Marina Bay Sands (MBS)


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Hey babe,

Yes yes that's the ballroom I wanted initially I think. Then was booked! So it's u heh. Can pm me? We talk there?


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@sunaini and pooh, Sent some stuff to you
@ Rest
1) I just received my AD photos. I think i got a mistake. the flora for dummy cake was red and pink. I think i got a headache stress that day. Actually it was white and pink. But then again , it is still not match. my whole banquet and wedding no pink lor. why out of the blue pink?

2) another concern i just rem. I was warned by my coordinator that Valet might have a bit problem during check out. True enough we are facing the same problem. I wonder why they didn't improve their system when they know there is existing problem.
Background: you are given one full day free valet parking per night stay.
Problem: Valet will ask you pay the Parking money since you have check out. Asked them to charge to room, NO NO NO. Rigid.
Told them we are wedding couple so just charge. NO No No and still waiting for us to pay at department
Told them it supposed to be waived for valet and so charge to room. NO NO NO , you need to pay here.
So we asked them to call front desk. Then ok to charge to the room.
Overall: So stubborn. If we mentioned we are wedding couples, then auto checked with relevant personnel. Why do they behave like they are desparate for money? they have no proactive in following up for wedding couple.
If MBS staff know there is this problem, then they should improve the system not causing inconvenience to the guests.


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@jr pooh: yup that's the one outside level 4 ballroom. I think it's called bayview. Ya rental at $500+ but I think worth it lar. It's so nice!!

@Moodyliser: Yup received them. The pictures are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing! Wah the valet so lousy ah.. Okie I will asked my coordinator about it and see if they can do something about it. Thanks for highlighting!


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@ moodyliser: thanks so much for sharing! saw the photos which u have sent..

@sunainai: haha. okok! going to book it!


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My experience with the catering department (Sales).
It was so true that they don't reply email ever since i had signed the agreement

My initial catering manager was Gladys. She didn't reply my email. Even until the day she announced her resignation, she still haven't replied my email. the only time she did a prompt reply was my Partial Payment for final deposit. Quite Effective in settling that the $ part. Make Sense. Otherwise NO Reply.

Thereafter the catering was a mess, we were transferred to Jennifer. So we sent email to her. No reply. and then finally Throw to Jeremy. The management seemed like to throw their client around. Super Unprofessional.

Jeremy was also another Classic case of NOT replying and Following up stuff. I am Surprise why @tmlyl has changed to him.
Despite first meet up with him, he also didn't follow up what we have discussed. Never reply my email. The funny part was he can called me and asked What he need to follow up. It was all in his minute!!!From that day onwards, i am spoon feeding him all the information and even write down all the minutes in the email for him to follow up. His information for MBS wedding is quite limited. I am more informative than him (so who is the one doing sales)? from some of his conversation, obviously he didn't do much of his homework, "will follow up". 100% didn't follow up before an incident between us happened. 50% didn't follow up after that incident happened.

Replying email was SUCKS. I would just described as Zero. Even ask to do partial payment, also need to push him. otherwise he still leave aside. We are engaging wedding planner in MBS but most of the planning are done by us. Mei Tian Li.

The most angry was he argued with me once and quarreled with me once. Uniquely MBS service.
1) Argument: I asked for his prompt response. And he called me to argue that there is no such thing as immediate or prompt reply. -_- i don't know if he know HE don't even reply.
2) Quarrel: I understood that Jennifer provided 2 Screens and AV system for band directly to her customer WITHOUT negotiation. So obviously i wanted it too, i negotiated during Gladys time but she said No. Apparently there is double standard in MBS Service. I also requested same thing to jeremy . NO No No. Despite asking him and hinting my final negotiation, he still NONO .

As such i wrote a post to The director on this issue. I Was then FORCE TO remove my post cos of their reputation or probably his reputation, (some of the MBS BTB know about it). And he explains is all about contracts and we are not supposed to share our package. When your client is not happy, whatever lousy excuses also won't go into the ear.

