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    Your big day is complete when there is live, lovely music to entertain your guests! Music Improvisation Collective offers a complete and affordable solution that breathes new life to contemporary pop songs, old classics, jazz tunes. We are also a multi-lingual band that can do English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, and dialect songs - all delivered in good taste and fine quality -and always, with a touch of improvisation!

    We can sing for your march-in, take special requests and customise songs that you want to hear and ensure that you and your guests are fully entertained and have a memorable experience that will be remembered for years to come.

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  2. Dear all, enjoy our band's video showreels :)

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  3. Dear all, enjoy this original piano composition from me :)
    if you want a pianist to play your favourite songs 'live' for your wedding ceremony/dinner, just drop me a line to enquire more!

    Cheers, Eric.
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    ..thinking of a good music arrangement is a tricky thing, sometimes you get it immediately, other times, you have to keep permutating and trying out different things..that's where the coffee comes in!
  5. yes, great to hear that! Good music soothes the soul and uplifts the spirit! Since you enjoy light music, here's something light and in bossa nova style, one of the styles that we like to play as a band when we wanna chill :)

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    Come join us on 1st August at Blujaz Cafe, level 3 for our monthly live jam sessions and song presentations! (great for those who just wanna chill out after a hard day's work!)
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    eh..must exercise first ok? :)
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    Entertaining Teachers and Students!
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    Tomorrow, 5th Sept, we will have some jazzy fun at Blujaz Cafe, 3rd level, 830pm-1030pm!
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    Hi all, join us as we host our regular monthly live jams at Blujaz Cafe (3rd level) this coming Tuesday, Oct 3rd, 830pm-1030pm.

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