Marina Mandarin Singapore


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Jus bcome a MM bride n basically when discussing the food menu, my coordinator allow us to change except for few dishes which cant..

Think they r quite flexible so this shouldn't b a problem...


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U prefer d mango sago or yam paste?
I heard their mango is good..

Anw changing of dessert shouldn't be a problem as my coordinator did mention dat to me..,


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thanks wintumnsky (wintumnsky)

i prefer yam paste to look more like teochew wedding.. haha.. will wait for the next wedding show to seee what perks they offer.. hopefully free flow of beer n


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Hi bigmelon, think their next wedding show should have free flow of beer.. but wine, hmm.. high costs so not sure...

i signed up in late oct n was entitled to their oct wedding fair perks n have free flow of beer.. but for wine, only 1 bottle per table as mentioned above as well..


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anybody here booked their wedding at Vanda Ballroom? As the ceiling is low, the room gives a more cosy feeling,, jus wondering if any way to make it look more grand...


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hi wintumnsky, i'm meeting the coordinator next week to discuss about vanda ballroom. the place is indeed not very grand looking but the reception area is really nice isn't it?

not sure how to make it look more grand.. maybe use colours like gold/silver? give it a bit of regal feel?

i quite like the cosy feeling though. feels intimate


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have u booked the ballroom?

ya, i like the holding area n especially in the evening, they have a pianist playing below at d lounge which contributes to d nice ambience..

did u see d paintings at d side of the rooms?
can help me ask d coordinator whether we can remove those paintings on wedding day? hehe.. i dont really like those paintings though...


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nope, i have not booked it. having concerns over the min tables.

yes, i noticed the ugly paintings when i was there last Fri. hideous in fact!

the coordinator has not gotten back to me on the appointment but hopefully will get to see her this coming week. i will try to remember to ask and then update you. remind me if i didn't


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hey gal, i saw some pictures of weddings held in vanda ballroom and the fugly paintings are there in the background. OMG...

12 May 2011. how about yours?


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I was telling my bf dat if they refuse to take d pics down den I will get florist to cover it with flowers.. Hehe..

Mine is 11-dec-11... =)


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Hi all,

I'm new to this.. I juz went down to MM to check out the their ballroom.. Checked out their Grand Ballroom and I thought it looks nice..!
But I find the ceiling a little low though.. Does this part on low ceiling affect you guys? Have to say i love the chandelier, it gives a very classy look..

Am also looking at Marriott, Sheraton, Conrad and Oriental.. Any feedbacks? Need some advices from you guys..
Thanks in advance!!


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Tangerinez/Wintumnsky: Please do check the availability of your dates (especially weekends) in the ballroom as next year is a good year for weddings...especially in popular ones like Marina Mandarin...

Thank you also for pointing out on the pictures as it did not even strike me when I went to view the ballroom


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Cheryl: To each their own preference, if you think that high ballrooms are important, then go for those who have high ceilings...among your selected few, MM really have the lowest ceiling....

Rank your preference which will be your guide to your final selection (I can offer you some preferences that is worth considering)

1. Alcohol (this is my most important priority as my family and friends are all drinkers so the hotel must have free flow of beer and at least give some bottles of wine, alcohol costs can be a pain in your pockets)
Break down per barrel cost and per bottle cost if you feel is not necessary (and not inclusive in your package) and then add in the additionals cost expected

2. Price (must be realistic, if 5* expect their rates to be higher...but if you can find 5* hotel rates to be comparable with 4* rates, no need to think already)

3. Ceiling Height of Ballroom

4. Bridal suite night or helper's room or anniversary stays (flexible, exchangeable etc)

5. Free tea-ceremony or soleminsation venue

6. Carpark Coupons (normally 20%) - This will nornally also coincide with how many carpark lots there is in the hotel.

7. LCD Projectors

8. Foyer/Reception (see if you have exclusive aware that some ballrooms are linked which means that they may have 02 or 03 weddings at the same venue as they are able to partition into different venues or some ballrooms are close by to each other that your lobby is almost shared)

