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it all depends, but i dun believe in wrapping. if it works for u, thats good. but i dun wan ppl here to waste so much money on slimming which other place is at lower price and effective of maintaining it and not bouncing back. this i can guarantee.

juz sharing with sgl, r u serious about slimming? i would reali strongly recommend accupuncture slimming. my cousin used to went to those slimming centre and spend like 15k. she started off with 5k, then they keep asking her to sign another and another. coz no more money to continue so she stopped. lose a little but bounce back almost double. reali waste money. then her frenz intro her to this accupuncture which slim down 14kg within 3months. its reali amazing. can see that she's getting more confident. and now, her mum also undergo this program. which reali cheap, effective and no side effects.

if u r reali into slimming, i can intro u my cousin frenz. u reali got to see it to believe it and u will know that i'm not lying. i'm here sharing bcoz i dun wan ppl like my cousin being cheated so much money.


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Oh..ok. So far my weight has not bounced back even though I reduced my frequency of treatment ;p the way, its not all about wrapping only.

sgl: May I know which branch did you go to?


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Hi sgl, I started my MF slimming session since Aug this year and within 3 months, I lose about 4kg. I am sure the lost of weight isn't due to water lost because I can see a huge decrease in my body fats. Your treatment looks fine to me and I think your consultant also gives you the right treatment for your problem. I also took ISS for my thighs and I would say the result is quite good.


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ISS is making use of ultra sound. They will apply a gel on the targeted area and then they will use this ultra sound machine to roll at the targeted area. Then follow by a massage on the targeted area for 20 mins. Lastly, a cold wrap over the targeted area for another 20 mins.


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Yes, Susan is back!

Anyway, I have lost 4.5kg so far, and it has not bounced back!I am still trying to reduce my arms and love handles.


Hi all.

I just signed up a package last week at MS and went for the first treament.

17 Full body wrap
17 machine - Hot blanket
17 massage - 3 areas
8 seaweed mask - ELTT
9 hot and cold serum CPT
Free 4 VS3 - full procedure

cost $1.8k after GST

After going thru the forum, I realised my wrap is purely wrap only, no machine (standing). They just wrap me in those cold medicated bandage and asked to sit on the couch and wait. And the hot blanket is not even hot at all. I didnt even sweat. I feel I was under the hot blanket for less than 20 mins. The massager then came in and ask me go to the outside bathroom to bathe as someone is waiting for massage....

Just curious.. are you all wrap in those plastic sheet and covered in hot blanket? And is my package expensive? Pls advise.


Oh and by the way, they didn't issue me any contract or receipt (other than my credit card receipt) ... how are they going to keep track what package they have agreed with me??

Do you all have receipt from them upon signing the package?


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I think your package is acceptable. It seems to me it is actually 8 FELTT and 9FCPT (F stands for the body wrap). So with the 4 free VS3, it is actually quite ok. Too bad you didn't get any of us to recommend you, then you can get extra 3 sessions.

The first time I signed with S, there was a contract I signed. Usually I will ask the consultant to list down my number of treatments so that I can do my internal tracking. The only receipt I have is the credit card carbon copy.


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Good~ in the event if our treatments are coming to an end and if we want to continue, we can do a dual-recommendation, get the 3 foc treatments each!


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What do u mean by dual-recommendation uh? We can still get foc treatments even if we r existing customers? My package is coming to a end..thought of maybe taking a maintenance package..


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Tantan, the 3 foc treatments are only applicable if you recommend new customers. Does not apply to those who continue.


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Hi all,

pl help me.....i m totally new to this thread..

but really interested in MF treatments.. i just went to jurong pt outlet to check out the pricing, it cost $3800plus for 40sessions of "i m not really sure what r included in the packages". But knew there are massages, cold wrap, sauna??? forgot liao leh....

can anyone enlighten me on what should the packages include?? then how come i see most of ur packages is only less than $2k but the consultant recommed me so expensve onessss....

really good results?? i m only told by the consultant that measuremnets will be done by the 7th session, so then we will see the results after that...

