My 17k dream flat come true...


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After seeing my htb post his reno experience in renotalk for some weeks, he has got me interested into sharing my experience as well...but since he already posted in renotalk, guess here's where i can post mine

so here's the renovated unfurnished 5rm flat of mine...






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feature wall which onli costs us $500 with hidden switches beneath and controlled by a main switch at the side (so tat we dun hav to stick our hands in to off the switches everytime)



storeroom shelving FOC fr contractor

new painted door and grill


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ok tats abt it for the pictures so here's the major items covered under my $17k quote:
~ hack n retile living room
~ hack n relay laminated flooring for 3 bedrooms
~ overhaul 2 toilets (hack n retile floor and wall tiles)
~ change 1 frosted glass door for mbr toilet n 1 bifold door for common toilet
~ 1 shower screen in mbr toilet
~ change windows in 2 toilets
~ hack kitchen wall tiles n plastered over
~ stainless steel backin for kitchen cabinet area
~ replace solid surface top
~ hack and retile sink area
~ painting for whole unit (unlimited color n brands)
~ 8ft wardrobe (free choice of drawers, shelving, casement or sliding doors, alum or laminate doors with abs trimmin and antislam)
~ full height cum half height shoe cabinet cum storage
~ feature wall (free choice of wallpaper or laminate)


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when we bought this flat, we set ourselves a reno budget at $20k but as this a big unit (122sqm), we cant afford an overhaul within the budget. Hence, we tot abt wat are the necessary things to do n wat r those 'gd to hav' and we first met some ID to get reno ideas n den some contractors to get price comparison...

in all, we have met at least 10 ID/contractors..and our selected contractor was recommended by a forumer who was kind enuff to show us to his flat...

the reasons y this contractor has won us over are as follows:
~ cheapest of course!
~ he is a flexible person who is nt too concerned abt nitty grity stuff tat u wanan add along the way and also nvr set limitations on choice of colors, internal shelvings of carpentry, etc
~ we wanted to shift our scv box fr one end of the livin rm to the other end n he gave us the marvellous idea of runnin the cable below the tiles (others whom we met told us to run above the skirting or within the cornices)


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i've learnt tat its better to get a unit tat is obsencely dirty, out of fashion and requires a major tat u can save on the COV (mayb even buy under valuation in times like now) n spend the $ on renovatin a place tat is totally to yr liking...

for us, the condition of the hse was OK and if we dun realli mind, we cld almost move in jus like dat..but den there r a few things tat we cant accept so those are under our 'muz do' list
- colour too vibrant to our liking so muz repaint
- toilet nt nice plus for hygiene purpose so muz revamp, decided against overlay to avoid waterproofing problems in future
- scataches on the laminated flooring so decided to redo the whole flooring
- kitchen top already fading n ugly so decided to change but retain kitchen cabinet to save costs
- main door color is ugly, wanted to change door but changed our mind to paint it only to save costs
- kitchen tiles are ugly purple with some color already fading, so decided to hack n plaster instead of retile to save costs

now these are the b4 reno pic...









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Hi Yoyo,

Thanks for sharing pics of your reno. Although it's still not fully completed, but already look so nice.

I'm in the mist of finding a resale flat, (4room). There's this unit we're keen as the valuation isn't high so we intend to purchase at value. The condition of the flat isn't good. Can foresee a lot of works to be done. We wanted to set aside $20 for renos, afraid that it be not be sufficent to cover.



Hi Yoyo.

I like the the reno works done for your kichen & toilets very much. Care to share the contact of your ID/Contractor?



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hi lynn

thanks for yr compliment! i've pmed u my contractor contact

hi loving jul

20k may not b impossible for a 4rm flat overhaul esp if u dun might savin some costs on fanciful stuff like false ceiling, tv console, feature wall...certain things are cheaper if u buy fr outside n may b quite nice oso...we almost wanted to do a seatee cum storage along our living room and the contractor quoted us $1300? for abt 4m long...although it's nt ex for carpentry works, we decided nt to get tat since fewer carpentry wil allow for more flexible in furniture changing oso


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Hi Yoyo,

I like the reno works done and thank you for sharing the pics. Care to share the contact of your ID/Contractor?

Thank you.


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yes i revamp the 2 toilets...the old mbr toilet didnt even hav a heater point and the common toilet didnt hav a basin haha..we hack everythin n retile...initially wanted to hav a shower screen in common toilet as well but decided to save costs esp since onli 2 of us stayin, no pt havin one and stil gotta clean it...

so mayb if u wanna keep yr budget within 20k u can oso consider wat r the gd to hav n muz hav reno works...n oso the practicalilty of certain items eg i tink its v nice to hav glass partition for kitchen and living room..but it'll b v difficult to clean a floor to ceiling glass...

interrace, loving jul, anjoline, I've pmed you


Hi yoyo,

I think for $17K to do all these is consider very resonable priced.

Although you din chage the kitchen partition to glass type, but I think it looks good enough.

Ya... maintaining & cleaning will be tough.


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Helo, your flat is nice!!

i realised u only changed the solid top for your kitchen cabinet and it already looks so nice!

My resale unit will be ready in July. The kitchen cabinet looks so oh ugly but the solid top is made from granite extended from the flooring so its quite sayang to hack it away. I wonder if it is possible to just change the cabinets..

BTW, will you be able to let me have your contractor's contact?

[email protected]


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hi yoyo, u hv a nice toilet!
can u please pm me your contractor's total charges for your toilet revamp? I am thinking of redoing my toilets too. Thanks!



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Hi Yoyo,

wowww!! Your reno is really nicely done!
Can you pm me your contrator details?

thank you...


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hi all, u've mail!

Suzanna, i used a contractor since i already sort of noe wat i wanna u can c fr my pic, i didnt do any fanciful stuff jus mainly simple design...

free feel to ask if u hav any queries on my contractor or reno's a tiring process n i sure received alot of help from searchin online as well