9. Pillars or pillarless

10. % of printing cards

11. Prinitng costs (some hotels give complimentary printing)

12. Difference in pricing with weekend pricing (if you are flexible) maybe surprise by shifting your dates 01 day earlier or later will have a big saving in $x000...Sat is the most expensive followed by Fri then Sun pricing

13. Perks Selection (some hotels allow you to select your own perks so you are able to customise what is needed for your wedding)

14. Convenience (MRT or bus stations nearby)

15. Additional Perks (some give anniversary stay, F&B dining, rebates etc)

16. Dates availability and always ask them to book for you tentatively (normally they will hold for around 1-2 weeks)

Lastly, once you have all these bullets in your ammunition, go for the KILL and dare to ask the catering person you are meeting...anyway, just by asking sometimes you may get surprised of the outcome...but if you don't ask you will definitely not get...

Remember, rank what is more important to you, there is no situation that everything is important then you will never be able to get your "ideal" hotel..i went to even more hotels than you around 15 (cos we wanted to keep our options open and we started our hotel shopping since May) in fact and in the end only shortlisted 05 and finally MM (which we confirmed in June)

The reason why I chose MM is bcos of good reviews and personal experiences with the hotel...moreover i am very comfortable with the catering manager (as she is very expereinced and knows what we want, hope that she will still be in charge of our event)...the perks met my expectations which is the most important.

Have fun selecting...but keep in mind that dates are running out very soon...


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Hi toons, thanks for reminding us abt d availability... Have already booked d ballroom for my AD.. =)
D ballrooms r really being snapped out fast n we r thankful we got ours!! Hehe..

U really have a v good list dat will help BTBs in making decision n even for me, after I booked d vanda ballroom, m still grumbling abt d low ceiling at times.. But ur list did highlight few impt plus points of MM.. =)

Do u think we can all grumble abt d ugly paintings at vanda room to our coordinators so dat they may feel dere is really a need to do smth to those paintings? =p


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Anybody manage to find actual wedding pics held at vanda ballroom? I only manage to find weddings held at Grand Ballroom n the ballroom look nicer n more grand.. So jus wondering if can see pics of real wedding settings..


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my wedding is in March, and I just received a package with 2 wedding cards (one red and one white) to choose from.

I emailed my coordinator and she replied that MM only has these 2 to choose from. is that true with you girls too? I recalled having more choices!


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stickytape > I was shown 2 wedding cards when I met up with my coordinator in feb. Recently they called me and mentioned again about the 2 cards. So I guess they only offer 2 choices.


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Hi All,

Yes there are only 2 choices for the wedding
cards; ivory (white) and red. However you can choose to mix both colors if you wish.

Has anyone inquired if the paintings in the Vanda ballroom can be removed?


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From what I saw, the carpet doesn't seem to be glued on nor screwed on. So I'm hoping it can simply be rolled up and removed :p


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I have checked with my coordinator wrt the paintings.. it seemed that it is not likely they will remove it unless the mgmt suddenly decides to change a theme or wad...

have highlighted to her that there r quite some feedbacks that the paintings r ugly..

hopefully u all can feedback to ur coordinators too n they will do smth.. =)


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Hi all, I am considering MM for my lunch next Oct and Fiona is my point of contact. I forgot to check out the ugly paintings! Seems like it is a normal perk to throw in a bottle of wine free per table. i was offered this perk to replace the wedding favours as i will not be needing them. Should i ask for more perks? Are you charged for corkage?



Anyone knows which suite is being used for the bridal suite? they hav exec deluxe suite, premier suite and meritus suite.

Do u all know if the suite have bathtub?
@bem: Hi! if my memory didnt fail me, i think the suite have no bathtub.. i didnt see any bathtub when we went to view the suite.. the bridal suite is relatively smaller too, in my opinion.

