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Dear Master Tong,

Thanks for your advice, If I understand you correctly, the wedding dates must be a general good date in the first place and probably the couple will be to choose these dates that is best fit the groom's parent, bride's parent, bride and groom.

My fengshui master calculated our Bazi by the time and year we born. Would it be possible that a general bad date could be a good date for wedding for couple (like a customised calculation?


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Hi, Mr Tong,

Our ROM is on 21Sep 2013 in Singapore, can you help us check, is it good for us or not?

We are choosing a date for actual day wedding in KL after our ROM, can you give us a Saturday between September to December 2013?

Groom: Tiger 1986
Bride : Cow 1985

Groom's Dad: Snake
Groom's Mom: Pig (1957)

Bride's Dad: pig (1959)
Bride's Mom: Rooster (1957)

Thanks Mr. Tong ^__^


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 hi master tong,

sorry for the late reply.
here is the full info as required.

bride: 1976, dragon, born in may .
groom:1971, pig, born in may

bride parent: passed
groom parent: both pig, 1935

witness : 1970, dog and 1973 ox.

prefer rom date : jan to may 2013 . weekday afternoon.

thks again for ur advise.


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Dear Master Tong,

We are choosing a weekend wedding date between April to July 2014?

Groom: Dog 1983
Bride : Pig 1983

Groom's Dad: Goat (1955)
Groom's Mom: Dog (1958)

Bride's Dad: Monkey (1956, Deceased)
Bride's Mom: Pig(1959)

Can you kindly advise us on top 5 weekend dates during this period?

Thank you!!


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Dear Master Tong,

I'm born in the year of the dragon (1976) and my girlfriend is born in the year of the horse (1978). Is there any restrictions for me to propose to her this year ( since its dragon year ). Must proposal and ROM be delayed to next chinese year ? ( Year of snake )


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Dear Master Tong,

We are having big headache in selection of date
We are looking at Oct 2013 to Jan 2014, want to wed before horse year because bad for rat.
Could you help us select a date for wedding?

Groom - Rat
Bride - Tiger

Groom Parents, Sheep & Pig
Bride Parents, Both horse


Hi Master Tong could u help us to select a date for wedding.
Year 2013 or 2014 ( ROM + AD )

Groom: Apr 1985 ( Ox )
Groom's Dad: ( Snake )
Groom's Mum: ( Rabbit )

Bride: Mar 1985 ( Ox )
Bride's Dad: ( Rooster )
Bride's Mom: ( Tiger )



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Hi Master Tong,

My bf's father passed away on 15/11/2012. I understand that we have to hold the custom wedding within 100 days or after 3 years. for ROM do we need to follow this rule? thanks.


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hi Master Tong 

We are looking for an auspicious date for our wedding in 2013, is may 24th 2013 a gd date for us, or is there any recommended date for me and my wife to hold our wedding.. 

groom april 1984(rat) 
groom's dad july 1957(rooster) 
groom's mum jan 1963(rabbit) 

bride oct 1988(dragon) 
bride's dad april 1956(monkey) 
bride's mum nov 1960(rat) 

Thank you Master Tong


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You r welcome


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Hi champagne

Tong Shu dates are generic dates only and not accurate enough. Bazi dates are personalized to individual birthday and time of birth. So the right way and accurate method is using bazi, not the tong Shu.


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Hi Tan Joanne

21/9 is a general good date and dont clash anyone

The next good sat after this date will be 19/10

Hope this helps

** note that these are general tong Shu dates only and a good date in the tong Shu can still be deemed as inauspicious for the couple if the date and e couple's bazi are not compatible**


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Hi happy woman

As groom is born pig year, snake yr 2013 (after 4th feb) is a bad yr for wedding. Hence you have to do it in jan 2013

The general good dates are -
- 07/01, 31/01

Only 2 good weekdays that doesn't clash to anyone


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Hi David Jones

The tong Shi or almanac for 2014 will only be out in Aug 2013, so if you are only looking at general dates, I can only help you next year after almanac is out. Right now e only way and authentic way to select is using bazi (birthday and time of birth)


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Hi Destinkira

Here are the general good dates -

- 28/10, 10/12, 16/12, 22/12, 28/12, 3/1, 8/1, 14/1, 20/1, 26/1

** note that these are general tong Shu dates only and a good date in the tong Shu can still be deemed as inauspicious for the couple if the date and e couple's bazi are not compatible**


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Hi Flowerbee

For 2013, I need to know which month you looking at.

