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Discussion in 'Beauty, Health and Fitness' started by blackieheads, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. blackieheads

    blackieheads Guest

    Hi gals

    Do any of you know of any good masks that can effectively remove those horrible blackheads?

    Thanks thanks [​IMG]

  2. eima

    eima Guest

    hi blackheads,

    i know of this product (forgot the name) tts selling onli at Tangs, know the counter is next to IPSA a new counter .... know tt they've got this realli good product for blackheads priced ard 30+++

    if u're interested i'll go check the name out for ya .....
  3. blackieheads

    blackieheads Guest

    Hi eima

    Cool thats great? can remove blackheads? u used before? 30++ quite okie. can u check it out for me?

    Million thanks [​IMG]
  4. doll

    doll New Member

    Hi blackieheads

    Do you go for facial? Think prob the best option so far. After that you can use pore packs regularly. Should help.

    Cheers, [​IMG]
  5. blackieheads

    blackieheads Guest

    Morning Doll [​IMG]

    Yes I go for facials regularly once per month with extraction, the 1st week is ok. after about 7-9 days the blackheads start coming out round my nose and cheek area again. Very frustating. do u go for facial as well? do u face tis problem? I think I am very prone to blackheads..hmmm [​IMG]
  6. doll

    doll New Member


    Have you tried Beauty Arsenal? My friend goes there very frequently before her wedding and really can see a mark improvement in her completion. Pay $1K for membership which is fully redeemable for their services. And you get 50% off on all facial. Do it will be abt $95. Slightly more expensive than the usual but really can see her face glow.

    If not, try SKII. It really helped many of us to clear our complexion. But its also costly. The full set in full size can come up to $500 plus.

    I do a home mask every week with origin clay mask beside the usual SKII regime. Use the SKII mask (with the pitera thingy) once every month too.

    Maybe u wanna try the facial or SKII first instead of all at one time?
  7. blackieheads

    blackieheads Guest

    Hi Doll

    I still have my facial package going. So not possible to switch now lor..

    If i use the SKII do I have to use the whole range? or use only the "sheng qi water" wow $500 is alot of money leh.

    Is the origin clay mask good? i use the SKll mask once..ex also..hehe..but i use liao feel normal lor..or have to use it regularly?
  8. doll

    doll New Member

    Hi blackieheads,

    SKII varies from person to person lor. Some say good, some say no effect. But the mask can feel the differnce immediately one leh.

    Anyway, save money way. You go get the trial set of SKII from Tangs. 48 bucks. Got one small cleanser, one small toner and one small "shen qi shui".

    If good than buy all lor.

    The origin clay mask, quite good leh. Think quite a few people use also say not bad. Draws out impurities so face feels cleaner. You try. $34 for quite a big tube. Use weekly also can last quite long. [​IMG]

    U getting married soon?
  9. blackieheads

    blackieheads Guest

    Hi Doll

    maybe my face too "thick" even the SKII mask also dun work [​IMG]

    r u using the whole range of SKII? if yes does it work for u? maybe tis weekn will pop down to tangs to take alook..hehe

    i heard abt origins as well (it is in clay form?)...yet to try..but need to gather information from here from all the "WU LIN GAO SHOU" hehe [​IMG] waiting for emina to get back to me on the other brand keke

    have u try origins "a perfect world" heard its gd as well..

    no, i am not getting married..hehe

    how abt u ? when is ur big day [​IMG]
  10. natash

    natash New Member


    I used to use this mask for backheads, very effective....I always feel happy when I do the mask but now its not in stock anymore...Don't know why...Its from Max factor-reflective white refresh pack .... [​IMG]

    Have tried various and almost all brands...but still find this one the most effective...

    Maybe if you girls happen to chance upon it....go ahead and buy it...You never regret..

  11. bubbler

    bubbler Guest

    Hi Blackiehead,

    I use La Mer Refining Facial which i feel that the effects is surprsingly good, got diamond dust somemore [​IMG] But La Mer products is very expensive and the scrub alone cost $140...i got some info extracted from somehwere else, do see if it helps

    Instantly smooth and boost skin's brightness and radiance with this multi-action complex. DIRECTIONS: Once a week, after cleansing, thoroughly massage The Refining Facial onto damp skin with fingertips, using an upward circular motion. Rinse well.