But of cos when i said i wana consider first, the same "black black face" greeted me out of the still thinking to go back or not..

but i really blur blur abt the packages leh....


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Hi, I am not so sure what is your treatment, however, judging by what you say, it sounds like FCPT to me? FCPT consist of massage, cold wrap and a hot blanket. It usually cost from $75 to $100 per session (each session consisting of these 3 treatments), thus I think what you have been quoted is quite ok.

You may not need to sign up so many treatments at one time, as sometimes you need to mix with other treatments to have a better result. I suggest you tell your consultant your budget, and ask her to customise.

The consultants at Marina Square are quite ok, if you want, I can introduce you to mine.


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Hi jaynee,

thanks for ur explanation...
still considering if i m takeing up..just afraid that it will not work..
have u tried? does it work for u???


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joanne>> I think it will work if you also cooperate by watching your diet. I don't actually starve myself so the weight loss was slower than expected.


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hi lady, my gal interest in 1 of the packages that they offer, one 2 know is it ex?

10 FMS
10 PNT
10 FMS
10 SCT

both is $900

oh yah. anyone going to Jurong Point branch, can intro any consultant


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i'm new to this thread...
can anyone tell me if my package @ $3200 (before GST) is worthwhile?

10CT (include 10FMS)

i signed in a rush as my girls are waiting for me. from the thread, i briefly know what's FCPT, FMS, CT. But no one has mentioned VPS. I actually have bulging fats at my thighs, flabby tummy and love handles even though I lost most of my preg weight.

i don't have weight problem. i've busy schedule and likely able to visit MF once weekly. but now, i'm abit worried that i'm being conned and worst, i couldn't get the result i wanted.

any good advice?


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it will actually depend on ur physician...have some reseach on her..its not the treatment but its the one who will do the treatment..
i had some diamond peels before..but none were not that effective as my doc..which i am having my treatment now.. : ) i hope this experience helps..btw i encountered a site giving free face and body spa..just have some comments on Susan Boyle...


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Taken from another local forum:

"To all who have been "recommended" thru Private Msg or MSN of this Acunpuncture at marine parade work and that they or their mother or friend have lost 15kg or 20kg is all nosenses.

Please dun get "tricked" by these "so call forumer who claim they tried and it has proven to work" because they actually works for the place or marketing on behalf for them.

Please be becareful of what you read here..."

"I read about the company in a few other forums. The reputation is quite bad actually. Plus, with every question I post about acupuncture slimming hoping to get some recommendations to good TCM physician, I ended up having my PM inbox flooded with msg from podders, telling me to contact them or their consultants (oh pls lah. who they try to bluff.. they ARE the consultants lor).

Quite put off by it actually."


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Signed up last Thursday @ MS. Apparently, this is the National Day promo @ $1,600 before GST. Normal price is $1,800.
1 VS3
2 scrubs
2 masks

After a little haggling, I was able to get 1 extra FCPT only.
My main concerns are my arms, thighs, hips and tummy area. I'm not sure if the consultant gave me the right combination of treatments (too many acronyms) but I intend to go thrice a week and see what MF can do for me. (I used to go to Exp but I could not bear the zapping electricity... didn't finish my package... the pain was too excruciating and I dreaded my sessions... I have low pain tolerance...) Compared to MF, I look forward to each visit as I can relax and at the same time, slim down (hopefully)... I am really hoping to see some results after the 7th session.

I actually saw one of the therapists dressed in robes and found out she is going for treatment herself (she's been with MF 5 years) so she probably knows the treatments are effective. She is targeting her thighs, one of my prob areas. Next time I see her, I'll ask what treatments she is going for her. Good luck everyone!


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Hi Ladies,
Have got 5 FCPT & 1 FELTT for sale (transfer ownership) @ $350. No transfer fee. Great for first timers who wish to check it out. PM me if keen. TIA!