When you asked to confirm banquet order, please please please Double check word by word on the the sheets even the Menu also must check. Mine have several change in Chinese Menu by the coordinator himself without notification. Change to the lower end menu. some dishes arrangment were still wrong despite we have email confirmation and my Event summary spoon fed to him.
So PLease Check especially your extra perks should be in there !


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I am still furious over their reply for banquet dishes that were not sent. Initially Said we have eaten them, thereafter said they can't help it if they didn't serve. what is this kind of excuses? ask jeremy to investigate the next day but 2 days also cannot give an answer.

lucky i took a photo of the dishes that were sent. 8 courses not consumed, only 5 delivered.



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Hi Moodyliser,congrats on ur wedding finally over u must be v relieved . Can u email me ur photos as well? Same email as previous. So u went to all the florists before deciding ? Thanks!


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Thanks.... yes i went all florists to discuss. Every florist has different standards, flowers, deco, service. is about getting the right florist, providing the nice flowers.


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hi guys, any idea which wedding coordinator at MBS is recommended? could you pm me his/her email details?

Thanks in advance :D


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you can do it 3 months before AD to visit the florists for consultation (by appointment only) . 1 month before AD then confirm your interest

Sent. You are 14 Oct? then you have same wedding date as liquidzza.


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Hi moodyliser, thanks for your photos.
try to reply you but email failed.

BTW, i drop a email to MBS to check on dates availability and request to view ballroom and waited only 1 reply. their service really that bad... haiz..


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Hoped someone from here remember me as I havent been posting since last year! [lost my password to the account

Invitation card: Ops! I've only arrange to meet the printer next weekend and its 2 months away! I've read some comments that the cards are always out of stock and it could be as late as 1.5 months? How long in advance do you guys send the card to your relative?

Flowerist: Anyone mind giving me a summary which is the favourite from the brides here? Initially I thought SSS would be a good choice as they seemed to be the most reputable?

Moodyliser: From your comment, it seemed that the actual day turned out well with regards to food & etc right?


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Can someone please guide me again what are the colours choice for table cloth? Need that to arrange my colour theme!!!

I thought I have seen the choice of bird cage etc... Is it that all flowerist would have these choices or which flowerist give which option?


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Hi kdandelion,

I sent the final draft of my card to the printer on 23rd aug... She said I can only get the cards early next week... So takes abt 4 weeks to get it printed


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Seems like quite a bit of negative comments about MBS. But oh well, I have already booked my package, guess just have to make the best out of it!

Yeah i agree that jeremy needs a bit of pushing and probing, but i think maybe he is handling too many clients at one time?


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Good to hear you again.
1) Advise to confirm with AWT 4 to 5th month. They are well known for delays. You wedding is 2 months away, you need to push them to speed up for delivery.
2) My personal opinion: First Woodville, Second June and then SSS
SSS is famous but their deco is too standard and boring
June have better deco than SSS but service is bad.
Woodville has good deco with better service
3) Yes actual day (food, service and hotel) definitely turn up better than talking to the sales person; Except a MBS staff who removed the partition TOOK our AngBao Box!
4) most conservative is full white.
My Guest table: Bronze table with black chairs
My VIP table: Cream table with white charis.

Available Linen Color for table: Bronze, black, blue, purple, white, silver
Chair: white black bronze
VIP table linen: red, cream, black


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Hi BTBs!

I have booked my banquet with MBS for our Dec 13 wedding. So far, liaison has been very smooth with Ethereal. Very pleased with her prompt responses! Hopefully everything will go well on the AD.


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just one to say MBS very nice place my friend hv a wedding there too i oso hv my wedding in mbs in april jeremy is very good,i hv my food tasting and food very nice wonderful experience service(VVIP treatment!)my mother like Banquet manager Andy thanks so much take care of my wedding.if anyone one to book in MBS for wedding look for Andy the Banquet manager.

good feedback from our parents and my aunt and friend. MY relatives did comment that the food is very good and service is good .


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hi btbs,

im had my wedding dinner held at MBS begonia jr ballroom on 14oct 12. just want to share my reviews here.

For the reputation of MBS hotel, guests were very excited to attend our wedding. Overall we were very pleased with the service and everything went well for my wedding! The chandeliers outside the ballroom make it look grand, just a pity that the lightings inside are not as nice, but see my attached photos by PG and Im proud to say, i think the ballroom looks great!

