More shameless xiao3 in Singapore.

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by Ting2.1, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Ting2.1

    Ting2.1 New Member

    Hi, just hope to vent my frustrations and hear from others in this forum. These days, I heard more and more stories of infidelity and the third parties involved are getting more bold in admitting they had affairs with married man and are perfectly fine with that!

    Reminded me of my errand husband and simply just make my blood boil.. Just the other day, I was at Raffles place food court with my colleagues and overheard these two ladies talking. Both were quite decent looking but when one woman proudly 'annouced' to her friend how she was involved with a married man in her group of friends and how she managed to trick his stupid wife to believe their story.. I was furious.. How can she be so proud of such things.. This so called 'cindy' woman even went on to describe how this man is different from her previous affair and that she is lucky both are from banking but she don't think she will ever get caught! Omg!! There were many others in the vicinity giving her glances but she continued her story.. Even commented on lousy sex with the man but she just fake and wanted his attention. Such audacity.. Is this the new world we are in? Gross...

  2. Infernolord

    Infernolord Active Member

    Unfortunately this is the new world... Welcome to desperate housewife club..
    Too much of western exposures.
    In today world, we are trying to escape problem, looking for easy ways out. That's mean whever problem arise, we seek other attention, or ignore and find better "solutions"
    We no longer sit down and talk it out, find a solutions.
    That is when ppl go round cheating, finding an escape route, finding new excitiments ..
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  3. Cath_rina

    Cath_rina Member

    China woman and local men again?
  4. Ting2.1

    Ting2.1 New Member

    From the accent, sounds more like our immediate country. English not that bad but the attitude sucks.

    Yes, this seems to be our new world. Heard so much till i lost faith in relationship and love. Thought i will be happier without the man who betrayed me, but sometimes, there is still this empty feeling in me, making me wonder if i'm wrong in giving him up so easily to that woman. Anyway, i have to let go. Hoping for a better tomorrow.
  5. Cath_rina

    Cath_rina Member

    Malaysian? Tsk tsk. Must be with Singaporean men.
  6. SingleGal

    SingleGal New Member

    As a single, I do wish married couples will really try to work together to make their marriage work out. I am saying this becos I think it is not easy to find someone who will marry you. But yet again we all know that marriages involve 2 people putting in effort n not just 1 party trying to make the marriage work. Hopefully all couples will always work to resolve challenges rather then think of divorce as a solution.

    Frankly, I think those who have affairs are selfish and destructive. Equally guilty and selfish are those 'little threes' who come in between couples and break up marriages. That shameless woman in the foodcourt must be out of her mind, living in her own world. I believe karma will go after people like her. Eventually.
  7. SingleGal

    SingleGal New Member

    Ting, if i were u i wld make their lives miserable. I won't divorce my hubby and let him and the other woman be together so easily. Dun let her have her way. But again I am not you. I think you would have thought through before coming to a decision. Just look forward and be happy from now. Dun think back. Fill your emptiness with happiness.
  8. Ziraffe

    Ziraffe New Member

    I beg to differ. I will get a divorce.

    Firstly, I live for myself. I was not born to bear grudges and revenge, I am here to enjoy my life on earth. I am not going to waste my remaining time and youth plotting my revenge day and night towards an unfaithful man (which I have no intention to take back) and a shameless woman. My life will be even more pathetic if I were to do that.

    Secondly, karma. Maybe there is, maybe not. We don't know. He can be unfaithful to you, he can be unfaithful to her. Will their love relationship last? Maybe, maybe not. But whether there is karma or not, that is not the point. If there is, good luck to them. If there isn't, we still need to move on with our life.

    A failed marriage or relationship is not everything in life, it is just part of our life. There are many ups and downs in life. We just have to learn to pick ourselves up after every obstacles.
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  9. Ziraffe

    Ziraffe New Member

    Hello Cath_rina! You very free hor? Going through the forum posting silly comments again. You don't have a life ah? Tsk tsk tsk..

    Where is your French boyfriend? He ditch you liao eh? So sad, your life..
  10. Cath_rina

    Cath_rina Member

    I am enjoying life with my French bf. And I'm getting Married soon in Nice. Something my ex will never be able to afford by driving a cab. He still can't find a proper job today, always blaming the economy but himself.
  11. Ziraffe

    Ziraffe New Member

    Good for you. Hope you will move on from here then.

    Usually if yours is a genuine case, you will not bother to find out how's your ex is doing now but surprisingly you still bother to "track" his every move.

    So no matter what is your agenda for posting in this forum or whoever you are, just let go and move on.

    Wishing you all the best.
  12. Cath_rina

    Cath_rina Member

    Track him? You over estimated yourself lah... don't pretend to know if you don't know. Traits of local men... ego too big to admit you are useless. His father came to me to beg for more time because he is still short of money to hit that 90k. That's why i found out.
  13. Ziraffe

    Ziraffe New Member


    I give up.. You win liao but you did amuse me for a while. Remember to take your medicine regularly, @Cath_rina.

    Back to reading my comics, au revoir!
  14. Cath_rina

    Cath_rina Member

    Aiya... you typical Singaporean man. You have nothing Better to do come online to argue with a woman. go and find some life goals like a real man. Haha typical Singaporean man.
  15. piger

    piger Active Member

    what goes around comes around..
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  16. miloice

    miloice Well-Known Member

    You just discredited yourself as a woman. that its not worth to engage conversation with. Although you remained quiet about it, you remain the daughter of what you described as a useless local man. Your loser father must be proud.
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  17. Andreross

    Andreross New Member

    Are you looking to spy on your cheating spouse/partner cellphone?
    Hack email and WhatsApp as well as tracing and recording phone calls remotely? Also looking to get your credit score better? Or you need other hack services
    Then this is your guy
  18. SGoutcast

    SGoutcast New Member

    I was so amused with the conversation between Cath-rina and Ziraffe that I have forgotten what is the main topic of this forum... lol

    Yes. This is the new world - the degeneration of human kind and it happens to whatever nationalities.. really don't have to brand any nationalities. In Singapore, people are not sensitive to such issues reason being, probably because we are still a confucius based nation. We are taught moral values since young and we emphasize on the importance of values. & because of our upbringing, Singapore is still a conservative state. Personality, I observed that in other countries, this is affairs, adulteries, freedom-sex is very very common and no one gives it a second thought. Brace yourselves, end of the world is near... Ehh..... probably not during our time.

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