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my observation with MF is (1)it uses abbreviation thus we are confused what we are paying for. (2)different consultants can offers different price packages so it depends on our bargaining skill. (3)when there is no result, the consultants would say that the fats are 'stubborn; and suggest more treatments to tackle the 'stubborn' fats.


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Hi Yiting: I agree with you...That how they earn more $$$$..Keeping asking to top up!! Same apply to NYS & YN lo..They under same company loo!!!

I got a friend spend $20K for YN Hair lo..She become ambasodor for YN de..heee!! spend 20K become star..haaaaa


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The most important thing is to get a consultant who is flexible, and must bargain and bargain.

I have tried many types of treatment, and I must say I love LST, FCPT and VS33


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jaynee, is FCPT the program in which the therapist will use 'heated device' and goes round the fatty area, followed by cold wrap?


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Hi ladies, I'm new to this thread, as well as to slimming centres.:) I thought of trying Marie France, saw that they are having a promotion now (slimming package for $133). Does it really work? any advice or comments to share?


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Hi girls,
I'm having my wedding at the end of this year. Really desperate to slim down and tone my body so that I'll look nice for my wedding. I also saw the Marie France promotion on their fb page. Heard that it's been extend to June due to overwhelming demand. I really dont mind signing up for the package if it is good. Furthermore, it's a good deal. I really don't want to spend too much as the wedding is already costing us a bomb! Any one tried Marie France before? Do share as I don't want to make any impulse decision. Thanks!


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Hi Sarah,

when is your PS? Based on my experience, MF only worked if you got spare cash to spend. Why i say that is because i spend almost 8k there, total shed off 2KG!! Omg, that is expensive. And the sale consultant is doing hard sell, keep ask me to purchase new package because my body need it. End up i stopped and never go anymore.

After so horrible experience, i totally lost hope but luckily i trust my friend and went for acu slimming as i saw her result and manage to shed off 10KG, FYI i still able to maintain till now (almost 2years). Furthermore is cheaper than MF.


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Hi dear all,

just my opinion...from my past experience, i will never go to any of the beauty saloo or slimming center....reason is simply simple...1) too expensive and they are very good at marketing that will make you spend $$$ and yet the results is normally not as expected nor worth the $$ we have paid/invested. 2) I cant stand hours spending there and need to work out my busy schedule to complete the whole course and hence in most cases drop off in the middle of the course = waste of $$ and time for me

For me, i have my own program to work out at my own leisure time and achieve the same result and yet pay less...would like to share more here but afraid will violate the rules here...anway for those would like to know my program can feel free to email me at [email protected]


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Ya, let's get real

My cousin went for liposculpture - was very nervous at first but his results turned out excellent! Had six packs crafted on his abdominal too - so amazing!

Slight risk he had to take but better than the previous time he went through all sorts of slimming programs, took pills that killed his appetite resulted to his stay in the hospital because not enough nutrients in his body, poor thing...

Now he flashes his body under the sun, so cute! Women are flocking to him.

He said there are also ways for me to slim with some medical techonolgy, Im going for it!

Will share the results later


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Hi ladies, I have 222 treatments for sale (ownership transfer) @ $15,000. Almost 85% savings from original price! Very comprehensive treatments for bride-to-be who wants to slim down fast. No transfer fee charges. PM me if interested.

4 VPROA ( scrub, machine, massage)
37 FMS ( cold wrap)
14 ELTT ( massage, seaweed wrap , hot blanket) 
15 AHCTR ( body stocking, machine)
18 RST (ampoule, massage, mask)
6 LST3 (ultrasonic machine, massage, mask)
30 ISS (serum, massage, machine, wrap)
16 BDT (machine, massage, warm wrap)
26 LPS (machine, massage, warm wrap)
10 ALT2 (steam, scrub, hot blanket, Machine)
8 HMA ( serum, machine, massage)
9 HMC (serum, machine, massage)
16 HMT (serum, machine, massage)
1 VS33 (machine, serum, massage)
12 USS ( serum, machine, massage)