaps may hv gone for honeymoon or maybe busy settling down in new place?


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hi yoyo, it's cool that you managed to do all that with 17K.
may I have your contractor contact details too? what language does he usually communicate in?
please pm me. thanks


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Hi yoyo, can you share with me your contactor contact. I urgently need to reno my new 4 room flat and my budget is less than 20k


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I think it's more fair to compare prices by item of the same quality than the total amount of the quotation, which is to understand how the cost is being charged to you. There's no such things as free unless you've already paid for it (or cost in liao). Afterall, worth trying contractors than interior firms.

In some interior firms, what I understand sometimes the so-called interior designers are actually interior sales designers only. They can talk but no nuts about technical or pratical issues (you'll realise it when you probe further). Some are just interior graduates with not much of experience. They will think of some reasons to justify their worths / values.

At times, while you thought you are getting competitive pricings locally, you are just getting import furnitures - their factory and workers is from JB.

Hope this enlightens.


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Hi, i recently bought a condominium at Northoaks, size about 1250sqft.

Set aside budget of about 20K for renovation...

Really intested in this contractor.

Can any kind soul provide information at this email: [email protected]

Also, has anyone engage this contractor service besides the thread starter?