Maple Clinic @ Tampines?


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I am a patient of niks maple clinic. I am recently very disappointed at their service as i went for my last visit and the girl at the counter had giving me short of 1 product and have guide me through the wrong step of the products. I am really very angry and dissapointed wth their service. And all along i had been using the wrong steps and products and is wasting my $ on the costly products and end up i see no much good results on my face. :-(


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aiyo.. thats so poor did u find out in the end? during ur followup visit 1mth after using the products wrongly?

hope ur skin can improve after using the right steps. if not really waste time and money leh..


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Hi girls, i had used also used the Stieva A 0.01% cream which caused rashes and redness on my cheecks. I only used it for the 1st time on last Saturday. I called the clinic, they said i have to use more moisturiser if i get redness. Initially i thought my redness is cause by DRH, a pigmentation cream.

I am also considering the IPL / Laser for my frackles. Anyone try that before? Is is effective?


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you got rashes the first time u use? thats quite fast reaction.. i tink i used a few days or 1 week then felt redder and redder..

maybe u need to start by alternating days.. not sure.. i tink also must moisturise more as it will cause ur skin to be very dry and peeling..thats why it is red n sensitive.


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I have tried before maple clinic, spend alot on it but after all never really treat the root cause. Once i stop the applying the medicine, it come back even more.


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i heard maple clinic product is for those having serious acne and pimples problem de? i have frd went there but like what fat ger say, once stop then her oily skin and pimples come back de.


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Yup, is more to serious acne. I got a few friend encounter the same problems as mi.. Hence all stop and never go already, even now my face is geting better already.
Anyone try Niks Maple Clinic recently?
I have two friends who hv pimples outbreak problem has been treated well by Niks Maple Clinic.

But I wish to treat my black/white heads problem instead, anyone been treat well with black/white heads problem?


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i went to maple clinic before for pimple problems and the problems went off firstly but once i stop applying the creams, it come back again and become more worse. I spend a bomb on it.


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Hi, i have pimples issue too. I seen a lot of doc and most of them give me octrane to take (the homones pills etc). And it is not cheap. I spend at least 350$ per visit to antoher clinic (Chong's Skin Centre). I stopped the med but the outbreak comes back and it got worse the second time.

Tot of trying Maple. What does Maple clinic give to treat acne prone skin? Is it worth to go?


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hey MemorableChocolate ,
me too have blackheads.

i have been going maple clinic for more than 7 years.
in the beginining i think still ok.
but horr.. as times passes by, my blackhead is getting more n more. sighx

wondering should i go back to see dr ong or should i change...


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i wanna share my experience with maple
i went ther 4yrs ago as i had breakouts on my cheeks

i rem waitin fr 6pm-12midnight jus to visit dr ong
i even went home to cry after tt! cos i felt so ugli and sad tt i haf to go thru this crap (pimples.. no rest.. long wait.. agony..)
it didnt help tt my colleagues ard mi are very beautiful!

n worse after waitin for 6hrs the consultation took lk 5mins?

n lk wat mentioned above;
it works initially but the effect wears off n its bac to sq one
i stayed wif NIKS PRODUCTS for 3yrs
but the scars doesnt lighten
my skin gets oily after few hrs of washin..

im currently wif
porcelain face spa

jus signed a package wif em.. went for the trial one wk ago
& my skin has improved tremendously!
even my mum noticed e acne scars fr 4yrs ago the breakout has visibly lightened

im gg for another facial this mon; 30aug

will update u all abt my experience!

i always haf minor breakouts all over my cheeks.. blackheads n all so i noe hw it feels

it really makes mi so sad to hide underneath all the concealer

overall, i dun lk maple clinic

esp the waitin!


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n i still have
a full bottle (opened but used twice @ dime-sized only) of

50ml GLYCOL 12 ACID suitable for all skin types
EXP: 01/2013

bought in JUN2010

think its abt 68?
i wan to give it away FREE to someone more suitable (too strong for mi)
& also cos im usin Porcelain range of skincare

pls do email mi at
[email protected]
n state subject GLYCOL 12

This gel is effective at exfoliating dead cell build-up in clogged pores and improving skin tone and scars.
Plant extracts minimize irritation


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Totally agree with helovesmi, i went to maple clinic 2yrs ago with acne problems too. Got to wait for 2-3hrs just to see Dr Ong and consultation only last less than 15min lor.. If more than 15min, i think the fees will be higher, each visit i got to spend at least $100. Initially it really help to lighten and stop the acne from popping out, but once i stopped the medicine due to the cost.. It come out and is even worse!! So i stopped visiting them and find out other ways to solve this issue. Currently my skin is getting better and gain more confident for myself.


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Hi everyone.. I have a few questions regarding this clinic that I hope some of you will be able to help me with...

(1) What's the price difference for Tampines branch and Orchard branch to see Dr Ong?

(2) What's the queue like to see Dr Ong at Tampines branch? How come seems like sooo long to see her? hehee...