    Exfoliates with pure diamond powder and
    polished sea quartz.
    Fermented acidic sea muds soften skin and gently lift away dry surface cells.
    Energizes skin via smart minerals that convert your massaging motion into energy.
    Stimulates circulation and awakens skin.
  12. shimmeringdream

    shimmeringdream New Member

    hi blackiehead

    i have the same problem as you. sometimes my nose looks like a strawberry! but if you go for facials, i personally find the ones with extractions better, rather than them steaming your face and squeezing out your blackheads. it's also less painful!
  13. enya

    enya New Member

    hi bubbler

    does this la mer product removes blackheads effectively? i have used 0rigins before and phytomer .. but the blackheads still remain! dunwan to go for facials .. cos i have never been for facials .. scared later breakout ..
  14. enya

    enya New Member

    heyo ... can anyone help for blackheads? can the la mer product refine pores and get rid of blackheads?
  15. Hi Gals,

    Where do i get the origins clay mask?
  16. bean

    bean New Member

    hi malaysiabride, can get it at orgins outlets like isetan scotts, robinsons (city hall) to name a few....
  17. eugene

    eugene New Member

    Will mineral mask helps?
  18. tane

    tane New Member

    I want to rave about nuskin facelift helps to remove blackheads and "fenci" with the help of blotters. I got lots of blackheads on my nose, those deeply embedded type, and "fenci" at my chins and cheeks area, and the mask helps me to remove all!! I really feel excited when i see the blackheads all being peeled off....Highly recommended!!
  19. bit_bit

    bit_bit New Member

    Hi Tane,

    Can you tell me where i can get this mask ah?? how much does it cost ah??
    Thanks [​IMG]
  20. tane

    tane New Member

    hi bit, you can get from nuskin at park mall, but I'm not sure whether you can just buy off the shelf as I always get my friend who is a distributor to buy for me. She allows me to do free trial before I splurge, if I remember correctly, it's about $100 and can use for abt a year.
  21. bit_bit

    bit_bit New Member

    Thanks for the info Tane [​IMG]
  22. do_do

    do_do New Member

    Hi all girls,

    Do you know have one gel can actually apply on the blackheads area for 10 mins then the blackheads will auto come out. Very effective.

    interest, please drop me a email at
  23. hanabi

    hanabi New Member

    u r right tane, actually to get the most out of your facelift, shd use clay pack to soften the pores n remove the dirts first, then follow by facelift. u'll c more blackheads n fenci being removed on the facial blotters. it's really effective, u c immediate results, got satisfaction ya ;]
  24. tungjj

    tungjj New Member

    Hi all,

    I did tried the blackheads gel which is really effective within 10 mins. Highly recommended and with an affordable price.

    thanks do do
  25. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi tungjj aka do_do,

    Please do not use multiple nicks if you are the same person. Please refer to your own posting here.

    Chin Leng.
  26. sugarbabe

    sugarbabe New Member

    hi, actualli tis person is oso ms. wong so she advertising her business!!
  27. baby5556

    baby5556 New Member

    thanks sugarbabe, i am following this thread also but no comments but sincerely hoping someone will provide gd advice on this topic...but there is always someone out there to "destroy the market"

  28. seiko

    seiko New Member

    i love using Biore's aromatherapy pore strip. its really effective for me. besides using on the nose, i use it on whole face, n wow, places where i din expect 2 have blackheads, actually had lots of it. some pple think im extreme, but pores feel real clean after this 'suction'.
  29. jacko_wacko

    jacko_wacko New Member

    Hi ladies,
    i recommend the serum remover mask from Kose. it's really good and every time i use it, i can see the white heads and black heads on the mask when i peel it off. try it!
  30. samara

    samara New Member

    are you refering to the Kose Black Mask? yeah, it is quite good however you have to apply it thick to really to see the effect, face seemed fairer and the peel off isn't as painful as some of the other peel off mask that i have used. kose is having a promotion with the black mask along with other little products. the lotion mask is good too, can bring along for trips after doing the mask.

    sometimes i like the biore pore pack but it doesn't dry up as nicely (maybe to the humidity) so by the time i peel it off, it can get sticky so it can be a waste of time for me.
  31. yunn

    yunn New Member

    Hi Jacqueline

    I think u r mentioned Kose Sebum Remover tt comes wit 1 liquid & 1 mask rite? it's quite effective but it's a bit painful when i peeled it off & always stick 2 my extra baby hair on d face even mild face hair.