@lynnie: Hello! their 2012 package is out! its 1118nett/1188nett for weekends.. which day are you looking at?
Michelle : Yup, I received their 2012 package too. I've yet to calculate on my wedding date.. But planning for a Sunday in December most probably, thus will be $1168 nett. Do you know if MM gonna have any wedding show? Which date u looking at?
@lynnie: if i'm not wrong, there may be a wedding show in July. I think you can afford to wait for the wedding show (can nego for additional perks!)as there's still some time to your wedding.
mine will be march 2012.. debating whether to wait til july or just sign & secure the date. =s
Yeah, guess I can wait for the wedding show to sign up. If yours is a hot date & u truly like MM, then I suppose booking early to secure the venue will be advisable. I noticed that there's only complimentary 30L beer but no wine..
yep.. it's a very basic package..
im guessing there may be bottle of wine guarenteed per table, another complimentary beer if we wait for wedding show..
corkage + cost of wine & beer can be very expensive!


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A question here.. Understand MM charge 10% more if there any Muslim & Vegetarian individual. My question is 10% more per table in regardless of any no of Muslim & Vegetarian individual or 10% more per pax?
i've just signed the package with MM..phew!
one big load off the mind..

@cmlim: i dont think they charge 10% more.. they go by per pax?
perhaps you would like to check the the coordinators there, its easier
realised that i forgot to ask about this too! omg


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I've just attended a wedding at the Grand ballroom 2 weeks ago. The service was poor.
Inexperienced and clumsy servers who made a mess while scooping the noodles. Wasn't attentive to refill drinks fast.
Food wise 6/10. Some dishes were not hot enough and the fish wasn't well done.
Big disappointment because I am also a Marina Mandarin BTB in 2 months time. The other guests at the same table were also bitching about the service and food.
There I was thinking.. GREAT! I'm a Bridezilla in the making ( -_-")

And that red Carpet! I noticed the position of the carpet was awkward because it doesn't start from the door.
There's 2 entrances to the ballroom but the red carpet happens to be right in between the 2 entrances instead. How silly looking. Did anyone notice??
GOsh... why didn't I see that when I went for viewing. BRIDEZILLA MODE ON.

Can they shift the carpet or something? Now i'm really regretting for not going for Oriental. Arghh.. MM is a 4-star hotel? or 3-star?
Pay peanuts get monkeys?


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hihi lee ling

i was choosin between mm and mo and at last i took mo althou its more ex by 300+ per table

i second wat u mentioned as i experienced these durin my frn's weddin in oct09

the food was gd thou.. jus tt btb in mm shld mention to their coor abt the service..

they were very rush and took the plates even be4 we were finished..


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hihi im also considering between MM, MO and Conrad (all next to each other).
The latest package for 2012 is just out (im planning for end 2012). of cos prices for 2012 have increased.
Im ok with the ballroom but wasnt really wowed by it.
the price is the cheapest as compared to MO and now im in a dilema!

Lee Ling, who;s ur coordinator?


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Hi helovesmi ilovehim, your experience was in Oct09 so maybe standards/chefs have changed coz it was quite disappointing when I attended the dinner last month.
MO's food is really good. U made the right choice! Your guests will be wow-ed for sure.

Hi Jaslyn, Initially, Vanessa was the one who attended to us. She has moved to another dept since so she handed us over to Fiona.
My wedding is less than 2 months away and I have yet to hear from them. Is it normal?


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Erm... Before today when you contacted her did she respond quickly? My coordinator is also Fiona I jus met her recently of cos I haven decided whether go tak MM yet still comparing.
I guess she will contact you soon? Normally a mth before will be the food tasting etc. You choose ur theme setting already? Or you contact her?
Btw ur package does it it include certain number of bottles of wine and extra beer? She told me no perks for alcohol oly standard 1 barrel beer no wine mayb during roadshow may have but nx roadshow in July!


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Vanessa was quite prompt but that was before i sign with them. I did not sign during the roadshow but I did get free wine.
Can't remember how many bottles coz it was 1 yr ago need to check my contract.
I think they will extend the same perks if you push for it. If you really want to sign with them, don't be shy to bargain for those perks.
Since they give it away during roadshow, don't see any difference if you can sign with them straight away.