(3) Is it the same if I see other doctors(if any) that are available at Tampines branch, has anyone done that?

Thank you so much in advance! =)


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(1) and (2) hi patricia , i duno how much is price in orchard but more likely u have to pay abit more for consultation cuz well rental is more ex and u get to make appt. i wld like to try orchard next time. i have no time to wait 3 hrs.. anyone noe how much is orchard?
(3) the other docs also can prescribe skin products for you but judging by the queue for dr ong, dr ong is the more popular one. maybe her experience and knowledge is better? i really have no idea...


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it is true many times i was lazy n stop using the products for too long.. my breakouts will come back. i cant stop the product cuz i have oily skin if i dun exfoliate with the glyco acid and steva 0.1% my skin seems to build up and block my pores and causes breakout.

this is so far the best product line i use that can prevent my skin frm gg haywire. altho i havent try those hi-end products in shopping malls.
anyone use SK-II? is it really that miracle ah?


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Hi, i have been with maple clinic since 2006 due to serious outbreak. After applying the medicines for 6 months, my skin is cleared. However, 2 yrs later, the outbreak came again despite discipline in applying the medicines. Went to see doctor ong, she "reprimanded" me for not following some of the steps well. She continued to prescribe me with the same plus additional medicine. She recommended me to do treatment such as chemical peel and isolaz. I spent a bomb on her products for years. Yes, doing isolaz and chemical peel did improve my skin condition but lately, it comes back again. If i am to see doctor ong, she will continue to ask me to do those treatments. I am kinda sick of the clinic and quite lost now. I feel that doctor ong gives me a feeling that she wants to earn money. And i guess the strong medicines dun work on me anymore as my skin has lost its resistance. And it isn't cheap! Waiting time is long. Guess her medicines are just not a long term solution to my problematic "complex" skin condition. Need wisdom to find a good and experienced doctor to treat my face. Some of my friends comment that the medicines are too strong and errodes layers and layers of skin that it is no longer strong to absorb the medicines, which i tink make sense.Haiz. Is very demoralising when u noe ur skin condition relapse again and again. You dont want to go out to face people. You find it hard to make up and difficult to conceal. You will be very lost and impatient. Agony!


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i agree with newbridetobe, i went to maple on 2006 as friend recommend there. Waiting time is damn long and the medicine cost a bomb.. is true that it help to cure the problem temporary and if you never continue to apply,it will come back again and become worse. So i decided to stop visiting her and find other ways to solve. Finally i got to know the roots of my acnes outbreak and manage to solve the problems. Friend even say that my face is getting much much better..


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Hi Fat Ger,

What is the root cause for your outbreak? Some of my friends who studied TCM said could be my organ i.e. womb problem, that causes all the releases on my face.


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Hi newbridetobe,

My main cause is due to constipation that is the reason i having this outbreak, i took TCM pdt to solve it. Now even the scar also lighten.


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Hi all, I visited Niks about a year plus ago when I had minor acne problem around my chine area. However, I stopped applying the products when my skin got better. The reason why I stopped was because there were too many layers of medication to apply and it really makes my make up patchy. A few months back my break out came and it was really really bad. I have never had such a bad break out in my whole life. It on the whole entire face and they are very bad.

I went back to Dr Ong in hope that she will be able to help me to save my skin again. Similarly, she reprimanded me for stopping and gave me creams to apply again. Ive been going for about 2mths now but the progress of healing is really slow. She is now suggesting that I do chemical peel in july. I was all ready to do as told until I came across this discussion. I really need to know more so that I can make the right decision to whether continue or not.

Also, now i have very bad acne all over my face. I need to get rid of it. Anyone has any good doctors to recommend? Please let me know asap. Thanks!


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Hi Teresa

Glad to share with you the doctor who had given me a new skin - she is Dr Vanessa Phua.

I took spectra peel. By the 4th session, my pimples were mostly cleared (my acne was big and red type all over my face. I paid a reasonable price as Dr Phua gave me a very good rate after I told her I was recommended by a blogger!

After clearing my pimples, my acne scars suddenly became very obvious. So Dr Phua recommended me ProFractional-XC laser. I thought about it for a week before I finally decided to spend on this (cause cosmetics will look better on smooth skin) and because it was about $1K.

Right now, i am still very pleased with the results. I couldnt imagine i used to have bad skin and had poured tones of powder on my face to cover the ugly pimples. I also used only cosmeceutical products now(skincare sold only at clinic by Dr Phua). In fact, the price i paid for counter skincare is more expensive than the ones that i am using now!

Got this link for you about Dr Phua:


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i went to maple clinic, couldn't get dr ong so i went with dr donna chow. i told her i had a photoshoot in 2 months. i actually don't have many pimples but i got a MASSIVE outbreak after applying all the creams she gave me. like huge cystic ones. When i went back to her, she told me it is the purging effect. But i told her i was going to have a photoshoot!!! then she gave me a course of antibiotics after i REQUESTED for it. So now, i've got 2 big dark scars and 2 huge pimples and my shoot is next week. I am very upset.