Market rate for photographers, how much should I give?


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I'm getting a professional photographer friend to help with my pre-wedding shoot, though she says that I can just give her any amount, I don't want to be too far off the market rate too. She will be doing only the photography and d.i., excluding album etc. Any idea what is the average rate for this kind of job? I reckon the shoot will take 1 full day.

Also, another photographer friend's friend(I don't know him personally) is helping me to do the actual day event shots, he's a freelancer but doesn't just do weddings(does events, commercial etc too). Any suggestion on what is the average rate for the actual event photography? Mine's a lunch reception, so will just need him from about 7am to 1pm (half day). Also just photography and d.i. needed only, no album.
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Hi Zee Lock,

Professional photographers usually charge by the hour.
Rates will vary depending on their experience, quality of works and how sought after they are.

Assuming both are shooting full time, the hourly rate should be about $120 to $200 so that their businesses can sustain.

If you are still unsure, check their rates on their website.


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Hi Inspector Gadget,
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately these 2 photographer friends of mine dun have a website (one works full time for print media, the other in a regular commercial studio), nowhere for me to check. But the rates u gave me are a good gauge, so thanks a lot!


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You can create a thread includes your solemnization date, location, email, and ask for portfolios and service details from photographers.

Make sure you have chances to look at the complete set of photos of at least a few *recent* weddings they covered. The full set of photos that the photographer will return back to couple is going to tell you how reliable the photographer is in delivering quality work.

Chat with them to learn their style - some like to 'direct' couple in posing. some have paparazzi style. So make sure their style suits you best!


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I recently used lushfolio photography for my solemnization n pre wedding and i am pleased with their work I am recomending them here because of the way the photos turn out. My wife was very happy with Brandon (our photographer).. but he quite hard to book.. must advance because he has alot of clients.


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Hi Brian!

What a surprise to see this here

Really glad that you loved the photos and thank you for that commendation and testimonial, though forgive me as I'm trying to figure out which Brian you are...

Anyway, yup, have just jumped on the Singapore Brides' bandwagon and ohh, I'm not THAT difficult to book, by the way. LOL

Contact Number: +65 9798 0819
Email: [email protected]



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Do send me packages of the following (if you have):
(1) AD Full Day Photography
(2) AD Full Day Videography
(3) Express Highlights
(4) Photo Montage

Please send me the rates and package details to [email protected]


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Hi I am looking for actual day Videography and a short pre-wedding video. I'm doing a western style wedding so no gate crashing.. just church ceremony and reception. Pls send me quotation at [email protected].. Thank you!