MBS Wedding


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Any reviews on MBS Wedding Chinese banquet and international buffet ?? Planning to book next month and hope to know if i'm making the right choice.



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I when to MBS during the wedding show...

my comment is that... THERE ARE ALOT OF ROOMS!

If u planning for hot date like 10/10/2020, i am sure that there is one of the places that still have space... but its gonna be hosting a lot of weddings that day. They have 2 floors with function rooms, maybe 5-10 (depends on big is the group) rooms on each floor. So they can host quite a few weddings at once.

I like the solmization location thou, overlooking the marina bay area. the only issue is you might need to share the area with a few other groups.

I will post a few photos if i can find them.


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By MBS do you mean the convention halls? If so, I attended weddings there twice. Firstly, it's a very very far walk from the carpark. Heard the elderly complain about it too. Secondly, food is so-so, no impression of it at all. Thirdly, yes! Many rooms, many weddings happening at the same time. During 1 of them, I stepped out to go to the restroom & I saw more than a couple of brides waiting outisde their respective function room for their march-in. Quite funny.