1. SERVICE. I would like to express special thanks to my wedding coordinator Jeremy! He was very helpful in accommodating with my needs. His response was prompt and he even replied to me emails at times he was out of office! I informed him near to date that I might have a small tea ceremony after my ROM and he arranged for red date tea to be prepared. I also have DIY polaroid photobooth and quite abit of DIY candybar items. He helped me arranged extra tables and even offered me serviettes for my candybar. I thought Jeremy really did a great job as he has to handle so many weddings and so many details with all the bridezillas! Kudos to him to make sure all my requested special meals, baby chairs were all arranged accordingly. The servers were very polite too. On the actual day, I saw the staff even helped to pour candies into my jars as time was running out. The banquet manager Mohammed was also a great help. He did a dry run with us and ensure that everything is under control. I even had friends who ask me for MBS contacts as they are interested to hold their wedding there. So i guess it must be good enough for them to want to hold their wedding there! =)

2. FOOD. I requested for food to be individually served and that is probably why some guest find that food is not very hot. Family is available upon request and I noticed some of the tables change to family serve instead. I didnt have a chance to eat my food, but overall the food was ok, probably 7/10. Dishes like shark fin have bad feedbacks, chicken tasted alil salty, but the other dishes like lotus leaf rice and prawn dish were well received. I dont expect very good food reviews from wedding banquet as this is kind of expected. We ask the wines to be served by glass instead of bottles so that we dont exceed our alcohol budget. In the end we opened only 8 extra bottles for 23 tables (we chosed 1 bottle of wine for each confirmed table and a barrel of beer for our wedding wish).

3. FLORIST. I went to visit the 3 vendors.
Like Singseesoon and Woodsville best but I find Singseesoon has more designs to my liking so I took them. Jody the coordinator was very friendly and she calls to make sure the bridezilla is not stressed. She doesnt blindly ask me to top up coz she says what matters most is that I'm comfortable with my budget. I did top up for my VIP tables but I have no regrets. The giant VIP flower decor made the whole ballroom look luxurious! I also paid alil more for my ROM room to be decor with flowers and ribbon sash. I wished i have paid for the white silk rose carpet but i thought that the extra $500 is too much to add on to my cost, and decided on original red carpet instead. Go Singseesoon facebook and you can choose your decor from there too..=)

4. SUITE. I was wowed by the suite coz we had one big room with dining area, living area, pool table and a main bedroom with a huge bath area. I wished we could stay a few days at the suite!It was spacious and view was nice overlooking gardens by the bay. But sadly, we didnt have our PG to take my makeup shots there as groom needed to be at briefing at 4.30pm. The ballroom is at the convention side so I would suggest bride to have their makeup down at the changing room provided near your ballroom. Even my makeup artist suggested that is is better to do makeup near ballroom side. it is really quite a bit of a walk from hotel to ballroom, especially if you want to stride in your wedding gown. And it can be alil stressful if you are running late.

5. EXTRAs. We were given 2 FOC in-room dining choice and also a free breakfast at the skypark which i think was fabulous. We didnt eat much during the banquet and was famished by the time we finished. The wagyu beef is amazingly good and we ordered it twice...hahaha...

MBS does cater to different ballroom sizes. It wasnt easy to find a hotel with minimum requirement of 20 tables for weekend. Be prepared that if your wedding is a hot date, you might expect weddings to be held side by side. I was lucky my 3rd floor didnt have another wedding.

My tips:

1.Guest list is the major headache as you will get alot of last minutes dropouts. For eg if you have 23 tables expected, i think confirm with hotel 22+1 is the safest. usually you wont have more than that unless your relatives bring all their kids without informing you. heeheh...

