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anyone purchased mattresses from Mattress Atrium b4? any feedback?

i just bought a mattress and bedframe from them and i felt uneasy after that. the brand of the mattress is Princebed with the model "Ceara". I paid a total of $1380. anyone heard of it and any feedback?

Actually it was "love at first lie" when i lied on the bed. the salesman (thick eyebrow guy who claimed to be the boss) was polite and patience with me in chosing the mattress. thus i decided to get it even b4 i did any research on the bed. my initially plan was dunlopillo after visiting few shops.

however, after i left the shop and did a search online for "princebed ceara mattress", i did not find any results! the salesman initially told us that the bed can only be delivered after mid dec, but after i told him i need the bed late nov, he said "ok, can arranged. have a shipment in 19th nov thus can give us the bed in late nov".

and now i realised he DID NOT write the tentative delivery date on my invoice.

i am so scared and confused now. can anyone advise?


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Hi ger, u r not alone. Im also customer of Matress Atrium. I placed my order in May & bed will be delivered early nxt mth. Kind of KS to order so early. I didnt request for early delivery coz dun want my bed to become dusty prior Ann Chuan.
What kind of bedframe did u ordered? What other items r there in yr invoice? Well I was also like u when I bought the matress. Never heard of the brand bfe. Been asking ard my frds & relative abt the feedback abt the matress. Most of them didnt hear bfe. But my cousin comment is good.

As for the delivery date, I suggest u go back to the shop & ask him to write down on the invoice. The thick eyebrow guy is Joe. Hes very famous salesman for selling furnitures. Why I say so coz this lady in Katong mall told us that no1 can simply escaped from his "sales talk". True enulf, he did. Both u & him r his victims..waaaHahah

I muz admit that hes good coz he knows his products very well. He will explain thoroughly abt the material of the bedframe & matress. Actually we learnt quite alot of facts from him abt choosing furniture which we dun knw at all.

Dun worry too muz! Everything will be fine. Or u want to call them back to clear yr doubts? If nt u gonna have sleepless night wo. Wow u wake up so early 5am?!! I was still in dreamland at that time. =P


Cheryl> thanks for your reply. indeed calmed my down! i can't sleep whole night thinking of this matter, so decided to start a new thread to discuss this. glad that you response.

the bedframe is called "ROME" design. invoice only state my mattress, bedframe, 2 memory foam pillows, 2 bloster and 1 mattress protector. i think it shd be ok right? but the bedding accessories, he put "from showroom". does it means its not a brand new piece?

ya, i agree his sales talk is amazing. but i feel ok to talk to him than other sales person around. thus decided to buy from him yesterday. ya, i also feel that i shd go back and ask him to put a delivery date in my invoice.

what mattress did u order? is Maxcoil and Princebed from same company? i can find my "ROME" bedframe in Maxcoil webby but i cannot find my "Ceara" mattress in Princebed webby.


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U r Welcome, ger! I know hw u feel. I was also worried about the shop might close down coz not sure of the reputation of the shop. So I call up once a mth 2 check the shop still exist. Esp when I have paid in full amount.
Mine bedframe is Megan Depir with full linear fabric. Is yr bedframe same as mine? U choosen the color of yr frame liao mah? hhmm mine invoice has no "showroom" indicated. Better ask Joe abt it. Matress brand Princeland Ceara also with individual Baxxx..cannot really see his handwritting well. Only my hubby knws hw to read his handwritting..haha
Actually I still wanna look ard but hubby felt that the bed is comfortable & the quality also good. So we place our order with them.


chery> u call them once a mth to check? eh, what u tell them? i also want to do that! i never paid in full but i opt for 12mths installments instead.

dun think my bedframe is same as u coz i think urs is more ex. mine is ROME design, with black seude. already chose the colour. feel that black is the safer colour, does not get dirty easily. otherwise i would have chose red! hehehe....

i think ur bed same as mine! I think it shd read as "Princebed Ceara Individual Barrel Pocketed Spring". kekeke....


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I didnt choose my bedframe color till early Aug. I called up & ask their opening hrs, do I have 2 make apptmt to choose my bedframe color, etc stupid questns. Juz 2 make sure they dun run away with our hard earned $$ :D Stop calling ever since confirm the frame color. Too busy with other wedding stuffs liao.

ya..tats right same matress exactly look like wats is written.

Btw when is yr AD? U gt Multiply?


hmm... maybe i shd find some excuses to call them up! haha...

so we are having the same taste! chose the same mattress! haha....

hmm... i dun think i ever chatted with u b4, perhaps u saw my postings ba. hehe... i am ROMing this dec, AD tba. thus no An Chuang as of now. how abt u? when is ur big day?

i dun have multiply, but i've got facebook. can add me


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ok..fine except my lower eyelids r very sensitive tat my eyes start to tear when she applied some eyeliner. So she will avoid applying cosmetic at my lower eyelid.

wow so coincidence! same hws yr wed prep so far?


oic! but wont u missed out eyeshadow and the fake lashes if you avoid applying cosmestics at lower eyelid?? or do u mean the eyeliner which apply at the lower part of the eyes?

hehe, ya! so "qiao"! hehehe....

my wedding preps ah? hmm... like that lah, mine is ROM only. just went to chose my gown on the 18th aug, then i will start my marriage prep course next mth. i will have a mini pre-ROM PS in oct.... hehehe

oh ya, i havent ask u, when is ur big day?


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Seriously, I think Mattress Atrium is just hopeless. Worst service encountered I've had so far with shops. I bought a Severus mattress plus bedframe from them.

They can never stick to the agreed delivery date and kept changing delivery dates. And they only call 1 day before to tell you that they cant deliver. All sorts of stupid excuse.

