Mothers - Dresses for the wedding dinner


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I am troubled over the attire for my mom and mother-in-law for my wedding dinner. Does anyone has any advice or recommendations?


you can try Zion Creation at Golden Landmark, along the road opp raffles hospital alot of MIL went there to make dressesm Im also going there to make my gowns.Tell her that Celine recommended you.


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Hi girls,

trying to find where to buy mothers's suits as well.. went to blum but their suits come with short skirt. Mums looking for long skirt types..any reccomendation pls? thx


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any recommended tailors/ seamtress for mother's dresses? Not too expensive ones... like below $200 (fabric and worksmanship)....

Went to Blum but the staff are so pushy and when they realised that i dont have intention to buy, their faces were SOOOO black.... bad customer service... two thumbs down and their clothes are so overpriced!


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Yup any recommendations for tailoring or buying mums' 2 suits wear, i.e. both my mum and mum-in-law used to wear top with pants. Sigh...headache : ) cos also got budget constraints. Appreciate your recommendation.cheers!


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Hi all BTB,

I have an evening dress for mum. she wore it only once in the evening on my wedding day in March 2010. New design. this dress is versatile, the shaw is attached to the dress in the way where u can have many many ways to tie it. if ur mum has a bigger arm, or bigger tummy, there are different method to cover it. of cos, if she has a gd figure, she could tie the shaw to show off her arm or neckline
Size is for: M~M++. height for: 150~160cm. Now selling at an affordable price. If u r interested and for more details, you may email me at: [email protected]


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Hi girls,

My mother is ard 70, really not sure what outfit really suit her as she dun really those modern type. Any suggestion or hv such similar case like me?


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just wanted to warn fellow brides-to-be's mums/aunties.... Please avoid the Cheongsam Shoppe at all costs!!
the filipino staff that attended to me "sweet-talked" my mother in buying a cheongsam, and assured us that it did not require dry cleaning etc etc . She said it could just be shaken lightly in water and hung to dry. After doing just that, we realised that the bottom hem was now very wavy and crooked, and the black inner lining was now misshapen and could be seen peeking out from the side...

I brought it back to the Nex outlet and was served by a disinterested auntie who said she was a part-timer, did not know anything, asked me to come back again another day?! After I had taken time off work specially to go down to Nex. She did not even offer to ask a senior colleague for a solution to my query. I had to repeatedly suggest she call her boss or another outlet for help. She claimed her boss was uncontactable, the other colleague from other outlet did not want to speak to me, and that she will tell the full-time staff to call me the next day.

After getting nowhere with that auntie, i had to leave. The filipino staff who called me back claimed that "after inspection, they concluded the wavy hemline was due to ironing". It was not!! My mother doesn't even own a functioning iron currently!! Yet her tone was so emphatic and haughty, it really irritated me a lot. Like she was insinuating that my mother and i were LIARS. She outright refused to exchange or refund me for this defective product, and still insisted that there was nothing wrong with her cleaning instructions.

Worse still, she said she has "never had any problems" with any other customers. Even if I were believe that were true, when someone buys a can of expired food from the supermarket and complains, does the supermarket say that the customer is lying, cos no one else has returned the rotten canned food before??

The appalling customer service is really unbecoming on a shop that claims to sell "classy" modern cheongsam dresses and tops.

Please do not be fooled by their lousy staff who have no clue how to treat their customers right.