2. Do prepare your actual day itinerary early. go through your dinner coordinator or head XD/JM and ask them to check that the timing, duties are all arranged well, and everyone understand their roles. Some of my sisters came late to prepare, some hired makeup artist and etc etc.. so you must make sure you assign someone you trust to take care of everything for you. My dear sister helped me with most of it. coordinating the timings and rooms with makeup artist, JP, PG is alot of work but trust that person and dont think about it on the big day. Be a happy bride and keep your smiles! I wish you btbs all the best for your wedding prep!! =)
Hi liquidzza, the picture looked really gorgeous!!! I'm trying to contact the coordinator but she dun seem to response. Has been two weeks but she hasn't fix a day with me. Mind sharing your contact with Jeremy and the wedding package? If you dun mind, please send me at [email protected]


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You look dazzling Liquidzza

What colours did you choose for your table and chair linen? Can't really see the tables at the back.
Also, how much did you top up for the ROM venue and VIP tables' floral decorations?


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HI BTB, am getting more busy thus delay my reply. thus i shall post my photos here to share with you all.
My Florist - Woodville.
Flower: Baby Breath and Orchid.
Theme: Black and gold

Simpor Junior Ballroom series:







ROM @ GardenWalk Series:




Most Spectacular Event Enjoyed by the guests :

The fireworks.
Maybe you can consider having wedding banquet when there is fireworks.


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Hi BTB, I'm new here, I'm interested held my wedding dinner at mbs , but my wedding date had committed, sent many mails to mbs catering manager, but always ignore by them, sigh

After read liquidzza and moodyliser comments felt more secure, haha, anyway, what is the first deposit once confirm with them?


hi guys, for MBS, you should use Ethereal! she is really nice and replies promptly unlike jennifer and jeremy. I've booked my wedding date for MBS lunch already =)

Neoh, Ethereal Liting [[email protected]]


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Xinying.. When is your date? I was quite worry coz they told me my wedding actualday got another 4 couples having the banquet at MBS on the same concern is how's the " bridal suite" arrangement ..and will they have enough staff the handle it well? So worry


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Hi Louise, I had the same concerns, but they said that they will not take in more than 4 dinner or 4 lunch per day. So in a day, they will have a max of 8 weddings. But if your date is a popular date, they may increase the number of weddings.

The bridal suite, we will be given the Orchid suite. It's not the biggest suite at mbs and they have quite a number of orchid suites around.


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@moodyliser, wow very nice pic. =)I'm so glad your wedding went well.

@ all, just wanted to share my experience with you. I'm glad to hear that those of you who have Ethereal as coordinator is doing great.

I had initially wanted to have my wedding at MBS and my coordinator was Jennifer. However after a long drag from Early this year till Oct, we have not even managed to get my contract.

She is either away, not contactable, or not responding via email. When i send her email, she doesn't even reply and claims that she did not receive it. After receiving my first draft of my contract, we needed some amendment to it. After a whole 1 month of waiting, we did not received the amended draft and she did not have the courtesy to even inform about the delay. When asked, she will say she is not in office and will resent tomorrow. but the tomorrow never happened.

Throughout, we have given her lots of time. We feel that it is ok if she is very busy, but it is courtesy to inform about the delay. When we meet her, she portray herself very professionally. Which is why we have continued with the wait. Offline, it was horrid.

After much consideration, my htb and i have decided to give MBS a miss and chosen another venue. It was really disappointing as we have initially chosen MBS as a venue of our choice and even told our relatives.

On another note, my current venue was extremely quick in reply and service was great.

Cheers all btb and htb


hi louise!! mine is on the 7 Dec 2013. i wanted 1 dec 2013 but the level 4 ballrooms were all full! so i decided to do a sat lunch instead of dinner. Ethereal is just awesome! she gave me my draft contract already! i took the roselle junior ballroom on level 4 coz the rest were booked!!
hi xinying,

i have been trying to get Jennifer and Jeremy too but they are really slow or not responding. WOnder if you can share Ethereal contact number. If okay, you can email me at 96542676


Hi Guys,

Here's Ethereal's contact!! Do note that she is an assistant manager unlike Jennifer and Jeremy so she would have to check with her boss on certain negotiations. However, her service is SUPERB and she gets back quickly! I HIGHLY recommend her!

Ethereal Neoh
Assistant Catering & Conference Manager
TEL: +65 6688 8868 | DID: +65 6688 3092 | BB: +65 8292 0017 | FAX: +65 6688 3139 |
EMAIL : [email protected] |