morning highlights

Axe Lim

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Hi, wondering if anyone come across any good morning highlights can share?
We're looking for ideas on our wedding coming December!

Thanks in advance!


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I am looking at sense gallery. But the rates are quite high.they have 2 videographers on the team. And I like it that they have very beautiful same day edit lunch express. You can check them out!


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I think you can go see Klickculture, their style is very acceptable by most people and they capture the essence of the day! A few of my friends used them and it was very nice.


I had AuroraCinematography during my wedding lunch late June. I hasn't received the final edits yet, but the SDE was a hit and all my guests really love their style and gesture. They are from JB & come as a pair (2 pax), very professional and most important rates are not as hike as those in SG.. PM if you'd like their contact!