For 2014 dates, contact me after aug 2013 as the tong Shu will only be out then

Right now for 2014 the only wy is to use bazi to select. By time tong Shu is out next year, most hotels will be full


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Hi Master Tong

I am planning to have a solemnization in Dec 2013, preferably weekend. Please advise me the date.
Bride: 1974 (Tiger)
Groom: 1976 (Dragon)



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Hi Master Tong

Thank you so much for your advise.

How about any date that you will recommend if we are looking at weekend for our wedding banquet?


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Hi Master Tong.

Sorry for the long update.

Here are the zodiac you need.

We have booked the venue, due to limited dates available.
Please advise if 25th Dec 2013 is generally a good day for us to have the solemnization + wedding banquet.


Bride : 1987 (Rabbit)
Groom : 1984 (Rat)

Bride Mum : 1949 (Ox)
Bride Dad : 1952 (Dragon)

Groom Mum : 1958 (Rooster)
Groom Dad : 1950 (Ox)



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Hi Master Tong,

Please advice the auspicious good dates for marriage from Nov 2013 to Jun 2014.

Groom: Goat (25 Jul 1979)
Bride: Dog (21 Mar 1982)

Groom's Dad: Dog (29 Sep 1922) - Deceased
Groom's Mom: Ox (25 Mar 1949)

Bride's Dad: Goat (9 Nov 1955)
Bride's Mom: Dog (31 Aug 1958)



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Hi coffee lover

2014 tong Shu will only be out next yr aug period, so now the only way is use bazi to calculate. If tong Shu, will have to wait till out.

These r the 2013 general tong Shu good dates

- 02/11, 8/12, 22/12, 26/01


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Hi yiling1987,

It depends what tong Shu you use. Every tong Shu says different things, which is y this is not an accurate method of selecting right have to use bazi. But at least that date doesn't clash to anyone


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Hi Master Tong

Please advise if 08/03/14 is a good day for marriage.

Groom: Pig
Bride: Rabbit

Groom's Dad: Rat
Groom's Mom: Ox

Bride's Dad: Snake
Bride's Mom: Ox

thanks in advance!


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hi Master Tong,

please advise is 23 Sep 2013 is an auspicious date for wedding banquet?

groom 1978 (horse)
bride 1983 (pig)

bride dad 1953 (dragon)
bride mum 1960 (rat)

groom dad 1948 (rat)


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Hi Master Tong,

We are planning to hold our ROM and wedding on at 29th March 2014. Not sure if this date is auspicious for me and my partner. Could you please advise us on this?

Groom: 12 Jan 1984 (Pig)
Groom's dad: 22 Oct 1945 (Rooster)
Groom's mum: 26 July 1946 (Dog)

Bride: 27 Jan 1988 (Rabbit)
Bride's dad: 27 Oct 1965 (Snake)
Bride's mum: 26 Oct 1965 (Snake)

Thank you in advance, Master Tong!
Looking forward for your response!


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Hi Master Tong,

Would like to check on the wedding dates for 4Q 2013 to 1Q 2014. We're looking at weekend dates.

Bride: western birthdate- 19 May 1985, Ox (1616hrs)
Mum: Dog
Dad (Deceased): Goat
We have not pass the 3years death anniversary. Is it ok?

Groom: western birthdate- 17 Apr 1982, Dog (0635hrs)
Mum: Snake
Dad: Rabbit

Thank you for your advise! =)


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Hi Master Tong,
Would like to check wedding dates for Sundays in Nov & Dec 2013.

Bride: Rabbit (1987)
Bride's mom: Chicken (1957)
Bride's dad: Horse (1954)

Groom: Pig (1983)
Groom's dad: Pig (1947)
Groom's mom passed away 5years ago

Thank you so much in advance.


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Hi Master Tong,

We are planning to hold our ROM and wedding banquet on at 13th December 2014, is an auspicious date for marriage?

Else can advise which is a better date in December 2014

Groom: Rat (19 Jan 1985)
Groom's dad: Monkey (05 March 1956)
Groom's mom: Sheep (13 Dec 1955)

Bride: Sheep (02 April 1991)
Bride's dad: Monkey (21 July 1956)
Bride's mom: Horse (06 May 1954)

Thank you so much in advance.


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Hi Audrey

That day doesnt clash anyone. However, 2014 tong shu will only be out Aug next yr, so can only check then. Right now the only way to calculate will be using bazi (which is also the right way as tong shu dates are generic dates only).


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Hi Jolene

that is not a good date for wedding. Plus one of u is born Pig yr, hence 2013 snake yr clashes to Pig, not a good yr for wedding