Meetup with photographer

Hi Btbs

Do you usually meet up with your photographer before making the first deposit for him to block out his date? If Yes, what are the things that were usually discussed?

When do you make the payment for rest of the photography? On the actual day or one day before?



Hi davina

Here's my experience with my htb regarding photography.
We met our photographer first to talk to him, and find out more about what he has to offer.

Some things we discussed:
- Whether the photographer will be the one we will be working with on the actual day. (some companies are big and the person you talk to may not be the person you will be working with)
- His experience (he will show you some photos/videos of his past works)
- His style of work
- Whether he has experience with our banquet location
- Means of transport for him (Whether we need to provide)
- A discussion of how the day's rough schedule (they are very experienced in AD schedules, so it helps to hear their suggestion)
- Cost (most important!)
- Payment schedule and method (internet xfer? credit card if there is a physical shop?)

We made the first deposit a few days later via bank transfer. And will make the payment for the balance on the wedding day itself.
⇒ this depends on your photographer though, some may request for up to maybe 70% a few days before, or full payment the day before. So the meeting is a good time to discuss.



For my VG, i didnt meet up with them because it was recommended from my PG which we only had a chat through whatsapp and i transferred him th deposit. Tbh, most of th time works posted through their FB or website would suffice to show their style. I did my PG for some discussion before passing him th deposit.

Balance payment would be on AD itself!
Thanks girls for your inputs. I didn't go ahead with the AD photographer because we weren't comfortable with his response. He was fast to get our deposit and said that full payment had to be in either one day before ad or ad. Given that he wanted full payment one day before ad, we weren't comfortable although he was still very amicable. :)

Went ahead with another AD where we are very comfortable with although the photographer is young but her style of photography was something we would connect ourselves with. Price was also one of the more reasonable ones.


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Ya, will meet for discuss about the AD schedule. My pg gave me a lot of suggestion which I felt is really helpful.
We made the first deposit when the first meet, to make sure we want their service. And will make the payment for the balance before AD is 80% and the rest will on the the wedding day. Bcoz my AD pg,vg and mua is from jb. They are not convenience to carry too much cash on AD. Just let them can ease and focus to do their job.