To conclude, shop at Furniture Mall's Matress Atrium at your own risk.


yes, i got my bed delivered on end nov. they insisted they only can confirmed the delivery date only 1 day b4 which i think their service is really bad.

not forgetting the pillow and bloster is SELF-COLLECT from the showroom! no delivery at all.

afterall, the bedframe and bed is OK to me, only their after-service is very lousy.


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Hi all,

i like their bedframe although the price range is rather high compared to other shops. Even though they claim their frames are "imported" from Australia, I am skeptical. Anybody has any comments from using their bedframe? is it worth the extra price?


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Hi all,

So how are your experiences with the mattresses and/or bed frames from Mattress Atrium so far? I tried the beds and think both Lotus and Omazz feel really good compared to all the other beds I have tried, BUT feel that Wee Juo (otherwise known as Joe in short), the glib-tongued owner of Mattress Atrium, not really as knowledgeable as he sounds. He was unable to provide product details which we had to find out from another retailer.

Yes, their products are alright, maybe really good, but his arrogant and dodgy sales tactics (using the same "trick" of his container closing on the day you happen to be there and hence he can offer you very good discounts, or "this is the best time to buy high-end brands like Lotus and Omazz") were quite a put-off. I like the beds there, they have exclusive models that feel better than those at Robinson's (for me personally) but don't have much faith in Wee Juo's words.

Anyone has any views/experiences to share?


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Hi, so end up did you purchase any lotus/omazz mattress from Mattress Atrium??

Last month I just place an order and the delivery will only happen in Jul-Aug'10..... I am getting worried now.

Help!!!!!! can I cancel my order??????


I must say ... super mad with mattress atrium ...
They are super horrible with after sales service ... My god .. Must share must share
I bought my bed from them last year ... a prince bed with underneath storage .. nt cheap .. cost me 2.5k ... so i was told by the bushy eyebrow boss with scribbly handwriting that i can have better price cos the same container closing story ... they gave 2 pillow and a protector but must go collect...

The delivery was very very slow .. suppose to come in july .. i waited till august then call them ..was told that will arrange ... finally it came ... waited the whole day cos they deliver the mattress at one timing and bed at another .. was not an issue as my mum was home the whole day ... was pretty ok with the bed thus still reccomend my cousin to go buy the bed from them .. cousin came back and tell me he got it at cheaper price plus they had insisted that pillow and protector to be delivered...

I went past furniture once but nv bring the invoice so they refuse to let me collect .. was pretty ok about even when they die die dun wan to trace the invoice despite me giving them date and such .. SO i gave up the freebies as said ..

Just a few weeks ago , brought my bf there to buy the bed again .. this time was ken who serve us .. he was nice although he used the same container closing story with contradicting places of origin for that bed and mattress we still bought at 2.5k ... we had wanted them to deliver the mattress and protector as well but ken inisted no so we just gave in as i was in hurry . We even told the sales man ken that we will be buying our better bed that he quote at 3k for the new home soon .

The delivery : we told them we wanted that that tue evening ... was agreed until the day before delivery we were told thatr the lorry will only pass by our area at 11am ... so no choice we have to take emergency leave... PLEASE NOTE THAT WE SAT ARD HOME TO WAIT 1 WHOLE DAY as the mattress came ard 11am butno one can tell us when the bed will come . So the bed came in evening. We just took it as it is and was still happy that we got our new bed.

We decided to go over last weekend to collect the pillow and order the bed since we have bought the house last week.

Last friday , bf called up ken and said that we will be collecting our pillow and protector that weekend .. but we do not have the invoice with us as it is in the office .. ken said its ok ..

So we went on sunday ... the shop was not overly crowded with jus the boss serving 1 group of family .. we walked in and the boss saw us and came and ask if we needed help . We told him we are here to collect the pillows and with a immediat change of face he just stretch out his hand in a impatient manner : "invoice ?"
We told him that we din bring and immediately he say " no then , sorry i cannot help u "
We told him that we already called ken and he say its ok before coming down but the boss insisted that he cannot trace the invoice even if we give date of order , delivery , name and such . He just try to shoo us away like we are pest in such a " GO AWAY" tone ..As we were shock and still dumbfounded by such horrible service , he jus said " u go to the other showroom , ken is there , i cannot help u " I literally wanted to scream at him but still i just proceed to the next showroom ..
While there , ken was not ard , the other salesman who is serving one family turn to us and said " ken is not here, please go the other showroom to find him " I lose my cool and tell him that i just came from the other side as instructed by the rude boss .. he was shocked at my anger thus ask me to sit and wait .. we waited close to 15min before the same guy telling us that he is sure ken is at the first show room ...

Grumply i walk back wif bf ..ken was there ... he greeted us with a smile .. i just ask for the pillow and the protector ... but when he lifted up the storage he told us that another customer have collected it so we have to come back again on thurday ... I blew my top and told him that i would not come back and he immediately agree to deliver . .. i also tell him to let his boss know that this is very lousy service and we are not cheapos here asking for extra , we are just collecting what was written in the invoice thus please do not insult us with such tones as if we are beggers.

After all this i decided i must warn everyone of their horrible service .. those can google mattress atrium and u can see in forum such as reno talk that they have horrible service ..


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Don't ever buy from Mattress Atrium. The boss is a guy who always wear a hat named Joe AKA Wee Juo. Before sales, he's a sweet talker but all empty promises. Will tell you he in this line for more than 14 years and also MD for the 3 S brands previously.

After sales, the delivery is always delay and the quality of the product is not what is claimed. When you called him to complain, he will shouted at you and act like a gangster, "Not happy is it? come down la, I wait for you"


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hi2, i just recently bought my omazz mattress from this shop without reading this forum before? Did the service gets better recently?
or anyone has the same experience? I am so paranoid now.. They force me to pay in full since they say its company policy...