    Hi Samara

    it's not Seikisho Mask i think. Sekkisei Lotion is good 4 whitening. so far found tt only Kose Sekkisei does d good whitening job.
  32. jacko_wacko

    jacko_wacko New Member

    Hi Yunn,
    i agree that the mask can be quite painful but you know what? i found a more effective way to utilise this mask. before i apply the mask, i put a little essence,can be whitening type or i have a Vit C essence. i just dab a little to soften the skin and put the mask. and put it longer, like slightly more than half and hour and the mask actually glides off when i peel it and all my black heads come off with it. so far the most effective that i have come across [​IMG]
  33. art

    art New Member

    Hi ladies

    I have started to use the mineral mud mask from Shisedo to remove my black head.
    1st I will steam my face and then put the mud mask on the nose and chin area... area tt tend to hv black head. Wait for a while, then peel it off... can see those thingy sticking out :p
    Very effective.

    Cheers [​IMG]
  34. amyyip1972

    amyyip1972 New Member

    Hi rabbitwsk,

    I used the skin softener serum refer to my other thread. No need to steam (so troublesome). put on the affected area. The dirt like blackheads and oil come out automatically.

    very effective also
  35. ade75

    ade75 New Member


    In short, wat should I buy to get rid of those horrible blackheads on the nose and chin area?
  36. wowow

    wowow New Member

    what is extractions???
  37. amyyip1972

    amyyip1972 New Member

    Hi Joey,

    extractions mean use something to take out the blackheads. (disadvantages: will make the pores big)

  38. yunn

    yunn New Member

    Hi Jacqueline

    Wat essence izit? fr Kose 2? can use Sekkisei Emulsion as well?
  39. sweetmichy

    sweetmichy New Member

    To remove blackheads, try Kose.. i forgot the exact name, but the product is quite popular, works pretty well too.. costs around sgd58 i think..been using it for 4yrs..very pleased with the results..2 simple steps in around 15mins.. most of the blackheads probably comes off.. just apply an astrigent to tighten the pores after the treatment..
  40. tung_ru_yi

    tung_ru_yi New Member


    what is the full name of the product?
  41. sweetmichy

    sweetmichy New Member

    Intellige Sebum Remover Mask :p
  42. tung_ru_yi

    tung_ru_yi New Member


    where can I get it?
  43. rainbowgal

    rainbowgal New Member

    hi those interested in trying nuskin face lift set to remove blackheads, i'm able to let go a brand new set at $65 only. pls pm me. thanks!
  44. jacko_wacko

    jacko_wacko New Member

    Hi Michelle and Ru Yi,
    that's the one that i'm using as well. still the best so far but i heard that they're discontinuing it [​IMG] cos they now have the black mask. sob sob.....
  45. jlee31

    jlee31 New Member

    Hi ladies,
    How much is the Kose black mask? How long can it last?
  46. grin

    grin New Member

    Hi ladies,
    I'm using the Kose mask too for over 7 years. Donno the name but it's the one that comes with 1 astringent and 1 mask. Super super mask! Used to have blackheads the size of small strawberry seeds all over, incl at the side of the nose where it's really difficult to remove. Discovered the mask when Kose was having a promo where they do a mini facial with their products and the mask pulled so many blackheads out that I actually asked the salesperson if it was really blackheads or hair!

    Are really discontinuing it? They already stopped selling the face scrub that I like. [​IMG]
  47. ingenue78

    ingenue78 New Member

    does the black mask work better than the sebum remover mask?
  48. jiawen

    jiawen New Member

    Hi all

    I recently went for a free trial for peeling off black head. It look like mask peeling, very effective, can see good result. My face feel soft and smooth after that, but one bottle quite costly leh....
  49. jlee31

    jlee31 New Member

    Hi all,
    I had a trial on a patch on the back of my hand 2 days ago and it really whitens!! I'm going to get one and see if it removes blackheads too.
  50. skylar

    skylar New Member

    the mask that u mentioned is it those that comes in black color one ah?

    seems like good & was wanting to try it out.. any comments on that mask?

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