Meiji Amino Collagen


i tried meiji amino collagen. its on the heaty side. drink liao my face will be quite flushed. but personally i like the flushed look coz looks more radiant bah. but ppl with urinal tract infection shld be becareful.


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I prefer the grapefruit version. Drinking the amino version makes me feel as if I am consuming melted plastic. The taste is horrible.


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I drank the Meiji Amino Collagen before and got skin rashes. Think I am allergic to Collagen.

Went to see doctor when had the rashes. Doctor said molecule of collagen is too big to be replenished via mouth consumption into skin. Thus, injection seems more effective.


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hi all,

i've 3 packs of amino collagen selling off at $45 each. directly from japan, letting go because i bought too much to finish alone. =p

interested parties PM me or email me at [email protected]


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I'm letting go of my Meiji Amino Collagen 200g tin can for $48 only. Still sealed and from Japan. You can email me at [email protected] or SMS me at 81824502 for faster response.



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Anyone heard of Hashima collagen? My friend talked about it before, was wondering how to get this. Thanks.


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I tried meiji collagen before, maybe i'm too young for that so didnt see any effect. What i heard is that consume collagen will make us fat? coz the collagen we consume is not generate by our own body.

I am now switch to tomato lycopene which can help our body to regenerate collagen. So that is much more healthier and balance. does see some good effect after eating it for 2 week. =)


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Hi everyone,
I've been taking Meiji Amino collagen for 3 years already. Overall, I think it has helped my skin condition. My skin is more radiant compared to the time before I started drinking collagen. I've lesser pimples too... If I get a pimple, pimple recover faster. So far don't feel heaty. I'll continue to drink it.
The powder has a yucky taste... I normally mix it Milo. Have to drink for 1-2 weeks to see the effects.
Can try the bottled amino collagen, as it has lemon flavoring to cover the yucky taste.
Just my 2cents worth... Hope it's helpful.


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I'm leeting go of my collagen supplement from the states. Bought too many :D

It's in powder form; each bottle enough for 30 days. Every scoop provides 6600mg collage.

People often think I'm 10 yrs younger than my age. & no, I don't go for facials AT ALL, and no cosmetic procedures EVER. I use simple Loreal products and not expensive ones like SK II and what-not.

I'm selling it at $40 per bottle. I've tried Meiji before and frankly speaking, I think this is superior.

But hey, don't take my word for it. You may want to try it as at $40 it's definitely cheaper than Meiji anyway and a whole lot other brands found locally.


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Hi everyone!

I am selling Meiji Amino Collagen Powder 30 + EXTRA 3 DAYS refill pack at $38.50 only!

I just had my wedding on 10/10 and was diligently drinking collagen for 2 months. I find it very good personally. It's a rather affordable and convenient way to have good skin. In addition, you won't only see the effect on the face, you will see it on the rest of the body too (i find my cellulite less prominent, not sure if others have the same views)

These refill packs are direct from Japan! It's 236g, not the usual 214g. Msg me @ [email protected] if you are interested. Alternatively you can see this product on Ebay Sg too. I'm also selling the Meiji Amino Collagen Drink 75ml.

In any case, good luck for wedding preps!



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Meiji is awesome, it make my face appear healthier, fuller. my skin is glowing.
I just love it! I drink it every night with a cub of orange juice.


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may i know what is the amt tt u took?the amt tt i'm taking daily is abt 1500mg...n irrc,i think we need abt 5000mg everyday?think the meiji one has high content...but i can we do take other food as maybe dont need tt much? anybody wanna share?thx


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i am taking marine collagen plus from australia. It is pharmaceutical grade for fast and 100% absorption. Bought for 3 x 100 caps for $264.00 from extremewellnessgroup. Give me really smooth and flair skins.


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I've never tried Meiji Amino Collagen, but I have successfully used Milcolla by Suntory. It's another Japanese collagen product. I order it from Japan-I've used it a few months so far so good! 15days/\3300


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Hi Kera Kera, I am interested in Milcolla too. Can you share with me which website you purchase from? Thank you.


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Hi ladies, I'll be heading to Japan soon. Taking orders now for Fancl collagen products. To order, please email product name and quantity to [email protected].

Order by: 17 Jan 2013, 3pm
Collection date: After 26 Jan 2013
Payment mode: Bank transfer

Products & prices:
1)HTC collagen powder- 10 sticks x 3g: $28
2)HTC collagen powder- 30 sticks x 3g: $75
3)HTC collagen tablets- 30 days: $34
4)HTC collagen tablets- 90 days: $96
5)Tense up Ex- 1 box x 10 bottles: $50
6)Tense up Ex- 3 boxes x 10 bottles: $145

If you'd like to order items/brands not stated, pls email me with the product name and I'll get back to you on the price. Thanks!


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