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Hi Ladies,
Anyone holding their wedding or have had attended wedding dinner at Movenpick Sentosa? Can share your experience please?




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Hi all, like to ask if any one can share their reviews about Movenpick Sentosa? Especially the food and ambience please.. Thanks ;)


Completed my wedding at Movenpick.. the banquet manager etc were extremely helpful throughout the wedding. Food is good, received alot of good feedback.. hotel room is wonderful as well.. overall my wedding went well


Completed my wedding at Movenpick.. the banquet manager etc were extremely helpful throughout the wedding. Food is good, received alot of good feedback.. hotel room is wonderful as well.. overall my wedding went well
Hi annieloh, may i check who was your banquet manager?



Ya I would to get a banquet end of this 2015 if someone is letting go! :) need it urgently..

Hi Samantha,

Pls kindly consider my wedding dinner package at MBS with details as follows:

Wedding Date: 24 Oct 2015 (Saturday)
Event: Wedding Dinner
Min Table: 20
Price: $1388+ per table of 10 persons (subject to 7% GST only NO service charge) and $4000 to be discounted as the deposit already paid into the package

Inclusive of:

Food & Beverage
1 bottle of champagne for toasting 1 barrel of beer (30 litres)
Free flow beverages for 4 hours (soft drinks and Chinese tea)
5-tier model wedding cake (for display only)
1 wedding cake (500g) Pre- or Post-refreshment for couple in Bridal Suite Chocolate pralines for couple in Bridal Suite

Selection of seat covers and linens
Floral centrepieces on each guest table
8 fresh floral stands
Standard package stage backdrop

Hotel Facilities
1-night stay at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Bridal Suite
Breakfast for 2 at Sands SkyPark®
LCD projector & screen
Complimentary self-parking for 20% of guaranteed number of guests (capped at 75 car park passes)

Wedding favours (choice of up to 2 items, 1 for each guest)
Invitation cards for 70% of guaranteed number of guests (inclusive of single printing)
Signature book & red packet box

Additional Perk (Choose 1 out of 7 options)
Complimentary 2nd night stay in Bridal Suite and breakfast for 2 persons at Sands SkyPark
OR Complimentary 1 bottle of house wine per confirmed table
OR Complimentary 2nd barrel of beer (30 litres)
OR Complimentary 1 x Deluxe Room for 1 night
OR Complimentary corkage waiver for 1 bottle of duty-paid wine (750ml) per confirmed table
OR Complimentary 60-min couple massage at award-winning Banyan Tree Spa (choice of Asian Blend, Balinese, Island Dew, Lomi Lomi, Sweedish or Tender Touch)
OR Candy station for up to 50 guests

Dinner Menu (Sapphire Chinese Set Dinner)
Barbecued Whole Suckling Pig
Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Sea Whelk & Dried Scallops
Steamed Marble Goby with Soya Sauce
Stir-fried Scallops & Asparagus with XO Sauce
Braised Abalone with Green Vegetables
Roast Chicken with Prawn Crackers
Braised E-fu Noodles with Enoki Mushrooms
Bird’s Nest with Mango Juice & Pomelo

Pls contact me at [email protected] for further queries. Thanks


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Just to share the worst experience ever at MovenPick!

Super terrible customer service this hotel can have! Especially when you know there is a wedding banquet going on that day but things just can't make exceptional for the couple.

FRONT DESK:: We are not allowed to pre-check in on behalf for the couple at front desk as the CSO keep telling us due to security purpose, they need to check-in in person with IC or passport. However, am truly disappointed with the wedding co-ordinator that she insisted that this was instructed by their FINANCE MANAGER that the couple have to check-in by themselves and producing their IC/passport in order to get the room. TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!! I don't see any problem in other hotels but why MOVENPICK? Moreover, is the PENTHOUSE SUITE that the couple is staying for the night. For the price they pay for, this is the kind of services they got from the "5-star hotel"? Expecting the wedding couple to dress in their gowns and suit and stand at the reception for check-in after a hectic day in the morning! Finally, someone from the front desk allowed us to go up to the room and do the check-in later.

SECURITY:: When the couple arrived, Bridal car was stopped by the security and was NOT ALLOWED to park at the VIP lot. Reason being, their car plate number was not registered in the list at the security post. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM? Though the number was not in list, why can't they just let the couple get their bridal car parked first and settle later? Arguing at the entrance and making the couple totally upset and angry over trivial matter. Not only that, the security manager even THREATEN them and mentioned to them that he was an ex-law enforcement officer. SO WHAT? USING LAW against us now? Besides the bridal car, the couple also given the co-ordinator 2 other car plates which are meant for their parents. STILL, the security stopped them not allowing them to park and forces them to drive out to beach station to park and walk over. Once again, UTTERLY DISAPPOINTMENT!

ROOM AND SERVICE:: Far away from what you and I would expect from PENTHOUSE SUITE. The flooring of the room was bad, air con was leaking, phones are down, room is SUPER HOT and power plugs are not working. Called for the technician to come and take a look. Give us attitude response saying that the air con leaking was due to CONDENSATION and hot weather! What kind of stupid explanation is this? Reprimanding us saying that the phone was unplugged that's why the phone is not ringing. ATTITUDE PROBLEM of a technician. Till the day the couple check-out, the leaking of air-con was not fixed and the room remains hot and stuffy.

BANQUET DINNER:: The only satisfaction we had was during the banquet dinner. Would like to thank Darren & Jacky for their professionalism. They are the only 2 person we have met and helped us running the dinner smoothly. Great work!

Overall, the whole experience was very bad and not acceptable. Internal communications between different departments were not communicated properly even though the wedding co-ordinator had instructed beforehand. A round check should be done the day before or in the morning on the day of wedding. This should be the responsibilities of the wedding co-ordinator to make sure everything was in placed and message passed down properly. Seriously there should not be any issue with the pre-check in as a co-ordinator this should be something that you can help and do for the couple. Check again with the security on the car listing in case they missed out, and YES THEY DID!! Management need to review all departments and they should be all working hand-in-hand supporting each other.

Poor service.. Don't even think about them giving you extra perks.. and the food was not delicious..

Absolutely failed in managing your people and the hotel!!
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Also, about the extra helper room.

Only the PENTHOUSE (601) was ready but not the helper room (602). Everyone needs to prepare and bathe for the dinner at night and we only have 1 bathroom in the suite. Hence, everyone was taking their turns to bathe and there are about 12 of us in the room. After waiting for about an hour or so, we called the reception AGAIN and ask if the helper room, which is next to suite, was ready. Apparently, the guest in the room had a ultimate late check-in causing us not having the helper room on time. So we were given the next room (603) first. Only about at 4pm, the helper room was then READY!

Doesn't really MATTERS ANYMORE!! Since we were all ready and done with.
Hotel should not even have given the guest our helper room (602), and don't assume that the guest will check out on time @ 12pm!!
This is what happen when we don't get what we requested and the guest had a very late check-out!!!
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After talking having long talks and emails going on for a few days, Movenpick decided to waive off 2 tables for the banquet. Well, at the very least, they apologised and compensated and assuring that they will review all staffs for that night. But still, this will be our first and last time stepping into Movenpick.