Movies that makes you cry...


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Hey Mine is Titanic...... watched 3 times in theater cried 3 times, somemore not the sobbing type. Thinking back, so paiseh!!

Passion of Christ (ppl so sinful)
Hunchback of Notra Dome (Disney cartoon)


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im not big on movies.. haha.. but i remember this movie tt made me cry almost from start to finish..

The Green Mile

very sad movie..

hey alhana!
I just watched "Hearty Paws" and my whole face was red and eyes were swollen when I came out of the cinema. So malu...

A recommended movie for dog lovers.


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any sad or touching movie will make me cry de....

those i do recall are :

helen the baby fox
eight and below
Murder in the First (1995)-
Inspired by a true story. Henry stays in confinemnent for years, loses his sanity and commits murder. The story follows a rookie lawyer - watch this in my late teens....was still crying after the movie end...


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alhana!!! Same here! My bro told me the lil gal will die before the start of the movie and I cried my eyes through out Studio Ghibli's Tombstones for Fireflies!


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for me.. titanic sure made me cried alot.. well.. probably i'm the emotional sort.. hahaha.. here is a list of movies that made me cry...

4)LORD of the ring (last epi) - coz no more lord of the ring to look forward for liao...sad..

Think should have alot more.. juz cannot recall.. i cried almost every epi of Ghost Whisperer also.. ah kekekek


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Fly me to polaris (ren xian qi, zhang bo zhi)

aiyo cried in theatre and every time i watch the disc also cried...


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xiao bai long -starring by cecilia zhang bo zhi
you are my sunshine -Korean movie
IL MARE -korean movie

Mi n my DH cried untill duno like wat sia!!


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I cried when watching titanic too!

the part where jack sank into the deep blue sea and rose let go of jack's hand, fighting for her life, that part i was so touched!


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i know this is for movies only.. but if got time, try this drama "tang xin feng bao".. it's really very touching.. esp the love relationships within the drama..


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Hmm....watched a hindi movie ages ago - so soapy called kal ho na ho starring shahrukh khan. why i cried, i dunno...partly due to the music


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Hi SourSally, I like John Q too, =)
It doesn't seem v popular among my friend though.
Click is another good one, very real and touching!


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Some of my gut wrenching favorites are:

-P.S I love you (This sucker makes me cry constantly from beginning to end...It never fails)

-The Notebook (beautiful movie for obvious reasons)

-Band of Brothers (I know it's more of a mini series but by the end of the 9 episodes I can't help but cry. It's almost like fighting the war along side of them so to see their reactions when the war ended- golden!)

-One Week (A wonderful lil Canadian film about life and the beauty of each day)

-Porky's (not because it is sad but because I'm laughing so hard it hurts)

-The Fall

The list could just go on and on but I think that's a sufficient start to my tear duct workout plan


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Honestly, I became very sensitive since when I don't know but I cried in like every single movies, ok not every single one but most.
The one that I cried the most was 1 Litre of Tears...I cried since the beginning until the end, in the morning my eyes was like HUGE. It was a drama by the way, and that was 2 summers ago.
Then Stairway to Heaven, I didn't cry much though, but that drama left me lost.......
Titanic, in the last scene when they were in the water and Rose was on the bed thingy.
A walk to Remember, Escape from Sobibor and most war movies, Nana the manga, yes the manga, I cried when Ren died.
Grave of the Butterflies T~T, omg there are so many more but those are the hmm most memorable one. =[


那些年,我們一起追的女孩 (You Are the Apple of My Eye)
1 litre of tears (drama), like what zyza said, after first few ep, you start crying every ep..